Whether it’s soccer, football, hockey, or any other sports game, if you tuck your feet in an ill-fitted pair of shoes then it would be far more challenging to win and move up in the rank than if you wear the right shoes. 

Having wide feet can be a blessing as well as a curse at the same time because the problem of getting ill-fitted shoes can persist in such cases as Nwide-footed people might have to face some sort of trials and tribulations to find perfectly fitted footwear. 

For that reason, we have researched keenly and compiled a list of 5 top best Turf soccer shoes for wide feet so that you can chase your dreams in your favorite sports games with high performance and comfort.  

One thing you have to make sure of before investing in Turf soccer sneakers for your wide feet is to check all the width options, specs, and variations from which the footwear was constructed. 

But first, you have to measure your foot width and length before checking the product description so that you can compare the readings of your feet with the brand’s sizing chart easily to find the best fit.

Shoes can either completely make or break your day in just a single go. Meanwhile, in the case of Turf soccer in which you have to run and chase for the goal then it would be very back-breaking if your shoes are not comfortable enough. 

Top Pick

So, if you are having a headache because of not finding the perfect soccer cleats for your game then you can trust our top picks. 

However, if you’re in a hurry and want to know the number one pair of shoes in the ranking list of the best turf soccer shoes for wide feet then you can trust Adidas Performance Mundial Turf Soccer Cleats as it features luxurious levels of comfort along with lightweight construction, amazing grip, and high performance. 

Well, now is the time to move a step ahead to get a quick idea about the rest of the best shoes, their main features, and price ranges.

Let’s roll without wasting any more time:

Best Turf Soccer Shoes For Wide FeetBest Turf Soccer Shoes For Wide Feet

Product NameSignificant FeaturesPrice Ranges
Adidas Mundial Turf Soccer Cleats
  • Pure leather for longevity
  • Rubber soles for amazing grip & traction
  • Synthetic lining for added comfort
  • Die-cut EVA insole 
  • Best to accommodate wide feet
Price Check
Adidas Nemeziz  Messi Tango 18.3
  • Amazing grip 
  • Lace-up closure for added security
  • Double lock collar
  • Super awesome support and mobility for radical play
  • Impressive ventilation, airflow, and breathability
Price Check
Puma King All-Round TT
  • Cushioned soles for shock absorption
  • Rubber soles for strong grip and traction
  • Lace-up closure for protected ride
  • Best for turf and grass surface
  • Conical & bladed stud
Price Check
Nike Mercurial Victory V CR TF Soccer shoes
  • Synthetic rubber soles for added traction and stability 
  • Perforated sock liner for minimal cushioning
  • Minimal tongue for a snug fit
  • Very comfy and long-lasting 
  • Best on artificial turf 
Price Check
New Balance 442 Pro Firm Ground Bone VI
  • Slight heel raise for faster sprints
  • Withstand overpressure on the feet
  • Ortholite and kangaroo leather for added durability 
  • Die-cut EVA insoles for added comfort
  • Best for midfielders and defenders
Price Check

Now that we have a quick glance at all the five best widely constructed shoes for turf soccer, their main features, and prices, it is time to move further to have a detailed discussion about all of them so that you can have a deeper sense to make a certain decision about which one of them is made according to your expectations to provide you not only comfort but higher levels of performance. 

So, let’s dig in:

Exploring the Key Features of the Best Turf Soccer Shoes: A List of Game-Changers for Wide Feet

Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat

Our first choice among all the best soccer cleats for wide feet is Adidas Performance Mundial Team turf soccer shoes as they are not only famous but also very attractive and have an eye-catching outlook. 

Talking about the amazing & durable craftsmanship, this footwear is made with pure K-leather along with TF (turf) rubber soles that work wonders in adding the supreme amount of traction together with a solid & firm grip in the field. 

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This feature is important because there are always high chances of tripping and falling in the midway ground during an intense game so these rubber soles will guard you from being involved in a potential injury.

Moreover, this classic styling shoe has a very lightweight yet durable construction that comes with a huge lifespan and the power to hold perfectly against the abusiveness and rigors of the ground. 

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Head toward the insoles, they are inserted with EVA foam that not only adds a supreme amount of comfort to your ride but also makes this footwear super breathable so that your feet will be protected from stinky sweat production. 

The sweat or moisture inside the shoes can cause constant friction and rub which further results in numerous foot-related conditions such as oozing & itchy blisters, heat rash, swollen feet, and various infections including fungal and bacterial. 

Anyways, the turf rubber of these amazing kicks works impressively in keeping your feet in smooth control so that you can have the highest level of performance in the field by enhancing your speeding intensity without falling. 

So, if you want long-lasting footwear that has the potential to provide you with better performance, especially on turf surfaces then you should invest in a pair of Adidas Mundial Team turf soccer shoes.


