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Have you ever gotten a sudden invitation from a bunch of friends to come over and play basketball with them but thinking about shoes, the only pair that came into your mind is from Vans

And, since you are a good competitor as well as an enthusiastic player of basketball, you do not want to miss that joyful evening of the game. That is why you tuck your feet in your Vans and go for it. 

But a few queries stuck in your mind on the way to the game: 

Are Vans good for basketball? Do they provide enough support? Or, do they allow me to jump high enough to make a goal?

All of these questions can baffle you which can increase your stress levels and affect your performance while playing. 

The stress is real because a basketball player requires footwear that can provide additional traction while jumping & running as well as extra support to your ankles while taking quick turns during the game.

So, let’s find out all the answers to your queries that are confusing you and becoming a barrier between you and your high-performance skill set. Plus, what can you do in this particular situation?

Are Vans Good For Basketball?

The precise answer to this query is “Yes, you can wear Vans to play basketball” but you know there are always some exceptions to consider like Vans shoes are good but not an ideal choice to play basketball. Are Vans Good For Basketball

Wondering why?

Simply because most of them are manufactured for skateboarding. So, playing basketball in them might be a bit risky because they can not provide an accurate amount of ankle support which is a need of a basketball player.

You can only play basketball in your Vans shoes just for a short while and not for a longer period because they do not provide enough roomy space for normal airflow so that the sweat production during an intense game will stay inside the shoe. 

This case scenario can take your precious feet toward so many miserable and painful outcomes such as skin rash, oozing & itchy blisters, swollen feet, foot fatigue, and fungal & bacterial infections. 

So, there is a need to find out some ways how to protect yourself from the aforementioned devastating situations. 

Let’s move ahead without further ado:

Three Main Considerable Factors For Basketball Shoes:

Surely you do not want to suffer and put your feet’ health for granted just because of one game.

Therefore, to protect yourself from any kind of harmful consequences as well as to play basketball without any risks, you have to make sure three main things in your basketball shoes:

  • Strong grip & traction
  • A proper amount of cushioning
  • Ankle support

Now, all we have to do is to explore how much of these things are presented in a pair of Vans shoes. 

Firm Grip & Strong Traction:

Traction is one of the initial requirements of basketball shoes as it safeguards you from tripping and falling on the court during the game.

So, if we talk about Vans shoes, the initial purpose of designing this footwear was to provide great traction and firm grip to those who are passionate about skateboarding which also requires a great amount of traction. 

Putting all of this into account, Vans shoes have good traction as they are manufactured with vulcanized rubber outsoles along with waffle patterns that provide amazing grip and firm traction on so many different surfaces. 

The waffle patterns of Vans work wonders in providing great resistance with a lot of friction against indoor hardwood floors as well as outdoor concrete surfaces.

All you have to do is to tie them accurately and create a snug fit for a secure ride. 

However, one thing to be aware of this footwear is that they catch dust and debris too often which makes it a bit difficult to maintain them. 

Furthermore, the dirt also makes them a bit slippery so either you should avoid playing on a dusty basketball court or you should opt for other shoes that can provide support even on a court full of dirt and debris. 

A Proper Amount of Cushioning:

The muscles and joints of your feet are always at risk during an intense game like basketball. 

So, a great amount of cushioning is required for the well-being and protection of your feet as it will impressively in absorbing the impact and shocks generated by sketchy or uneven ground.

As far as the concern goes to Vans shoes then they are known to have poor cushioning. The fact that the outsoles of these kicks are constructed with vulcanized rubber, makes them very sturdy and rigid.

These outsoles are a perfect choice for skateboarding but you might not consider this amount of cushioning for a basketball game. 

The flatness and hardness of these outsoles make these shoes more difficult to run in them as they will hurt your feet entirely and create discomfort, especially in the heel area, the ball of the foot, ankles, and toes. 

And you know what’s worse??? 

Your feet will catch itchy and oozing blisters in the heels as your feet might encounter constant rub and scraping during the game which also increases the risk of heat rash, dermatitis, etc. 

So, you have to make sure that your basketball shoes have cushioned midsoles that can provide sufficient support, bounciness, and squishiness during the game so that your feet remain guarded against shocks and impacts. 

Ankle Support:

If we look at the nature of two sports games Skating and Basketball, we will find out that both involve jumping and landing in which your ankles’ joints are at high risk of getting twisted and curled.  

For this purpose, Vans have manufactured their shoes with great outsoles that can provide impressive traction to accommodate such risky movements. 

However, they are not protective enough to support your ankles as they are crafted with lower tops that can not provide enough support to prevent ankle injury. 

Plus, the brand has constructed these shoes with softer and smoother heel areas which are also not suitable for a hot-blooded game like basketball as they would not keep your feet still and firm in the heel area which can cause slipping and falling where you might get involved in a potential injury. 

Furthermore, If we talk about the upper materials of Vans shoes then they are made with either canvas or suede which usually do not allow proper airflow and ventilation as well as they are not durable enough to hold out against quick twist and turn during the game. 

So, either go for a shoe that is made especially for basketball, or if you want to get Vans anyway then you should opt for footwear from their tennis collection as they are specialized for court-friendly environments. 

Best Shoe Brands For A Basketball Game:

Best Footwear BrandBest Footwear Article For Basketball
NikeNike LeBron 20
Jordan BrandJordan Luka 1
Way of WadeLi-Ning Way of Wade 10
New BalanceNew Balance Two WXY V3
AdidasAdidas Harden Vol 7
Li-NingLi-Ning Speed Series
PumaPuma Stewie 1
Under ArmourCurry 10
AntaAnta KT
BrandblackBrandblack Rare Metal 2
Serious Player OnlySerious Player Only Player One
361º361º Zen 3
ConverseConverse All-Star BB Prototype CX
ANDAND 1 Attack 2.0
K8IROS (Spencer Dinwiddie Brand)Kyrie 7 GS
Crossover CultureCrossover Culture Menace

Final Takeaways: 

The bottom line suggests that you can wear Vans shoes for playing basketball for a short period but be aware of playing this game in your Vans for a long run because these shoes lack the basic requirements of a basketball shoe including an adequate amount of cushioning, proper ventilation for evaporation, and most importantly ankle support.

So, if you wanna be a champ then choose wisely.  

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