If you are looking for a good pair of skating shoes then you may encounter a common query linked with a very well-known footwear article: Are Nike Blazers good for skating?

Or, do they lack the two basic requirements of a skating shoe including high duality and comfort? 

Shoes for skateboarding demand a higher level of longevity and a huge life expectancy rate that can bear the abusiveness of a skating track or extreme wear & tear of uneven surfaces and secondly a supreme comfort zone for your feet’ well-being. 

Well, despite the fact that Nike Blazers were originally introduced for basketball in 1973, they still have the potential to cut across the skateboard market. Wondering how?

Simply because this footwear is constructed with three main components that are necessary for skateboarding: 

Leather outsoles for a longer lifespan, nylon tongue for making these shoes waterproof, durable, & lightweight, and lastly rubber midsole for great traction and stronger & firm grip on various slippery terrains. 

Let’s explore a bit more by breaking down the Nike Blazers so that we can examine all of the features which make this footwear a good option for skating:

Are Nike Blazers Good For Skating?

If we talk about skateboarding then it is a physically demanding game that needs a strong link between the skater and his/her board. Whereas, skating shoes play a very crucial part in this regard. Wondering how?

Footwear for skating should have the potential to furnish your feet with the necessary performance, ankle support, strong grip & traction, and supreme comfort as well as overall protection for the rider. 

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So, if we consider Nike Blazers for this purpose, they do not just have a pretty cool outlook but also a super awesome option for skating. 

In view of the fact that they are constructed with Vulcanized rubber outsoles, durable suede & leather fabric, and amazing ankle-supportive high-top design.

By all means, there are three main reasons that make Nike Blazers a good choice for skating:

  • Excellent Grip
  • Durable Upper Materials
  • Ankle Support

Let’s dig a bit more to have an in-depth insight into the key reasons why the right skate shoes are important during skating:

Nike Blazers Are A Good Option For Skating: Key Reasons: 

Nike Blazer: An Excellent Choice For Firm Grip:

The strong grip of shoes has utmost importance during skating as it adds exceptional stability and balance that allows the rider to place his/her feet firmly in one place to avoid unnecessary movements. 

Furthermore, higher levels of stability and a strong grip in your skating shoes are also important during high-speed maneuvers or when landing and taking difficult turns as they reduce the risk of slipping off the board and indulging in harmful outcomes.

Well, Nike Blazers are excellent in this regard as they are inserted with Vulcanized rubber outsoles which work wonders in providing amazing traction and strong grip on different kinds of bumpy and rough surfaces.

Furthermore, this shoe is crafted with two amazing tread patterns:

Herringbone Tread:

It is a zig-zag or fishbone-like tread pattern in the outsole which works astoundingly in clean-out itself as it allows the clay, dirt, and debris to fall out between the grooves so that the rider may maintain traction by minimizing unnecessary tripping or sliding.  

Waffle Sole:

This kind of sole has so many multi-sided polygon studs that create grooved edges to add improved traction. 

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Nike Blazers: Durable Suede And Leather Uppers:

Durable upper materials are highly valued in skateboarding shoes because this game involves constant friction between the shoe and the grip tape on the skateboard which can quickly wear down ordinary shoe materials. 

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Therefore, a combo of top-notch Suede and long-lasting leather uppers work great in withstanding the abrasion caused by repetitive contact with grip tape as well as increasing the lifespan of your sneakers. 

So, since the Nike Blazers are manufactured with heavy suede and leather upper body, it is a guarantee that they can hold out perfectly against extreme abrasion, wear & tear, and abusiveness of skating tracks. 

With pleasure, thanks to the great craftsmanship of Nike that constructs Nike Blazer shoes with highly durable fabrics especially suede that gives support during difficult turns and movements including ollie, kickflip, or heelflip. 

You will barely find any signs of wear & tear in this footwear even after several weeks of skating. 

Nike Blazer: Ankle Support And Protection:

Ankle support plays a vital role during skating due to the physical demands and potential risks associated with this sports activity because skateboarding involves high-impact landings, sudden movements, and potential falls.

These kinds of sudden movements can put significant stress, strain, and extreme pressure on your precious ankles. That is why supportive footwear is required that can help stabilize the joint, reducing the risk of sprains and other ankle-related injuries. 

In this regard, Nike Blazers provide impressive ankle support as the fantastic team of Nike has designed this footwear with a high-top style that safeguards your ankles from rolling and twisting as well as protects them from razor tails

The slim profile of Nike Blazers can be a little tighter on your shoes at first but they provide amazing stability as well as absorb a little bit of impact generated by the ground to protect your ankle.

The Only Drawback of Nike Blazer Shoes:

Where there are so many perks to having a pair of Nike Blazers, there is one downside that needs to be considered as well. 

The fabric including suede and leather does not allow the proper amount of breathability and ventilation so if your feet get soggy or sweaty, there will be no airflow that can keep your feet dry. 

The situation can take your feet toward miserable results as they can catch oozing & itchy blisters, swollen feet, and heat rash. Whereas, a prolonged encounter of your feet with sweat or moisture can also cause fungal & bacterial infections. 

To protect your feet from such miserable conditions, pair your Nike Blazers with runner socks that can combat the stinky sweat. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Features Should I Look For In Skateboarding Shoes?

Whenever it comes to selecting a shoe for skating, you need to make sure that it is crafted with durable material like suede, canvas, and leather along with reinforced stitching, amazing grip & traction, and ankle support.

Are High-Top Shoes Better For Skateboarding?

Shoes that are manufactured with a high-top design (e.g.; Nike Blazers) provide exceptional ankle support to protect your feet and ankle from any kind of potential ankle injury during skateboarding. 

How Do I Know If A Shoe Is Suitable For Skateboarding?

If your shoe has certain features like grippy outsoles, top-notch materials (suede & leather), and ankle support then it is a suitable choice to opt for skating.

Plus, a shoe that can protect you while taking twisted turns like ollie, kickflip, or heel-flip, is also a great option for skateboarding.  

For this reason, reading reviews and seeking recommendations from fellow skateboarders can help determine a shoe’s suitability for this game.

The Bottom Line:

The final verdict of the whole discussion suggests that Nike Blazers are one of the great options for skating as they are constructed with those essentialities that are required during this game including strong grip & firm traction, sturdy outsoles, durable materials, and ankle support.

So, you can trust this footwear if you love skating.


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