Air Jordan 3 has remained famous for its distinctive design that features elephants on both the toe and the heel, the air cushioning prominent system in the sneaker’s sole, and the renowned jumpan on the tongue. Despite all these characteristics, are Jordan 3 comfortable?

The first designed Air Jordan 3 was released with a mid-cut for extra ankle support and was famously worn by Michael Jordan to the 1998 NBA Dunk Contest. It was in these sneakers that MJ beat other contestants by jumping off the free-throw line, and ever since then, the shoes have become a popular icon and an instant favorite of the fans. 

Throughout the decades, Jordan 3 has undergone various collaborations and additions to its colorways, but is all this popularity of the sneakers an acclamation for the shoe’s comfortability, are Jordan 3 comfortable?

Are Jordan 3 Comfortable?

While comfort is subjective for everyone, considering each individual has a different foot shape, the consensus over whether Jordan 3 is comfortable is that the sneakers right out of the box are a comfortable fit. 

Comparative to other models that utilize older technology, offering average cushioning and taking some time to break in, the comfort accompanying Jordan 3 surpasses other Jordan retro models. Are Jordan 3 Comfortable?


The popular shoe design for basketball is a classic combination of style and performance. A cushioned sole and high-quality materials make Jordan 3 a comfortable choice for the majority. 

Tongue and padder collars add additional cushioning to the feet, ensuring the sneakers are comfortable yet ideal for running or walking. 

Additionally, the phylon midsole is kept lightweight to offer users responsive and soft cushioning that is active at reducing the impact of shocks on the feet by absorbing them within its multiple layers. 

Durability And Traction: 

Besides the cushioning of Jordan 3, the upper layer of suede or breathable leather material also aids the score for comfortability for the sneakers on the rating scale. The air circulates within the shoe and keeps the feet dry and cool, depending on the environment, throughout the span. 

The rubber and sturdy outsole of the sneakers is exemplary at providing durability and traction, making Jordan 3 suitable to be worn on all surface types. 

Finding The Right Size With Jordan 3 

Comfort and the right shoe size are directly associated. Without one, you cannot have another. For example, with a loose-fit shoe, you cannot expect your feet to be comfortable during the game; alternatively, with a tight-fit shoe, your foot movement will be restricted. Therefore, it is crucial to find the right size with Jordan 3 for them to be comfortable for you. 

Typically, Jordan 3 runs in slightly smaller sizes than your original shoe size. However, regardless of how wide your feet might be, it will determine the accuracy with which the sneaker will fit you. 

Following, we list a few guidelines, and if you follow them, you will surely find the perfect fit, taking advantage of the sneakers to the highest degree. 

Feet Measurement: 

The first step to finding the appropriate Jordan 3 size begins with foot measurement. For this, utilize a measuring tape, and with it, measure the width and length of your feet and then compare it against the measurement chart the brand has given.

Remember, since feet can differ in size, you must take measurements of your feet both singularly. 

Feet Width: 

Aside from noting and measuring how long the feet are, it is equally essential to consider the width of it as well. Some people might have feet broader or narrower than others, which can affect how the shoe will fit you. 

Supposedly, if your feet are wider, then in that case, to ensure having a snug fit of Jordan 3, you go with purchasing a size larger than your original. If your size is US 8, but your feet are wide, US size 8.5 or 9 will be a better option. 


We all love seeing positive reviews about a product we are purchasing, but have you ever critically viewed the reviews you see online? When finding the right size for Jordan 3, it is time to review the reviews. 

Examine all that the buyers have to say after ordering the model of the sneakers. This can provide in-depth and honest insight and help you choose the exact size for your Jordan 3.

Try Outs:

Among the most effective ways to find the right size for Jordan 3 is to gauge the size by trying out the shoes in person, only if you can. Do not miss availing of the opportunity if you have it readily available. 

A better understanding of the shoe size can be achieved per the foot size once you try it out. Also, you can then decide whether you need to go downward or upward with the size.

Tip: To have a precise fit of the sneakers in your tryout, we recommend you wear a certain pair of socks, which is at the least similar to the ones you would regularly wear with the Jordan 3. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

Are Jordan 3s or 4s more comfortable?

Out of the two, Jordan 3’s have been rated to be more comfortable as all the shoe features are in one or another manner aiding the user’s comfort without any risk of blisters on the surface like in Jordan 4.

Which Nike Jordan is most comfortable?

Jordan XIX is the most comfortable.

What is the least comfortable, Jordan?

The least comfortable sneakers Nike has ever introduced are the Jordan 6.

Why do Jordan 3s hurt my feet?

Jordan 3’s likely reason to hurt the feet is a poor fit. The size you choose for your sneakers does not fit your feet appropriately, and every time you wear the shoes, you will endure aches.


Although comfort levels tend to vary due to personal preferences of buyers, most people’s answer to are Jordan 3 comfortable has been favourable. Users claim the sneakers are comfortable enough to wear as an everyday accessory and during light physical activity.

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