  • A great option for both flat and wide-footed people
  • Stretches over time to accommodate different foot shapes & structures
  • TF rubber soles for amazing grip and protection
  • EVA midsole for added comfort and shock-resistance
  • Smooth and controlling in every tough field conditions


  • Outer rubber body is not very durable (exposed to wear & tear)
  • Not suitable for wet surfaces 
  • A few buyers have complained about the unreliable leather construction 

Adidas Originals Men’s Nemeziz Messi Tango 18.3 Turf Soccer Shoe

Our second-best shoe choice in the ranking list of the best turf soccer shoes for wide feet is Adidas Originals Nemeziz Messi Tango 18.3 sneakers as they have a complete package of those features that are required for wide-footed people and turf fields.

Talking about the upper portion, this footwear is made with rich-looking textile that adds an element of attractiveness and excitement so that you can have an eye-catching outer appearance in the game. 

The amazing team of manufacturers has inserted a highly durable and long-lasting rubber outsole in these shoes that works as a protective shield in safeguarding your precious feet from intense hitting and injuries.

One of the amazing features of these gears is a dual collar lock which works wonders in providing ankle stability so that your ankles will be protected from getting twisted and strained. 

Moreover, the wide construction of this footwear not only accommodates wide-footed people but also adds an element of softness during your ride so that you can play soccer comfortably even on a turf ground. 

The majority of the shoes that are constructed with some heavyweight material are difficult to perform but Adidas Nemeziz Tango shoes have a lightweight construction that will not only furnish your feet with a snug fit but also prevent foot fatigue.

By all means, if you want to have footwear that can not only provide you with a high-performance level in soccer but also in football matches where you have to run and chase for the goal then you can surely trust a pair of Adidas Originals Nemeziz Messi Tango 18.3 sneakers.


  • They work pretty well even on wet surfaces (reduced slippage)
  • Double collar lock for ankle support
  • Amazing evaporation and breathability 
  • Lace-up closure for amazing stability and protection
  • Textile outsole for a huge lifespan


  • Less color variety

PUMA Men’s King Allround Turf Trainer Soccer-Shoe

Moving on to our third best choice which is PUMA King Allround Trainer soccer shoes because this footwear is a total game changer, especially in grassy lands as well as short-bladed artificial grass fields. 

Wondering why?
Simply because these shoes are crafted with leather-coated material which has the potential to hold out perfectly against the rigors of the turf soccer field.

Talking about the midsole, these shoes are ingested with a unique technology known as “CELL” which works impressively in not just making them super comfy and supportive but also very breathable and ventilated. 

Furthermore, the outsoles of these bad boys are manufactured with sturdy and strong rubber material that adds a lot of perks for the player including energy boost-up, speed acceleration, rigid grip, and amazing traction along with higher levels of stability on the turf to prevent over slippage. 

Speaking about the overall outer appearance, this footwear has a classic outlook with a display of their logo in bold on the shoe’s quilted vamp and contrast tongue.  

The EverTrack multi-studded outsoles are famous for ground control as they have the ability to control the ball so that the player can make his or her move more efficiently. 

One more plus point of these soles is that they are highly resistant to shocks and impacts produced by the turf soccer ground because of the extra cushioned soles having Cell technology. 

Furthermore, this footwear is made up of a little bit of hard surface which is also a plus point for soccer players as it will help them in making powerful shots to give their best during the match.

By all means, if you want to invest in an all-time powerful footwear that is presented with a huge lifespan then you can trust a pair of PUMA King Allround Trainer soccer shoes. 


  • Cushioned soles to resist shocks & impacts
  • Very strong and long-lasting construction 
  • Solid & firm grip and high-level traction for stability 
  • Wide design to accommodate wide-footed people
  • Griptex ankle lining for snug fit


  • A bit heavier in weight 
  • A little difficult to put on and off 

Nike Mercurial Victory V TF Mens Soccer Cleat

Our second-last best shoes are something that came with a huge compliment and praise from Cristiano Ronaldo, known as Nike Mercurial Victory V TF soccer cleats. 

And why not?

This footwear has those impressive attributes that a good soccer player would ever want like increased life expectancy rate, durable & non-marking outsoles, and many more. 

So, first of all, talking about the overall craftsmanship, you will not regret having this footwear on your feet as it not only has a stylish outlook but will also provide you with reliable performance on the turf ground.

Furthermore, a combo of contoured sock liner along with textile clothing on the upper portion of the shoes is enough to add a cushy vibe while riding in them on various surfaces including turf. 

The lightweight construction of these impressive trainers ensures that you have a smooth and comfy ride throughout an intense game of soccer.

Moreover, they are inserted with a hyper-reactive soleplate that has a pliable effect that adds responsive support to your forefoot areas so that you do not feel any constriction around your feet.

This footwear will never fail to nurture your feet with the best strike zone by enabling your natural moves, both lateral & medial cuts by maintaining a connection between your feet and turf ground. 

However, you can have these shoes in a very pocket-friendly manner for your upcoming soccer match. 

