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It is a well-known fact that you will require the best shoes for ninja warriors with two main features including rock-solid and rigid grip along with supreme traction shoes if you want to win this full-body workout training. 

And why not?

This training targets plenty of muscle groups that will not only need your hands to be involved but your feet also play an important part in keeping up with all the obstacles of Ninja warriors. 

Let us give you an idea of why shoes are important in this obstacle course training. 

So, first of all, there are several activities involved in this course mainly including swimming, running, climbing, and jumping. 

All of the previously mentioned workouts will help you not only improve your heart health but also strengthen your capacity to endure such energy-consuming activities by building your overall stamina and functionality. 

Therefore, in such a rigorous realm of Ninja Warrior training, you can not overstate the importance of the footwear you are going to wear during these workouts. 

Wondering why?

Simply because each and every step whether you are leaping or climbing, will definitely demand three main things including focus, stability or balance, and reliable grip underneath your feet. 

For this reason, you have to look for the right pair of shoes that embody a trio of comfort, support, and agility during the difficult trials of ninja warrior training because each obstacle can be a new call for a combo of traction and flexibility. 

You can find the aforementioned qualities only in purpose-built ninja warrior shoes. No worries if you do not have any idea about such shoes as we have got your back by doing intensive research to compile one of the best shoes for ninja warrior training.

Two amazing things about these shoes are that they will not only help you enhance your performance but also reduce the chances of tripping and falling so that you can push your limits and strive toward excellence. 

Top Pick:

If you are in a hurry and want to know to be the best among all other shoes then our top priority is Merrell men’s Vapor Glove 3 trial runner shoes as they feature all of those essentialites that would be required for a ninja warrior during his or her training. 

For instance, rubber soles for added traction and breathable mesh lining for the ultimate maintenance and to create a dry and fresh room inside the shoes during intense workout activities. 

Let’s move one step ahead to have a quick glance at the rest of the best shoes for ninja warriors, their significant features, and price ranges:

Best Shoes For Ninja Warrior: Mastering the Key AttributeBest Shoes For Ninja Warrior

Product NameFeaturesPrice Ranges
Merrell Vapor Glove 3 
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Rubber sols for added traction
  • Underfoot support
  • Vibram outsole for flexibility
  • Off-road support
  • Vegan-friendly construction
Price Check
Joomra Barefoot Trail Runners
  • Comfy yet responsive rubber soles
  • Adequate arch support
  • Lug patterns for a solid grip
  • Resistant to slip
  • Reflective material 
Price Check
Merrell Training Cross Trainers
  • Lightweight construction
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • EVA insole for added comfort
  • Maximum freedom and Underfoot protection
  • Feet-on-glove-like feeling
Price Check
Vibram Five Fingers KSO, EVO shoes
  • Vibram soles
  • Customizable fit
  • Polyurethane protection and reinforcement
  • Machine washable
  • Help in strengthening foot muscles
Price Check
New Balance Zante V3 Running Shoes
  • Pure synthetic footwear
  • Rubber soles for traction
  • Lightweight yet sturdy construction
  • Offers a smooth and sleek ride
Price Check

So we have a quick overview of all the best shoes for ninja warriors, their main attributes, and prices. 

Now is the time to go one step ahead to dive into a detailed insight about all of the previously mentioned shoes so that it would be easier for those individuals who are baffling around to find the finest one. 

Let’s kick off our research without further ado:

Comprehensive Features of Exceptional Ninja Warrior Footwear: Let’s Navigate Obstacles with Precision

Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 3 Trail Runner

Footwear that comes on the top in the ranking list of the best shoes for ninja warriors is Merrell Vapor Glove 3 trail runner shoes. 

These shoes are famous for their Glove 3 version which is crafted with utmost care to cover the motto of handling the difficult obstacles of ninja warrior training.

Talking about the construction, these gears are crafted with a thin sole that will make you feel like you are walking barefoot. 

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The benefit of the thin sole is that it will connect you directly with the ground so that you can feel everything more clearly to be able to act according to the changes happening underneath your feet. 

