Jordans are sneakers that can be purchased in various colors and styles. Depending on your buyer preference, you can choose the best-suited one from Jordan 6 Vs. Jordan 7. 

Those who have followed the shoe history of Air Jordan will understand why, unlike other sneakers, these shoes have become extremely popular for several years. Having Jordans now extends merely beyond the satisfaction of purchasing Nike or Adidas items. 

Jordan 6 Vs. Jordan 7 are must-have sneakers as the premium leather uppers are like boots, and the calfskin is full-grain. These remarkable qualities of Jordans have people marveling over the feel of the extremely high quality. 

However, the question still stands for consumers- Jordan 6 vs. 7, and in this article, we will be settling the debate on your behalf. 

Jordan 6 Vs 7

Undoubtedly, both designs, Jordan 6 Vs. 7 are the top-most-selling products of Nike, but due to the difference in liking, some people prefer Jordan 6 over 7, and vice versa. Though the existing differences may not be prominent, they are there. 

Jordan 6, with its synthetic leather composing the upper part of the sneakers with the perforations made for ventilation and units of air soles throughout the heels, adds additional support and comfort for foot movements through cushioning for all users. Jordan 6 Vs 7

The toe cap, which has been reinforced, and the rubber sole provide durability, ensuring that the Jordans withstand the test of time and last and offer traction on multi-surfaces. 

On the other hand, Jordan 7 is an optimal choice for performance. Their well-rounded solid traction, above-average ventilation, good cushioning, and solid fit let this edition take the lead, offering plenty of utility and support to all. 

Additionally, the lightweight cushioning backed by the full-length Nike Air technology is ideal and amplifies the characteristics of the sneakers with the manufacturing of reliable materials like synthetic and real leather textiles in the upper front. 


Famously worn by Vin Bake and Ray Allen to the Olympics in Sydney, Jordan 6 was released originally in 2000. This edition of Jordan defines a prominent place in the history of basketball career while retaining its position as one of the most stylish releases ever. 

Initially known as Jordan 6 “Olympic,” the design made a retro comeback when returning in July 2012, specifically with a color scheme matching the essence of the celebration of Independence Day- the 4th of July. 

The pair introduced in 2012 was different from the original pair, but rather slightly as instead of white, it had a midsole in navy color. However, the OG look was kept for the rest of the shoe with a jumpan in a red logo, similar red lace locks, and a translucent, icy outsole complementing and further completing the patriotic style. 

Whether it is the all-new or the iconic original color scheme of the Jordan 6 by the design team, both promote the long-lasting legendary icon that these sneakers are. So, we recommend that while picking up your pair, do not hesitate because of the colorway.


  • Signature outsole of clear rubber portions 
  • Synthetic, suede, or leather upper
  • Heel has a visible air-sole unit 
  • Die-cut holes in the heel and tongue
  • For easy off/on access, there is a “spoiler” tab
  • Upper perforations aid breathability 
  • Cover and lace lock; at all times, keep the lace tied 


Released in 1992, Michael Jordan wore Jordan 7 as a part of the Dream Team to the Olympics in the same year. Since then, the footwear has been released twice. First, in 2004, Jordan 7 was released, following another and latest release of the retro edition in July 2012, approximately the same time when Jordan 6 was announced as well. 

The 1992 design of Jordan’s featured a metallic silver and white upper paired with true red, metallic gold, and obsidian, all of which had contrasting accents. The 2012 style was made public with a feature of the number 9 on the heels of the shoes, signifying the renowned MJ’s jersey number for the Olympics.  

Inspired by the Olympic season in 1992 and the summers dedicated to basketball, Jordan 7 has been revived to keep up the championship legacy, but this time for a new and upcoming generation of passionate sneaker-heads. 


  • Soft foam sole 
  • Rubber traction 
  • Lace closure makes the fit secured
  • Synthetic and real upper leather
  • Jordan iconic branding 
  • Lightweight cushioning

Settling The Debate:

The debate between Jordan 6 Vs. 7 has been ongoing for the past couple of years now and is also sure to continue in the future. Nevertheless, you must not be swayed by the opinions you hear about Jordan 6 vs. 7. 

Instead, choose by examining each pair over the criteria you have in mind for the Jordans you’d like to wear to every basketball game and casual hangouts. 

Rest assured, Jordan 6 and 7 are outstanding products of Nike, and with minimal transitions in the material, apart from the color combination, everything else has been kept the same in the original and the later releases. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

Is Jordan 6 comfortable?

No matter what you are doing, the tight and safe fit of the Jordan 6 makes it extremely comfortable for all activities. 

Is Jordan 7 comfortable?

Comfortability is one prime quality that Jordan 7 has to deliver to its purchases. With the sneakers around your feet comfortably, your feet will be at ease. 

Is Jordan 7 popular?

Yes, Jordan 7 is very popular; to this day, they continue to captivate the attention of all basketball fans and sneaker enthusiasts. 

Are Jordan Retro 6 popular?

Despite the releases of other editions with modified and advanced features, the Jordan 6 has remained popular in the market. 


Jordan 6 Vs. 7 is a decision you must make solely on your own without external assistance. All we can do is present you with an unbiased opinion about both pairs and list down the features so that you can decide while having a clear vision of what either sneaker has to offer.

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