Nike is the all-time favorite and the most famous footwear among both Men and Women. But when it comes to the sizing of these shoes, they always make the head stumbled. Its complex sizing system makes you prone to buy the wrong pair of shoes with regret in the end. So, Let’s save you from this situation, and quickly look behind the curtain at its sizing complexities, especially 7y size in Women’s Shoes. 

What Size Is 7y In Women’s Shoes Nike?

In the sizing system of Nike, 7y indicates 8.5 sizes of women’s shoes. Here the letter Y is the symbolic representation of the word youth, which is typically used by Nike for its sizing system.  To get an appropriate size of Nike footwear, you just simply add 1.5 to the youth size of the shoes.

Let’s have a more detailed look at the Nike sizing for women to overcome its complexities. 

Deep Look to Understand 7y in Women’s Shoes Nike:

To have a deep understanding regarding 7Y of Nike shoes you first need to deal with it’s background knowledge behind the use of the letter Y.  Basically, the letter Y represents youth sizing which starts from 1y for preschoolers and moves towards 7Y which is the largest shoe size in a Nike.  Well, this 7Y represents the size 8 or 8.5 for women’s footwear. 

Conversion Of Nike Sizing: 

A general rule of a Nike states that “Y” is a representation of youth and you just need to add a 1.5 into that Y sizing. For instance, if you have footwear of 7y then you just need to add 1.5 in it with comes to 8.5, and that is the women sizing in Nike. 

(7y + 1.5= 8.5y)

But here make sure, To avoid any unusual situation it is best to try them on before purchasing. 

Nike’s approach toward constructing shoes for women:

Nike women’s footwear is designed in a unique way they contain a narrow fit and a high level of cushioning. These shoes not only ensure optimal performance but also manifest remarkable sizes that accommodate every food type. Here are the y sizing options provided by Nike for the women’s

WomenYouthFoot Length in InchesFoot Length in cm

Additional tips to buy an appropriate size of Nike footwear:

To find the appropriate size of Nike shoes here are the following tip and tricks. 

  • Before buying any footwear you must know your feet size.  for this, you can use a Brannock device or place your foot on the paper and allow someone to draw your foot on it. Then with the help of a measuring tape measure length and the width of the foot. 
  • It is highly recommended to give a try to the shoes before buying because it helps you to know the discomfort area of the shoe. 
  • If you are unsure that you will not find an appropriate size of footwear then the best way is to seek help from a shoe specialist. 
  • Another way to find the right size of Nike footwear is to get help from the size chart.  Where a bundle of information is provided both for the Length and width of the footwear.

People May Also Ask: 

Can I get half sizing in Nike footwear? 

Yes, Nike does manufacture footwear with half sizing up. These footwears are best for those who feel the shoe’s tightness around the feet while wearing. 

Is Nike True to The Size? 

Generally, Nike shoes are true to the size. But you can feel slight varieties in terms of the model. That is why, Nike itself and shoe experts advise checking the shoes properly before making a purchase. 

Is there any exchange or return policy provided by Nike? 

Yes, Nike does provide a customer service policy if people do not find their shoes properly fit their feet. Here keep in mind that this policy is provided for the new shoes, those shoes that are ruptured will not be entertained.  

Final Crux:

Cutting a long story short, Nike 7y for women means the 8.5 shoe size. However, if you still have any ambiguity in it then go for a try despite purchasing. As it helps you to make an informed decision. 

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