The Vibram outsole adds a great amount of traction along with a firm & solid grip that will protect you from slipping, falling, and encountering other harmful consequences such as ankle or knee injuries or foot-related conditions. 

So, you will have a flexible and non-slip performance without risking your feet or legs to indulge in any accidental slip. 

Furthermore, one of the comfiest things about these shoes is their upper which is being nurtured with a blend of mesh and thermoplastic urethane material which includes both rubber and plastic. 

This blend will add a smoother and softer effect to your ride as well as help you feel like wearing socks while walking in them. 

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Moreover, these shoes are inserted with trail protection pads that work impressively in supporting your off-road rides. 

Plus, there is a piece of good news for those people who are conscious about animal products, no need to worry about wearing Merrell Vapor Glove 3 runners as they have a vegan-friendly construction.

Above all, you can furnish your feet with this footwear if you have dreams of getting through Ninja Warriors obstacles with ease and comfort.

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  • Ninja Warrior winning features
  • Barefoot construction for a better connection with the ground
  • Flat rubber sole for better traction 
  • Off-road supportive attributes 
  • Lightweight construction and minimal design 


  • Some consumers have faced sizing issues
  • Quality issues (more exposed to wear & tear than usual)

Joomra Women’s Minimalist Trail Running Barefoot Shoes

The second best choice for ninja warrior shoes is from one of the leading footwear brands in the whole shoe industry and that is Joomra.

A pair of Joomra minimalist trail running shoes is built with a mindset of featuring winning attributes such as minimalist barefoot construction just like our top choice Merrell Vapor Glove trail runner shoes.

For the protection and security of your feet, these gears are inserted with a thick topline that wraps around the feet to give them a hug-like feeling as well as make this footwear able to not fall off midway through ninja warrior training.

Moreover, these shoes are flexible enough to support your feet in moving with freedom inside the shoes without getting too constricted. 

Let’s head toward the outsole construction, these shoes are crafted with a very durable and reliable rubber outsole that works not only in increasing the life expectancy rate of this footwear but also adds an element of support along with a maximum amount of stabilization so that you can maintain the perfect balance on various surfaces. 

Whereas, if you go through the bottom part of the shoe, you will find some circular lug patterns that work amazingly in providing a supreme amount of grip and traction to hold out against over-slipping and encountering accidental fall.

A removable insole is also an awesome feature that is presented with this footwear as it will add an extra essence of supportiveness throughout the feet as well as work wonders in transferring your overall body weight over the ball of your feet. 

You can take the idea of the versatility of these kicks by looking at the pretty collection of different amazing color combinations mainly including pink & grey, knit pink, rose red & knit, army green, blue & knit, orange, black & gum, and many more. 

On the other hand, they are also available in a range of different sizing options ranging from 5.5 to 6 being the least and 11.5 to 12  being the largest so you can choose according to your standard size as they fit true to size for almost every feet’ structure. 

However, one thing to be mindful of is that these shoes are designed to stretch over time so it is suggested to go a size down to get rid of future irritating outcomes. 

One more impressive and eye-catching feature is that this footwear is placed with reflective material on the upper body that will help you walk at night by making the ground a bit more visible even in the dark.  

Overall, if you want to offer your feet maximum freedom to move easily and function properly then it is recommended to get yourself a pair of Joomra minimalist trail running shoes.


  • Optimal balance for traction
  • Circular lug patterns for added grip
  • Removable insoles for extra supportiveness
  • Thicker topline for higher durability


  • Poor construction of top plastic lace 
  • Stretches over time
  • Sizing issues

Merrell Women’s Training Cross Trainers (Glove 4 Version)

A pair of Merrell cross trainer Glove 4 is one of the amazing footwear from the barefoot collection of Merrell that have those fantastic features that can help you make a winner of ninja warrior training. 

For instance, these gears have a huge lifespan as they are constructed by an extremely reliable and durable architecture that works amazingly in supporting your foot to respond naturally. 

