Ladies…! Have you ever ordered heels online for your wide-sized feet and the pair did not come true to your size, now you are scratching your head that how you are going to stretch this pair of heels.

Don’t worry if you’ve come across such a scenario in which you have to deal with a pinching heel or tight shoe because this situation can get frustrating and irritating by having blisters or painful inflammation as a result of wearing constricted heels.

How To Stretch Heels For Wide Feet?

Finally, here comes the good news for you as there are plenty of ways that I am going to mention to stretch your glittery heels if you have wide feet. 

How To Stretch Heels For Wide Feet

Ways To Stretch Your Heels For Wide Feet:

Women’s love for wearing heels is never gonna end. Similarly, ladies may have a nervous breakdown if those precious heels become narrow for their wide feet. 

The problem of having constricted heels can be sorted out as we all know that almost all shoes have a natural tendency to slacken down a bit when we give them good wear a couple of times. 

Give Them A Good Wear:

  • Before getting your pair to extended ways of stretching the footwear, just try the easiest first and foremost tip that you can follow is wear them with one or two thick pairs of socks
  • Secondly, give heat with the help of a blow dryer to those troublesome areas that pinch your feet.
  • Lastly, apply a leather conditioner to your footwear to give them extra protection.

Note: Do not provide extra heat to only one point of your footwear as it can damage the upper fabric of your expensive heel. Plus, this method works great for fabrics such as leather heels, suedes heels, and boots.

However, don‘t get anxious if this tip would not work as there are various other ways to slacken your heels down.

Freez Your Heels:

Well, it’s not as awkward as it sounds because this scientific formula of “water expands when it becomes frozen” works well with narrow heels or shoes. Let‘s get into this before confusing your mind:

  • Take a little Ziploc bag that can easily enter into the narrowed heels and fill the bag with tap water.
  • Zip the bag tightly so the water would not flow out.
  • Place the bag into the heels by making sure that the waterbag reached every corner inside the soles of the heels, especially the toe area as it’s the main point that needs consideration. 
  • Put the heels inside the freezer for 8 to 10 hours or until the water turns into ice as the frozen water will expand, give force, and pressurize your heels to get expand automatically.
  • Lastly, gently remove the water bag and repeat this exercise until you get your desired slackness in your heels or shoes.

Buy A Shoe Stretcher:

An easy and ideal approach to get your heels slacked out a bit for your wide feet is to use a shoe stretcher which can be defined as a device that stretches the width, height, and length of low heels, flats, and other types of tight-fitting issues. 

  • Firstly, you have to bring a stretcher. The device is easily available on Amazon for around 20$ to 25$. 
  • These stretchers come with a little metal knob that has to be attached to the holes on the stretchers. All you need to do is place it inside the heel and make sure that the stretcher is in its resting state and that the flat end of the heel is facing upwards. 
  • Secondly, twist it with the help of the back handle. Soon, you will feel a stretch or tension on the upper side of the shoe. 
  • Stop the spread when you know that you have reached that particular point that you need. 

Note: Here you need to be careful not to extend the handle too much otherwise you will end up breaking your shoe.

  • Lastly, let it rest for around 12 to 16 hours and here you get your heels the way you desired for.

These stretchers are highly applicable for so many shoe materials, types, and designs as well as for those feet that have foot deformities commonly known as bunions, corns, and hammertoes generally caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Note: One thing to keep in mind is that there are various kinds of stretchers for non-identical and different types of footwear. Some stretchers extend wide side as well as stretch lengthwise. Then there is a little heavier but durable stretcher that works awesome for only the wide side of the shoe. So, read the instructions carefully before buying a stretcher for you.

Use Newspaper or A Thick Pair Of Socks:

Putting newspaper inside of your heels. Sounds funny right? But this homely remedy works efficaciously with narrow heels. 

  • All you need to have is a few pairs of socks or some sheets of newspaper.
  • Rolled the socks or make little balls of newspaper sheets and tuck them very gently inside the toe area of your heels.
  • Keep in mind to not get those sheets or socks deformed or displace.
  • Give this combo a rest for one day
  • Lastly, get the socks or newspaper out of the heels and here you have your heels with a wide width.

Note: If this procedure would not work in one shift, you can repeat it for 2 to 3 days for outstanding outcomes.

Use Moisturiser:

You can rely on this quick method in the case of an emergency such as having a sudden plan of going out or you are in a hurry. This method will not only save you valuable time but also it will provide comfort to your feet.

  • Just an application of a little amount of moisturizer or other lubricants such as Vaseline will save your feet from getting blisters, bunions, and sore feet.

Note: These lubricants especially Vselline can only work wonderfully for 1 or a maximum of 2 hours. Do not rely on them for more than that because wearing tight shoes for more than two hours can cause problems such as inflammation, bunions, and blisters on your feet.

Use A Shoe Stretch Spray:

There are so many shoe stretching sprays available that work excellently to soften tight heels as well as shoe fabric, leather, or vinyl. 

  • Sprinkle a little amount of spray on the problematic area on your heels.
  • Give it rest for some time
  • Here you can now walk in your stretched heels

Note: The sprays are available on Amazon for just 12.95$ to 19.95$.

Final Thought:

These techniques including frozen heels, wearing heels various times, using a shoe stretcher, and putting socks or newspaper inside your narrowed heels are very easy to apply but work amazingly with extraordinary outcomes in which you will have your desired shoe size with high-quality results at minimal expense.

However, if you are still facing problems in stretching your heels at home just take them to a professional stretcher or cobbler as they have special tools, tips, and techniques that work great for particular kinds of shoes. By using those experts’ ways, they make your footwear relatively more comfortable to wear۔

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Can I Stretch My Heels At Home?

The precise answer to this question is “Yes, Why Not?”. You can stretch your heels with several home remedies including giving them good wear, adding a potato inside the heels, using a shoe stretcher, sprinkling some shoe stretching spray, putting rolled-over socks or small balls of newspaper inside the heels, and putting a frozen water bag inside your heels’ toe box for one night.

Can I Use A Potato To Stretch My Heels?

Sounds funny right? But it’s true, you can use a potato to stretch your heels. All you need to do it to peel a potato and mold it according to the shape of your heel’s front toe box. Secondly, put the potato inside your heels for one night. 

Make sure the potato is dry. Keep the potato out the next morning and voila, here you have your slacked heels. But, beware as this method is unverified. That is why always take an expert’s opinion before using this method.

How Can I Use Ice To Stretch My Heels?

You can put a tightly tied zip log water bag inside your heels’ toe box and give your pair a rest in the freezer overnight. The water will get frozen and expand automatically. As a result, it will help your wide feet to break into the stretched heels.

How Effective a Shoe Stretcher Can Work?

A shoe stretcher that is made of wood and is strong can work wonders in stretching your heels. If you use the right approach to use a shoe stretcher then it will take 8 to 24 hours to give your heels a good slack. 

A shoe stretcher made of plastic would not work as excellently as a wooden one will do.

How Does A Shoe Spray Work in Stretching The Heels?

The Shoe Stretcher Sprays are formulated to stretch and relax those fibers that are present in your heels’ material as the consumers reviewed this item as a “Great product. Softens, Relaxes, leather while wearing shoes or using stretcher”, “Worked well on leather boots right”, “Worked on my canvas shoes”, and “They were way too tight after three different times of spraying then wearing, it works great”.

The Footfitter Professional Shoe and Boot Stretch Spray which is available at Amazon designed for mostly leather, suedes, nubuck, and other types of natural footwear materials.

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