Both of the brands are well known and highly famous as they offer super comfortable and best quality shoes in the western and work boot categories. 

Dan post shoes were founded in the mid of 1960 and are now known for their traditional western style, comfort, support, and durability. They use top-quality materials in their manufacturing, such as premium leather, excellent potential rubber, and highly soft foam for cushioning. Dan’s post provides numerous cowboy, work boots, and fashion boots. They are considered extraordinarily innovative and trendy because of the significant features that they use in the design of the shoes.

In contrast to it, Ariat is relatively a recent brand that was established in 1993. The major focus of this brand is to design innovative, modern, and technologically up-to-date footwear that meets the desire of active people and equestrians. Other than this, Ariat uses various materials in the production of their shoes, including leather, synthetic material, rubber, etc., making the shoes highly durable, sung, and supportive of the feet. They also incorporate other incredible features such as cushion insoles, moisture-wicking technology, and slip-resistant outsoles that make the shoes catch the public attention.

Let’s differentiate both of the footwear brands about their features 

Dan Post Vs AriatDan Post Vs Ariat

Although both of the brands have much in common, there are a few qualities that help to distinguish between them. So, let’s dive into it. 


Dan’s post is more inclined toward the traditional western style. By making use of embroideries, decorative and stylish stitching, and other innovative details to the footwear, they make the shoes elegant. They often design pointed-toe and comes in numerous color and materials.

Whereas, Ariat boots have the most modern and eye-catching look as they use features like Athletic inspired soles, streamlined design, and other performance-focused attributes. They also incorporate exotic leathers like ostrich, snake, and lizard, giving a refined, trendy look to the footwear. 


Both Dan Post and Ariat manufacture their footwear by making use of high-quality materials and long-lasting leather; however, the difference lies in the types of leather they use. 

Dan Post typically uses traditional cowhide, ostrich, and python leather which is then oil tanned. Other than this, they also use rubber for the outsole setting the shield against the slip, synthetic material for providing the lining and footbed of the shoe, and other numerous decorative items such as embroidery, metal studs, and inlay that adds power to the boots.

Whereas Ariat often assimilates eye-catching leathers like ostrich, snake, lizard, etc., in their designs. Apart from it, they also incorporate modern materials as well as advanced construction techniques, which include moisture-wicking technology, cushioned footbeds, and slip-resistant outsole to make their shoes significant for their wearer. 

One of the common things is that both use genuine and hand-woven leather. 


Dan post shoes do not provide a wide variety of sizes, making people suffer a little.

On the contrary, the primary focus of Ariat shoes is performance and technology; therefore, they provide the shoes with the proper sung fit just to ensure support and sufficient stability. They offer a wide range of sizes, starting from narrow to extra wide, depending upon the style of the shoes the person wants.  Besides this, its molding ability, as per the shape of the feet, also indicates that they are accurate to the size. 


As both brands pay attention to comfort and durability, Ariat boots use the most advanced technology features like highly cushioned footbeds, moisture-wicking fabrics, and slip-resistant outsoles. In contrast, Dan Post boots tend to focus mainly on classic styling and traditional craftsmanship of the footwear.


The dan post shoes use removable padded insoles, which not only provide you comfort but also make you accessible to replace them with Orthotic insoles. 

Apart from it, Ariat boots insoles have the most advanced technological features, such as Ariat 4LR footbed or advanced Torque stability ( ATS) footbed. 

As they share most of the similarities with each other, therefore there is little difference between them. Now, let’s move further by highlighting the similarities they share. 

Dan Post vs. Ariat- Similarities: 

Both brands share several similarities that make it hard to differentiate between them. Let’s quickly peek into it.

  • The primary motto of both brands is to manufacture high-quality boots to provide outstanding comfort, support, and durability 
  • Both of them provide people with a variety of mouth-watering styles and designs that revolve around traditional as well as modern looks.
  • The shoes that are manufactured by both of them seem suitable not only for casual wear but also for work as well as other performance activities 
  • Both of them manufacture the shoes by putting extra consideration to their waterproof features. 
  • Last but not least, They manufacture comfortable insoles to provide support and reduce foot fatigue.

Dan Post vs. Ariat- Comparison table: 

FeaturesDan PostAriat
Style of the footwearMainly focus on traditional western styleRevolve around the modern western style
Leather usedCowhide leather mostlyExotic leather
TechnologyTraditional craftsmanship Advanced performance features
InsolesRemovable cushioned insoles4LR
OutsoleRubber or leatherSynthetic material or sometimes rubber
Break in periodRequired bread in timeComfortable out of the box

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are Ariat good quality shoes? 

These shoes are proven to be excellent quality shoes. Starting from the leather to the Deep down to the insole, you will only feel the balance between comfort and durability. They are highly recommended to be worn for 10 to 12 hours of work.

Who owns Dan’s post? 

the MacRae industry owns Dan post, which manufactures, designs, and markets shoes.

How long do Ariat boots last? 

Ariat boots last for about five years. Most people said they enjoy wearing Ariat boots for up to 10 years! 


Both brand manufacture shoes according to the desire of the people. They not only provide comfort, support, and fit but also represent one person’s taste. So, choosing the shoes out of these two brands depends on the person’s preferences and wants. One thing is for sure both brand manufacture high-quality super comfortable shoes. 

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