Moreover, this footwear is designed with a barefoot shape that adds a sense of security and protection by furnishing your feet with a glove or a hug-like feeling by wrapping itself up around them and creating a protective environment. 

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These shoes offer a bit wider toe box that creates a roomy space inside the shoes so that your feet can move with ease & comfort without getting suffocated so that they can be guarded. Wondering how?

Well, a breathable shoe like the Glove 4 version will definitely help in controlling stinky sweat build-up inside shoes by making them super airy so that your feet can stay dry and fresh even when you are doing intense workouts. 

Keeping the feet dry will also protect them from catching irritating and painful blisters as well as other foot-related problems like fungal or bacterial infections. 

Heads on the bottom part of the shoes, the rugged treads on the sole will offer surprising stability to maintain a perfect amount of balance while covering the tough hurdles of ninja warrior workout training.

After all, you need to keep one thing in mind before investing in this footwear and that is their zero-drop sole that can be a little bit stiffened for some wearers due to their sturdy and durable nature. 

However, you will benefit from the stiffened construction of the sole as it will offer amazing protection, especially on uneven, rocky, or sketchy surfaces.

Overall, if you want footwear that provides underfoot protection, breathability, ample cushioning, and slip-free performance then you should invest in a pair of Merrell cross trainers: Glove 4 version.


  • Lightweight and comfy design
  • Breathable to maintain dryness of feet
  • Soft rubber soles for adequate padding
  • Lace-up closure for extra security
  • Amazing underfoot connection with the ground


  • A little bit of stiff sole construction 
  • Some buyers have complained about poor construction as they ripped off only after a month 

Vibram Women’s Five Fingers, KSO EVO Cross Trainers

Our second-last choice among all the best ninja warrior shoes is American Vibram, five fingers, KSO EVO cross trainers, as the name suggests, The footwear is inserted with Vibram soles and constructed with a five fingers design. 

 Speaking about the outsoles, this footwear has one of the best and top-quality outsoles that are presented with non-marking features which can be your feet’ best friend during a hardcore ninja warrior course by providing you the ground feel. 

This footwear has the potential to stand against the hardest and most difficult challenges that are included in ninja warrior training by making you capable of delivering amazing performances.

Moreover, they have a lightweight construction that comes with a lace-up closure system to add a sense of protection as well as to create a customizable fit according to your personal preferences or feet’ demands. 

Just like the Glove 4 version of Merrell, these shoes are also crafted with a zero-drop sole that will keep you stable on different kinds of terrains including uneven, rocky, or sketchy surfaces. 

One of the best features of KSO EVO trainers is that the arch-to-low top shaft measurements work pretty impressively in providing a great amount of ankle support while running as well as during train Parkour.

Furthermore, the XS Trek Vibram rubber sole will work wonders in adding higher levels of traction together with a firm, sturdy, and solid grip to protect you from slipping, falling, and experiencing accidental injuries. 

There is one quality that makes this footwear separate from the rest of the best ninja warrior shoes: they are machine washable. For this purpose, you only have to put them in a machine, give them a wash, and let them rest in natural air to dry. 

However, one thing to be aware of about this footwear is that you might need to go a size up to get a perfectly snug fit because they might run a bit smaller than your standard size which can give you a hard time adjusting or breaking in them.

By all means, if you want goodness for your feet and wish to offer them the best companion that can support them during ninja warrior training then you can trust a pair of American Vibram, five fingers, KSO EVO cross trainers.


  • Vibram soles for additional grip over slippery lands
  • Polyurethane protection
  • Lightweight construction
  • Breathable uppers
  • Ankle support


  • Runs a bit small
  • Some consumers have faced sizing issues

New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Zante V3 Running Shoe

Our last best choice in shoes for ninja warrior training is from a well-known footwear brand that has gained global recognition for its amazing craftsmanship. Yes, we are talking about New Balance. 

A pair of New Balance fresh foam Zante V3 running sneakers will surely wake up the winning spirit in everybody who wants to prepare themselves to face the obstacles of ninja-winning training with ease and comfort. 

