Undoubtedly, Jordan 3 has been overshadowed and overlooked over the past few years, but with the wave of hype reviving, you will soon be on your way to making a purchase. If you are someone with wide feet, you must know whether Are Jordan 3 good for wide feet. 

Though the 3rd edition stands to be the most underrated in the Jordan family, it is still considered a gem at the moment, with its popularity exponentially increasing. The momentous Jumpman has recently made its teasing and ultimate comeback, and it’s finally time for hardcore sneakerheads to buy themselves a pair.

Therefore, to ensure you get the right size, which aids comfortability, we bring you our comprehensive fitting guide discussing- are Jordan 3 good for wide feet.

Are Jordan 3 Good For Wide Feet?

Jordan 3 was designed originally (just like the rest of the editions of the Jordan family), keeping in mind the comfort of the court standing at the forefront of its composition. Sitting at the top of the legendary Jordan 3’s sole, the classic Nike Air technology makes the sneakers incredibly comfortable for every step. 

Likewise, the sleek design and generous padding with a thick tongue allow you to wear the shoes all day, where your feet are kept snugged without any problems. But to avail of this offered comfortability, you should determine if are Jordan 3 good for wide feet.Are Jordan 3 Good For Wide Feet?

Generally, and in most cases, the sneakers are renowned for their true-to-size fit, so we suggest you stick to your usual size. However, the case would differ for those with particularly wide feet as the narrow toe box can go further more limited when the feet are wide from the front.

To avoid Jordan 3 being too tight on your wide feet and for your toes to have more room, you must always go for a size half up than your original. Specifically, if you typically wear a US 8 size, with Jordan 3, go for a US 8.5. Rest assured, then Jordan 3 is good for wide feet.

Jordan 3 Fit For Different Editions: 

Especially with someone with wide feet, you always have to be cautious when picking the size because even if there is a minimal variance, feet will either be tightly trapped or hang loose inside the sneakers. 

Below, we list size fittings for two versions of Jordan 3- Jordan Women and Jordan 3GS.

Jordan Women Fit:

For all our women readers among us, Nike has introduced their precise women’s Jordan collection. If you are wondering about the meaning of “Jordan women’s edition,” the answer is simple: these sneakers are made according to the sizing for a woman’s feet and differ slightly in size. 

Usually, the version of Jordan’s for women comes with a narrow fitting, which won’t affect sizing for most women; hence, you must stay true to your definitive size. Contrarily, if you are a woman with quite wide feet, you should reconsider your size and try a size half above the standard or go for your regular size but in a men’s collection. 

Jordan 3GS Fit:

Supposedly, if you have small feet, you must have noticed not to find your size in the mainstream Jordan collection but in 3GS. 3GS means and stands for sneakers designed for older kids in grade school. 

Compared to the standard counterparts, 3GS is cheaper, so by all means, buy them if you cannot find your size in Jordan 3, though remember to ensure the appropriate fit. 

Naturally, and as a version for older kids, 3GS has a narrow fit with a toe box already narrowed. So, for wide feet and a 3GS fit, you must purchase a GS pair that is half a size larger than yours.

Sizing Jordan 3 Per Preference: 

Sizing is problematic and a hassle for individuals with wide feet and can also cause an issue for those with narrow feet. If the size goes wrong, then resultantly, both groups suffer with the same outcome: deprived of the remarkable comfort of Jordan 3. 

To prevent this disastrous consequence, attentively read through sizing Jordan 3 per preference. 

Narrow Feet Fit: 

Jordan 3’s is a shoe designed to lend itself to varying foot types, and for someone with narrow feet, it is recommended to stay true to your standard size. Alternatively, consider the size you most commonly prefer when buying Nike shoes. 

Wide Feet Fit:

To stay safe with a Jordan 3 fitting for wide feet, first determine the type of fit of the shoe you would want, whether it should be snug or loose because this will determine if going half a size up is needed. 

Retro basketball sneakers do not have narrow mid-foot and toe areas, but the space can be stiffening for wide footers as they would prefer to opt for more room for their feet to be accommodated. 

Snug Fit:

You don’t need to size down to achieve a snug fit of Jordan 3 because you have the option to lace them loosely. The shoes’ lacing system has been designed to allow you to dial on the laces easily and without having to look for a smaller size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS): 

How do Jordan 3s fit wide feet?

Jordan 3’s fit for wide feet is exceptional, but you will have to buy a pair in a size slightly larger than your original.

Is Jordan good for wide feet?

Yes, Jordans are good for wide feet as they offer good ankle support and are spacious enough.

How do Air Jordan 3 shoes fit?

Jordan 3 has a true-to-size fit.

How comfortable are Jordan 3s?

The comfortability of Jordan 3 for many people is outstanding and unmatched by other pairs of sneakers. 


As long as you keep up with our comprehensive fitting guide, there will be no reason for you to be concerned about whether are Jordan 3 good for wide feet. As a wide footer, shopping for Jordan 3, remember to size up, and you will be good to go with your sneakers!

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