Hey! shoe heads, have you ever come across a surprising abbreviation of VNDS and thought about what these 4 odd but unfamiliar letters mean in the world of sneakers? 

Well, if you are that particular person who has an obsession with footwear then you must know the strange nicknames given to different kinds of shoes in the shoe industry. 

VNDS Shoes Meaning

The game of sneakers is not an easy one when it comes to figuring out the little and short forms of such words as VNDS shoes’ meaning. And why not? A shoe head is more attracted to the diversion of alphabets and tiny letters than big titles along with long descriptions just because of their curious meanings.Vnds Shoes Meaning

So, let’s take a closer look at the relevant information behind these four mysterious but significant alphabets in the shoe industry. 

What Do VNDS Shoes Meaning In The Footwear Industry?

Regarding the general terms, VNDS meaning in shoe markets can be described as a pair of shoes that are “Very Near Deadstock” or close to a brand pair of new sneakers. 

Furthermore, this abbreviation means any footwear that has been tried out already but very briefly, lightly worn out as well as when the footwear is still close to its new condition then it can be called VNDS or very near deadstock in the world of shoes. 

One thing that you also need to keep in mind is that this nickname of “very near deadstock”  can not be interpreted in the same way for every person who loves shoes and always stays up to date in the sneaker game. 

The nicknames kept for shoes can vary among people with different minds of people but most of the time majority of the individuals in the shoe world take VNDS shoes meaning very near deadstock. 

However, the question can be raised here: how can that happen? Simply, because some people also called VNDS PADS which can be explained as “Passed as Deadstock”. So, this takes us to the same meaning of both abbreviations including VNDS and PADS but with two different names.

How To Spot VNDS Shoes: Identification Tips For Buyers:

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before getting yourself a pair that says VNDS or PADS in its description. So, let us have a quick yet brief look at those pro things to ask from a seller before investing in a pair of shoes which is VNDS:

  • You can ask for photos of all dimensions or sides of the VNDS shoes that you want to buy. By doing so, you check if there are any marks, stains, or defects and flaws such as defaults in its stitching along with improper stitching that can also be examined by pictures of the item.
  • Other than pictures of the item, you can also ask a query about whether the VNDS shoes have an original box as this will show you the originality check for your satisfaction.
  • Thirdly, you can ask the seller if the footwear has extra laces as it is a gesture of knowing that the shoes you are about to buy are in better shape.

Note: Asking for a detailed description of the VNDS shoe is your right. And why not? When we take VNDS shoes means as “worn out” even for a little bit of time then this situation will lead that particular footwear to a point where you can say it is not new anymore. 

Therefore, it is your right to ask for details about such shoes before buying them for your shoe wardrobe even if they are not too old. 

Moreover, you can buy not only VNDS but also other shoes with pet names from Flight Club (FC) which is the biggest and generally priciest resale marketplace for footwear around the globe with three retail locations that you can find in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

FC is the place where you can get hit by dozens and dozens of pet names, abbreviations, short forms, and slang for general terms used for different kinds of footwear or sneakers that you have never been aware of before.

What Does It Mean Of 9/10 or 8/10 In VNDS shoes?

You may have encountered some unfamiliar terms like 9/10 or 8/10 when you get a chance to buy a pair of VNDS shoes. So, you might stumble into what these digits mean. Not to get worried as we have got your back in this matter. Bare with us to know the meaning of these digits:

9/10 VNDS Shoes: This term means that a VNDS shoe is hardly worn out for a few times like for tried out barely 2 to 5 times in good weather. But how would you know that? Simply, you can check the signs of wear if they are marginal or not because basic creases occur after 1 to 2 times of wear.

8/10 VNDS Shoes: On the other hand, if we talk about the digits saying 8/10 then it would mean that the shoes have been in good hands and they looked after it very carefully but still there can be some creases present along with some wear marks on the outsoles. Overall, the pair will be in a good condition. 

Other Interesting Abbreviations Used In The Shoe Market:

This case does not end with just VNDS letters as there are a lot more short terms in the footwear market that you may need to consider if you want to remain up to the minute with the modern and precise pet names of shoes and their features. It can take months to explain the details of every word and every sneaker but let’s quickly review them:

Presenting the abbreviations other than VNDS:


It is the most common term used in the shoe industry which simply means a questionable statement of “Want To Sell”? For instance, WTS Nike chuck Taylor all-star modern sneakers.


This term means “Wants To Trade” and it is commonly added by an individual who wants to do marketing by giving an advertisement. For example, WTT Air Jordan Bred.


This term refers to “Want To Buy” which is commonly used by sellers to give an expression of selling some product. For example, WTB Nike Air Jordan Air Force 1.


This abbreviation is used to explain the condition of the sneakers as if they are “Brand New Deadstock” (BNDS) or “Deadstock” (DS) which means that the footwear is not being worn-out. For instance, Selling my DS Air Max 97 Silver Bullets. 

Proxy or PO:

The term “proxy” also known as “Preorder” can be referred to as paying someone to buy a pair of shoes totally on your behalf before or after that particular pair will drop in the shoe market. There you need to keep one thing in mind the proxy can make you a deposit of up to 200$ as a requirement. For example, doing proxy service for upcoming Jordan 1 Low drops.

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What Does It Mean By Factory Laced In Shoe Market?

It simply means that the shoes are still laced just the way they left the factory where it was being manufactured for the very first time. This term is often paired with “Deadstock”.

What Does OBO Mean In The World Of Sneakers?

OBO precisely means “Or Best Offer” which means that the kicks lying under this term are not one of those lowballers.

What Does LC Means In The Shoe Industry?

This short but amazing term means “Legit Check” in the shoe market because it is the reality check for original footwear.

What Does TTS Mean In Shoe World?

This term explains an important feature of your sneakers known as “True To Size” which can also be explained as your pair of shoes would not run big or small as they fit exactly the way they should.

What Does PF Mean In the Shoe Industry?

In general terms, PF stands for “Performance Fitting” which is very crucial, essential, and an important antecedent to providing satisfaction to your feet.

What Does OG Mean In the Shoe Industry?

Regarding the general terms, OG can be explained as Original Launch or Original Colorway but the uniqueness and rarity of these shoes make them uncommon based on the date when OG’s first-ever made pair opened the gateways for the other articles of the same series to come in line.


With that being said, we have come to the point where we now know the importance of abbreviations and pet names used for footwear in the marketplaces that manufacture shoes around the world. Therefore, you should keep in mind and be aware of those tiny but meaningful alphabets or digits before investing your hard-earned money in buying a pair of weather VNDS which means “Very Near Deadstock” or close to a brand pair of new sneakers or other short terms that are being vocalized for shoes by the seller, globally.

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