This purely synthetic footwear is inserted with a rubber sole that provides one of the best traction by far, among all other shoes, to protect you from over-tripping and catching ankle sprain or strain. 

Furthermore, they will provide a sticky vibe all around your feet as well as keep you stable when you are completing ninja warriors’ hurdles no matter if it is a jumping spider, swimming, climbing, or running. 

Speaking about the super sleek midsole, this footwear is inserted with fresh foamy material that adds an essence of smoothness and softness to your ride. 

These kicks are engineered with a lightweight construction that includes mesh upper fabrics that will keep your feet dry and cool by evaporating the sweat out of the shoes to create a fresh environment inside them.

The versatility of these sneakers can be observed simply by looking at the availability of different yet super awesome color collections which mainly include combinations like poisonberry & dark mulberry, black & mulberry, Pisces & Moroccan blue, reflective white, and many more.

Be mindful of the fact that these shoes run a bit smaller than your standard foot size but it would not be a deal-breaker if you look keenly upon the sizing guide, product description, and overall reviews, or take help from the brand’s customer service.


  • Pure synthetic materials
  • Durable rubber soles for added traction
  • Sleek fit (no-sew outsoles)
  • Optimum comfort throughout the feet
  • Breathable 


  • Runs a bit smaller in size
  • A few consumers have complained that it hurts their toes

An Ultimate Buying Guide for the Best Ninja Warrior Shoes: A Path to Ninja Mastery

Let’s dig in to go through all essentialities and related factors that should be considered before investing your hard-earned money in a pair of shoes for your ninja warrior training course.  

Grip and Traction

A combo of grip and traction is important as it will protect you from over-slipping and falling to the level where you might encounter accidental falls and injuries. 

So, always make sure that your shoes are tucked with lug patterns at the bottom of your shoes that can add solid grip and amazing traction to overcome slippage even on wet, slippery, or oily surfaces. 

Lightweight and Flexible

Intense workouts or hardcore exercises that involve your whole body muscle strengthening techniques are enough to put extreme pressure, stress & strain, and tension over the feet. So, it would be unfair if you wear heavyweight footwear during such intense activities. 

Therefore, always invest in shoes that have a lightweight and flexible construction that can support your feet during workouts without causing any kind of discomfort or foot fatigue.   

Ankle Support

During intensive exercises, ankles are the ones who are at higher risk of getting twisted or sprained. 

For safety measures, look for boots that are constructed with padded collars and cushioned tongues as it will increase the level of comfort and support and minimize the fatigue and pressure over the ankles.


During the ninja warrior course, your feet might encounter some hurdles that will cause sweat to build up inside the shoes due to overpressure or tension. 

A breathable footwear is necessary to control the stinky sweat production so that your feet remain dry, fresh, and cool inside the shoes. 

All you need to do is look for breathable shoes that are designed with mesh or TPU uppers that can evaporate the extra sweat or moisture from your shoes to keep up with a dry environment. 


A durable footwear with a huge life expectancy rate is essential for ninja warrior training to hold out perfectly against the rigors of this course.

So, always look for those materials that make shoes super durable like rubber outsoles, polyurethane midsole, and rugged patterns underneath. 

Secure Closure System

A lace-up closure system plays a crucial role in protecting your feet as it allows you to create a customizable fit according to your feet’ demands and the requirements of the workout as per its intensity level. 

The Crux of the Whole Guide

The bottom line states that you should always prioritize your safety needs when it comes to ninja warrior training because this course includes the dangers of getting injured. 

Therefore, we have compiled a list of shoes that will not only protect your feet from getting bruised by the obstacle of ninja warrior training but also manage to provide you with a high-level performance. 

Among all the best shoes for ninja warriors, our top best choice is Merrell men’s Vapor Glove 3 trial runner shoes as they have all the required factors such as underfoot support, breathable material, rubber outsoles, etc. 

So, choose wisely and be safe…!


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