If you are a sneaker enthusiast and a passionate basketball player considering purchasing a pair of Jordan 3 for the upcoming season, you have come to the right place. Let’s find out if are Jordan 3 good for basketball and worth buying.

Jordan 3 is made of high-quality leather, is comfortable to walk in, and is stylish, ticking all the boxes and signifying a distinctive design. The quality most admired by the owners of these sneakers is the adequate rearfoot support offered alongside a cozy experience. 

The basketball-inspired sneakers are much appreciated for pairing with different outfits, requiring minimal effort and time. This makes it an excellent pick for casual wearers and sneaker collectors, but does this indicate anything about whether are Jordan 3 good for basketball?

Are Jordan 3 Good For Basketball?

You would only want to wear those sneakers to the game, which feel comfortable on your feet and help you conveniently move around the court. However, when it comes to are Jordan 3 good for basketball, the answer implies otherwise. 

Regarding sports performance, wearing Jordan 3 to play basketball is inadvisable. Though most people play basketball in them, we recommend you do not, especially when you have comparatively modern and advanced editions of sneakers available. Are Jordan 3 Good For Basketball?

The tech utilized in the 80s and 90s is far surpassed by the one used today and featured in the latest versions of Jordans. Therefore, this precise aspect puts Jordan 3 strictly under the category of footwear to be worn casually. 

Walking in these sneakers is acceptable as long you only walk a few miles and do not overdo your walk. But for running during the basketball game, Jordan 3 contemporarily does not stand as an optimal option. 

Regardless, to collect and restore the history of the sneakers, you can always purchase Jordan 3 as an additional supplement to your vast collection. 

Features Of Jordan 3:

Although Jordan 3 might not be the greatest pick to play basketball in, purely because of the better sneaker options, they still retain some of the most incredible and unmatched features, such as traction, cushioning, support, etc. 


In some regards, the traction surface of Jordan 3 is similar to that of Jordan 2. No matter what activity you are doing, the sneakers are guaranteed to perform well in all situations. 

The pivot point is giant, and when coupled with the abundant texture present to aid in traction qualities, there will be no hindrance to your performance with Jordan 3 secured on your feet. 


Jordan 3’s cushioning is primarily featured at the midsole and is made to be kept dense by using polyurethane. The polyurethane does not offer a lot of compression but some good compression that proves to be an ideal setup for young players. 

If you are an older, aging player of the game, you will find the cushioning for Jordan 3 troubling you as your legs and knees won’t be able to handle it. 


Jordan 3, to sum it all up, has a stylish and unique design that looks clean and goes well with any type of clothing, so you do not have to worry about your appearance, as the sneakers will only further complement your look. 

The famous elephant print design and the innovative silhouette mid-top have made the Jordan 3 considered widely one of the best-looking designs ever released in the Jordan family. 

These were the first ever sneakers to feature a max air unit, which was visible, and the most loved logo of a Jumpan on its side. To complete the OG and pleasing appearance of the shoes, the heel has the typical branding of “Nike Air.” 


The range of color options offered for Jordan 3 is surprisingly wide. During the original release of the Jordan 3 in 1988, four colors of the sneakers were made available, which now stand to be the classic: cement grey, white, true blue, black, and fire red. 

Later, a few more inclusions were made for sought-after colorways such as the Silver anniversary, black cat, stealth, Doernbecher, Wold Grey, BHM, infrared 23, retro ’88, blue-border, and white, which were exclusive to the women’s collection only. 


Comfort originates from shoe fitting, and Jordan 3 has the best fit. The shoe slides simply and easily onto the feet, like a glove, and the anatomical insoles work towards enhancing underfoot convenience while decreasing the build of heat in the shoes. 

Wearers are often left surprised after witnessing these sneakers’ distinguished comfort levels. 

Pros And Cons Of Jordan 3:

Like everything around us, Jordan 3 is not unaccompanied by its cons. Despite its several advantages and multiple commendable features, there are a few drawbacks as well. Altogether, both aspects are crucial to be considered to reach a comprehensive decision for are Jordan 3 good for basketball and whether it will be a worthwhile investment.

Pros Of Jordan 3:

  • Wraps well around the feet 
  • In-sole provides a comfortable feel
  • Match and mix champ for casual wear
  • Leather is soft
  • Durable
  • Worthwhile 
  • Design is appealing 
  • Quality of the shoes is premium
  • Lockdown is reliable 
  • Collar is supportive
  • True-to-size fitting 

Cons Of Jordan 3:

  • Not an ideal choice for basketball
  • Requires more protection and impact to be used in basketball
  • Weighty
  • Toebox is narrow 
  • Breathability is less

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

Can Air Jordan 3 be used for basketball?

Jordan 3 can be used for basketball, but there are better basketball shoe options that you can look at. 

Is it OK to play basketball in Jordans?

Jordans are a great option to play basketball in.

Can you work out with Jordan 3?

Yes, working out in Jordan 3 is recommended because they feel comfortable and cozy.

Is Air Jordan 3 good?

Jordan 3’s are good and one of the most preferred editions. 


The stated answer to are Jordan 3 good for basketball, might not be the one you might have been anticipating or wanting to hear. Nevertheless, the Jordan 3 are flawless and have no features that could hold you back from considering purchasing them.

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