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  • Synthetic and non-marking rubber soles for added traction and firm grip
  • Best for turf surfaces (great support & decent rigidity)
  • Minimal tongue padding for a snug fit
  • Perforated sock liner for low-profile cushioning
  • Very comfy and durable


  • A few consumers have complained about larger than usual toe box

New Balance Men’s 442 1.0 Pro Firm Ground V1 Soccer Shoe

Our final choice is New Balance 442 1.0 pro firm ground v1 soccer shoes as they are made with pure leather which is a promise for their huge life expectancy rate along with a guarantee of amazing support and accommodation for your feet. 

Talking about the construction, these shoes are inserted with imported rubber outsoles that not only add a proper amount of traction together with a solid & firm grip but also keep you stable on the turf ground while running and controlling the ball. 

Furthermore, the lightweight mesh lining keeps this footwear super breathable and ventilated so that your feet can remain protected from any kind of moisture or sweat build-up inside the shoes. Wondering why?

Simply because continuous friction or rubbing in a sweaty shoe can give rise to stinky odors as well as can cause so many devastating foot-related conditions such as itchy & oozing blisters, heat rash, and other kinds of infections like bacterial or fungal. 

Moreover, the midsole of this modern masterpiece is inserted with a Die-cut EVA insert that will add a cushy & soft feeling to your feet along with underfoot support and comfort by absorbing shocks generated by the turf ground. 

These shoes have the potential to keep you firm on turf ground pitch because they are re-engineered with improved conical stud combinations by maintaining 360-degree rotational traction. Isn’t it amazing? 

So, by all means, if you want to set up new public relations (PRs), maintain your feet’ well-being, or want to improve your personal style during a soccer game then you should tuck your feet in a pair of New Balance 442 1.0 pro firm ground v1 soccer shoes. 


  • Pure leather for increased life expectancy rate 
  • Imported rubber soles for rigid grip and stability 
  • Mesh lining for controlling sweat production inside the shoes
  • Die-cut EVA midsole for underfoot support 
  • Superior fit 
  • Conical studs for 360-degree rotational traction


  • Some buyers have faced problems in getting used to rubber liners at the heel
  • Takes a bit of time to break in 

Ultimate Buying Guide to Choosing the Perfect Turf Soccer Shoes: Wide Feet & Winning Moves

If you are tired of cramming your wide feet in soccer shoes that come as a spike between you and your success then we have devised a list of five best turf soccer shoes that are mentioned previously. 

However, there are certain key factors that need to be considered before investing in any pair of soccer shoes so that you can face every new challenge on the turf field while playing the intense game.

So, let’s lace up toward a successful journey of finding a perfectly fitted pair of soccer shoes so that you can safeguard your poor feet from discomfort, itchy blisters, and compromised performance in the game. 

Width of the Shoes

The first and foremost key factor to consider is the width of the shoes that you are going to buy because if your shoes are constricted or overly tight then there are high chances for you to catch corns and calluses as well as peripheral neuropathy that can include sores and infections. 

We are sure you do not want any of these aforementioned painful outcomes just because of a tight shoe. 

Therefore, first, you need to measure your feet and note the readings, and then check and compare your measurements in the width options among the brand’s sizing chart so that you can be protected from the harmful consequences.

Comfort Level

Comfort is paramount when it comes to playing soccer because without comfort you would not be able to sustain yourself throughout the game.  

So, look for a shoe that provides an instant vibe of a hug or glove around the feet at the time when you are pushing your body to the extreme level of a rough & tough soccer game. 

It is suggested to look for a cushioned midsole that can not only add a supreme amount of comfort but also withstand shock and impact generated by the ground. 

High Performance 

When you are on a soccer field, high levels of performance are necessary alongside comfort and a snug fit. For that reason, you have to make sure that the shoes you are going to buy have great mobility.

It is recommended to try on the shoes first, check space, and support whether they are allowing you to move freely but with agility along with having the potential to minimize the risks of injury then go for it.
Footwear Material

The design and material from which soccer shoes are constructed not only influence the comfort level of the riders but also the lifespan of your shoes and overall performance on the soccer court. 

Therefore, look for material that takes you toward winning by reducing discomfort. For instance, leather is a material that features flexibility to accommodate every foot shape along with a natural fit.

Moreover, knit outsoles also work greatly in furnishing wide feet with a snug but flexible and not-too-tight fit. 

Lifespan or Durability Level

Footwear that features higher levels of durability rate along with a long-lasting lifespan is essential to handle the harshness and rigors of turf soccer courts. 

For that reason, look for shoes that are constructed with top-notch and high-quality materials. One of the most sturdy and all-time durable materials is pure leather as they are pretty easy to maintain as well as resistant to water. 

The Final Verdict

After reading this guide, we can say that people who are blessed with wide feet are now equipped to navigate one of the best soccer shoes for them. According to our recommendations, a pair of Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleats have the potential to take you toward winning by having all the required characteristics. 

So, It’s time to step onto the turf soccer pitch in a pair of best soccer shoes that perfectly complement & energize your game. All you have to do is embrace your wide feet and get ready to shine on the soccer field.


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