Hoka One One is the brand known for its comfy and fluffy soles which are considered a standard for road, trail, and terrain footwear. To get the best quality comfortable athletic shoes, people are usually curious to know where Hoka shoes are made. If you are looking for the answer to this query, you are in the right place. Let’s get straight to it without further delay.

The majority of Hoka shoes are manufactured in China and Vietnam. In addition to these nations, Hoka shoes are also manufactured in the Philippines, Cambodia, and the Dominican Republic, though their combined contribution to global Hoka shoe production is less than 20%.

Where Are Hoka Shoes Made?

Even though the company is currently situated in Goleta, California, and that its name is New Zealand-based, Hoka shoes were established in French Alps. The brand’s original name is Hoka One One and they were initially made for mountain climbing. Furthermore, you can move quickly for a very long period on trails and roads in Hokas.Where Are Hoka Shoes Made

Where Are Hoka Shoes Manufactured?

It can be difficult to determine exactly where a given brand makes its shoes because most companies, like Hoka, don’t specify it on their official website. To discover the truth about where Hoka’s shoes are made, we must dig deep into the company. Having compiled and assessed all the information offered by Hoka and Deckers Brands, we all know Hoka is owned by Deckers.

As per the report of April 2022, Hoka shoes are made in China, Vietnam, and Cambodia. In addition to these, Hokas are also made in the Philippines and the Dominican Republic. There are 8 factories in Vietnam, 2 in Cambodia, and only 1 in China. Only 11 factories in total produce Hoka One One shoes, the majority of which are located in Vietnam.

The two nations with the greatest substantial share, China and Vietnam, each have 14 Tier 1 footwear manufacturing facilities, with 3 in Cambodia, 2 in the Philippines, and just 1 in the Dominican Republic following, respectively. In terms of producing shoes, Vietnam has a bright future.

The corporation has considerably scaled back its production in China during the last few years in favor of expanding operations in Vietnam. The news broke because the corporation shouldn’t have been manufacturing in China due to the country’s heavy reliance on coal. According to reports, the corporation contributes to the preservation of the environment. The decision to move from China to Vietnam helped the business minimize its environmental effect.

The company publishes a Corporate Responsibility Report every year in this regard. There are many other reasons which differentiated Hokas from its competitors. Not least among the markets that Hoka One One serves are those in North and South America, the Asian-Pacific Region (APAC), Europe, the Middle East, and the region of Africa known as the (EMEA region).

Manufacturing Countries For Hoka One One:

Hoka has grown to be one of the most famous running shoe companies in the United States since its founding in 2009. Known for its fluffy midsoles, which started the trend for maximum cushioning. Let’s discover country-wise where Hokas shoes are made.

Manufacturing in Vietnam:

Vietnam probably accounts for more than half of Hoka One One’s footwear production. The corporation has 19 factories in Vietnam and 11 of them are used just in the production of Hoka shoes. Vietnam is one of those nations that have consistently prioritized the usage of hydroelectricity and the reason linked with it is the preservation of the environment.

With significant manufacturing companies worldwide moving to Vietnam, Hoka One One joined them along with the motto of ecosystem preservation. Numerous customers of the company throughout the world value this quality of the organization. Tricor Global claims that leading corporations choose Vietnam as their country of origin due to domestic reforms, abundant natural resources, and structural advantages. One of the fastest-growing economies in South East Asia and the top manufacturing powerhouse is now Vietnam.

Hoka Shoes Manufacturer in VietnamState/Province
Venus Viet Nam Footwear LimitedThanh Hoa
Zhi Xing Viet Nam Co., LtdHai Duong
Golden Star Co., Ltd – Simona footwear Co., LtdQuang Ninh
Ty Thac Co., LtdDong Thap
Amara Vietnam Footwear Company LimitedNam Dinh
Fulgent Sun Footwear Co. LtdHung Yen
Branch of International B2B Solution CompanyDong Nai
Vietnam Victory Sporting Goods Company LimitedHa Nam

Manufacturing in China:

China has been the home of Hoka shoe production since the beginning and the company’s trademark shoes have been made in China from the start. Due to the high cost of labor and materials, the US was never a realistic alternative. China, on the other hand, was quite practicable because of its cheap labor and simple access to resources. There are reportedly 28 factories for Hoka in China. Four of them are shoes, and ten are lifestyle items. 

In addition to that, 14 manufacturers make Hoka items in various factories across China. As previously mentioned, the company’s objective of conserving and maintaining natural habitats conflicted with Chinese manufacturing. China’s extensive dependence on coal has hurt the environment in some way. The company has relocated some of its production from China to Vietnam in consideration of this but still, a lot of Hoka shoes are produced in China.

Hoka Shoes Manufacturer in ChinaState/Province
Dongguan Zhanfu Sports Goods Co., Ltd.Guangdong 

One of Deckers Outdoor Corp.’s key partners is Dongguan Zhanfu Sports Goods Co., Ltd., a factory that only produces HOKA goods or shoes for the parent company.

Manufacturing in Cambodia:

To produce Hoka shoes, Deckers has partnered with two factories in Cambodia; more details on the facilities can be found here:

Hoka Shoes Manufacturer in CambodiaState/Province
Lin Wen Chih Sunbow Enterprises Co., LtdKandal Province
Shoe Premier II (Cambodia) Co., LtdPhnom Penh

Manufacturing in Other Countries:

According to a recent Corporate responsibility report from the corporation, Hoka footwear is also made in the Dominican Republic, the Philippines. These countries have only one factory each and in comparison to China and Vietnam, they make less contribution to manufacturing. They are only producing 20% of total Hokas production.


Hoka Shoes have completely revolutionized the footwear market. They have succeeded in establishing a global brand in under 15 years. They already manufacture their shoes in five nations and ship them to several parts of the globe.

Although the company still has a long way to go, the future is bright. It is one of the most environmentally conscious manufacturing companies due to its care for protecting the environment during production.

The business has supported numerous international competitions and hundreds of athletes since its inception. For its footwear, Hoka One One promotes comfort, increased cushioning, and simplicity.

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