Nike is one of the most popular brands among athletes and sneaker lovers in the world, and one of the best products introduced so far is air force one. Air force one sneaker were inspired by the basketball game, and Bruce Kilgore designed them and released them in 1982. Still, they are no longer available in the market, so you might be looking for alternative shoes that look like Nike air force ones.

Air force One changed the sneaker and sports culture by introducing air technology in their product forever. Air force ones have their vibe and finish, and they would go with any of your casual everyday outfits, but don’t you want a little in life? Plus, some shoes look like Nike air force 1 but at a cheaper price.

So, are you looking for the best alternatives for air force 1 then your search is over because we are going to talk about the best alternatives that are available in the market and that look like Nike air force ones?

Our Top Pick:

If you are in a hurry to find the best, don’t want to get into the details, and just want to order shoes that look like Nike air force ones, consider Adidas Originals Forum Bold Trainers. Adidas is another popular name in the sportswear industry. So these kicks will be the best substitute for Nike air force ones, and if you don’t want all-white sneakers, you can get your Adidas kicks in various colors and patterns. Otherwise, if you are going to choose all bold white trainers, then they will certainly match the vibe of Nike air force ones, and this product has got amazing features that you wouldn’t want to miss enjoying.

Shoes That Look Like Nike Air OnesShoes That Look Like Nike Air Ones

1Saucony Unisex-Adult Jazz● Rubber sole
● Premium full-grain leather
● Perforated underlays for breathability
Check Price
2CLAE Malone Check Price
3Fila Original Tennis Classic● 100% Leather/Textile
● Rubber sole
● Classic Heritage style with fashionable looks
Check Price
4New Balance M550V1● 100% Textile and Synthetic
● Rubber sole
● Foam midsole for comfort
Check Price
5Veja V-10 Sneakers● Suede sole
● Lace-up closure
● Round toe
Check Price
6K-Swiss Classic 2000 Sneaker● Rubber sole
● Leather Upper
● Synthetic Leather Collar Lining
Check Price

We have already mentioned the top pick that would be the best alternative shoes that look like Nike air force ones, but if you want more options, let us guide you. Now we are going to discuss more options so you can choose the one you like the best:

1.) Saucony Jazz Court:

Saucony has been known for making shoes for racing and track spikes but has also introduced a few sportswear shoes collection. Saucony Jazz Court shoes are one of their finest designs that resemble Nike air force. These shoes are also inspired by basketball, and the brand claims that their kicks are made for concrete and hardwood surfaces, so they would be a great pick if you play basketball or similar sports.

To make these shoes a go-to pair, Saucony has worked on every detail of their shoes, and the upper design has traditional cupsole bottoms, so they are not your sportswear shoes anymore. You can wear them with your everyday casual outfits.

Much like Nike air force ones, these white kicks are made up of full-grain leather and multiple perforated underlays for optimal breathability. Your feet will stay dry inside the shoes while you are playing, and these details make them even more like Nike air force ones. Saucony has equipped these shoes with an anti-microbial lining to handle the odor of your feet and sweat, and the midsoles are EVA, making these kicks lightweight.

These sneakers are a little more expensive than air force 1, but the features are worth the cost. You will enjoy wearing them, and your feet will feel comfortable no matter how long.

2.) CLAE Malone:

CLAE was introduced into the footwear industry in 2001, and we are talking about shoes that look like Nike air force ones, so one of the models by CLAE is similar to the Nike product. We are talking about their Malone model, made up of white-milled Italian Nappa leather. Now you might be thinking about the product’s price.

Well, yes, the price is more than the original Nike air force ones, but they were introduced back in 1982, and we are talking about today’s requirement for quality shoes that are durable and long-lasting. You can wear these kicks daily as they have leather-lined uppers, flat cotton laces, and molded EVA foam footbeds. All these features make these kicks even more desirable from a comfort point of view and look similar to air force ones.

3.) FILA Original Tennis Classic:

Another famous brand in the sportswear and sporting industry is FILA, and their Original Tennis Classic sneakers resemble the Nike air force one sneaker. Well, air force one was inspired by basketball, and these shoes are inspired by tennis but look alike.

There are many similarities between these products of different brands, and one of them is the perforated design on the toe box, but the rubber sole and leather uppers show the difference between them. You will be amazed at how cheap these shoes are, but don’t take the product’s features for granted because they are pocket-friendly kicks similar to Nike air force ones.

4.) New Balance M550V1:

New Balance is another popular sportswear brand after Nike, and the model we are talking about is a tribute to professional basketball players and street-wear heroes of the 1990s. These white kicks have a refined, straightforward, and non-overbuilt design. The New Balance 550 are made of leather and a synthetic upper that makes them durable and gives them a sporty style, just like the air force one.

For a personalized fit, these shoes have additional lace adjusters and a small amount of mesh in the uppers for better ventilation, and you won’t get this feature in air force ones. Your feet will stay dry if you wear these shoes for a longer period regularly, and you won’t feel uncomfortable.

The rubber outsoles offer great traction, and if you are a big New Balance fan, you must consider this product instead of air force one because they have additional features that were not there in the Nike air force 1.

5.) Veja V-10 Sneakers:

Veja V-10 resembles one of the most popular Nike models, air force one, and Veja is a French footwear and accessory company. Not many people know about this brand because everyone has been running behind Nike, Adidas, and New Balance, but Veja is another footwear player.

Veja provided shoes to 1800 merchants in 45 countries in October 2018, Shocked? Their shoes are distinctive because they get manufactured in Brazil, and if we talk about Veja V-10, then they are wisely constructed with leather for the panels and upper, and for the V logo, they have used rubber.

Every little detail of these shoes is impressive, as the soles are made up of wild rubber from the Amazonian forest. At the same time, the jersey lining comprises 67% recycled polyester and 33% organic cotton. We mentioned this product because you can get them all-white, resembling the Nike air force ones.

If you want some change and colors other than white, then Veja V-10 is available in various colors, but the white version with cream rubber is the most popular one among all the options. Veja has introduced a twist in traditional style white sneakers, which you would certainly want to think about, and you might want to buy them as well.

6.) K-Swiss Classic 2000 Sneaker:

If you want a timeless and simple shoe that looks like the Nike air force, consider the K-Swiss Crown 2000. These shoes offer more durability because they have superior leather uppers and textile accents with toe cap overlays, so you don’t have to wear a new pair of shoes every season.

These kicks are inspired by tennis, whereas the air force one was inspired by basketball, but the book looks quite similar. We are talking about sports shoes, so why does it matter that the designers got inspired and designed the shoes from which sports?

The K-Swiss Crown 2000 has perforated 5-stripe underlays in the medial that will give your feet structured support and let the airflow inside the shoes, so your feet don’t get sweaty while you are playing. The product’s pricing is also budget-friendly, but the brand offers quality features to make your feet comfortable inside them.

Final Word:

There are alternative shoes that look like Nike air force ones introduced by Nike itself, like Nike Court Vision Low. The alternatives we have mentioned above are in a cheaper price range, making them a budget-friendly option. It becomes easier for you to select the best option when you have variety, and the features of all the above products are amazing. If you are not looking for the brand name but quality and finish, you can consider any product from the above-listed white kicks. Take your time reading the details of all the products otherwise, you can go for the top pick product we selected above.

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