Being a runner, athlete, or worker you put your feet through a lot and when it’s time to end the hectic day, you always look forward to relaxing. Thus, kick off the shoes you wear. Relaxing and providing rest to your feet is as important as having good health. But the question is which shoes prove to be more relaxing? 

Oofos Vs Hoka

Well, after a lot of research, the Hoka and Oofos are two different brands of shoes that assure easiness and coziness to your feet. They are considered the most popular shoes not only among runners but also for people who survive throughout the busy day. Their popularity among them is because of the patent footbeds that keep the feet nice and toasty.  Let’s have a look at the difference they possess regarding the properties and purpose they serve.

Oofos Vs Hoka

Hoka shoes:

Hoka shoes were founded by two runners in France in 2009. They are known for manufacturing supreme quality shoes that are extremely performative, durable, and congenial to the feet. Each shoe that is designed by them is quite breathable which makes covering long distances quite easy without hurting the feet. 

Oofos shoes: 

OOfos is one of the best-known recovery brands among runners that always look forward to providing comfort to the feet after a long run. This brand is famous because of its sandal collections that are designed to set a seal on comfort, support, and protection against injury. Interestingly, just a while ago they worked hard to expand their creation of footwear by adding clogs, boots, slippers, and daily-use shoes. 

This shows that both of the shoe brands are working hard to make their customers happy. Well, to have a deeper eye on their differences let’s discuss both of them in detail 

The main distinction between Oofos VS Hoka: 

OOfos and Hoka are quite similar in their look as well as the softness and the support they possess but the main difference lies in the way the foam is used which then gives footbed support. In Oofos there is the most sustainable arch support while in Hoka, they have a rocket sole along with the deep heel cup. Both of them are designed with midsoles that provide neutral support.  

Differences concerning style and designs:

Oofos have exclusive and different styles along with the color from mate black to blue, red, and white. They have many unique styles but their Ooh sport slides and Original sandals are the most Eccentric. As per the University of Virginia School of Medicine and Speed Clinic, shoes made from Oofoam technology have 37% more impact on the shoes, for the sake of providing cushion and stability in comparison to traditional footwear. They are designed in an idiosyncratic way just to protect and support the aches by reducing the suffering of ankles. Their sport footwear sandals hold a special advantage in that they can be worn with the socks in cold or even when your feet look untidy. 

In contrast, Hoka footwear was first designed for running only. They were the most famous shoes back then and up till now just because of their special design which includes molded soles, fabric, upper, inner heel support, and most importantly Hoka  Meta rocker technology which invigorates the more natural footstep. 

After showing concern about the coziness of one person’s feet they also collaborated in making Hoka footwear in the form of sandals, slides, and flips just to ensure the serenity of the feet. There are two types of Hoka recovery sandals: The Ora recovery slide and the Ora Recovery Flip. Both have well-proportioned beds of cushion that are designed to provide enough support to the foot in cases of running as well as resting.

Midsole formation of Hoka and Oofos footwear:

The midsoles of Oofos are designed biomechanically to provide as much support as possible in the form of curved footbeds. It has perfect arch support along with an Iight and fabricated pattern which yield a strong grip to the feet when they are wet with sweat. It has enough room for toe box wearers as well as the Heel cup that brings forth an adequate base to the feet. They are made up of magnificent quality proprietary foam that is washable. Its closed cell formation does not let the foam hold odor or moisture. It also protects foot muscles and takes the edge off the joint pain.

On the other hand, Hoka midsoles have 2 attributes. First, they are extremely comfort-providing and soft with deep heel cups, which allow the foot to be in place. Thus, acting as a barrier to foot muscle pain. Second, the pattern on the surface of the sole helps the feet to have a strong grip on the sandals. 

Like the Oofos, it has an open-toed design that proves to be great for wearing in warm weather.  

Upper soles  formation: 

The upper of both Oofos and Hoka shoes are made up of the same material as the midsole, which is then joined in 1 piece design to the upper. But here the difference is that the OOfos sandal has two substantial EVA straps which seem like a piece of the lining covering the top of the foot. But in the case of Hoka despite 2, 7 thinner strips covering the foot widely. This distinguishes the Hoka from Oofos. 

These 7 strips joined to the upper, give a better fit and are more locked to the foot

Outsole Design of Hokas and Oofos Footwear: 

Just like the midsole their outsoles are made up of EVA material that makes them completely waterproof, and beach and shower resistant. It also soaks up the impact of the shocks and underneath flex grooves allow the feet to have a full range of motion. Their light traction pattern under the foot gives more stability and grip on different sorts of surfaces. Oofos outsole has an upward curve in the forefoot area giving it a rocker shape that helps you to move fluidly. 

In opposition to it, Hoka has a huge distinct separation between the outsole and midsole. Though they are made up of the same material, the outsole of Hoka has more lifelong capacity.

The weight difference between Hoka and Oofos shoes: 

The weight of Oofos varies from person to person. The higher the shoe size goes, the heavier it will get, but due to its lightweight construction, it will be extraordinarily delicate on the feet. Similarly, Hoka is also light in weight irrespective of size. 

After having a look at the difference between the following attributes. Let’s discuss the type of shoes these both brands offer. 

Shoes offered by Offos: 

Oofos offers a huge variety of shoes in both men’s and women’s sizes but they do not provide narrow, wide, or extra-wide footwear sizes. So, in that case, Let’s have a look at the footwear varieties that Oofos offers. 

Oofos recovery sandals: 

Oofos is famous for its recovered sandals. The two main types of sandals that it offers are slides and thongs. Both of these types of footwear come in varieties of different styles but the most iconic are classic OOahh sport slides and Ooriginal thong sandals. They are supportive of movement but thong sandals seem more appropriate if you want to have a casual look. Also, they are less slippery when your feet get wet.

Original sandals: 

Original sandals prove to be extremely comfortable sandals as they have patented footbeds that help to reduce the pain of the knee, lower back, and sore feet. One of the biggest advantages of them is that they are bacteria and moisturize free which means that water won’t damage them. 

Classic Ooahh sport slides: 

They are designed to minimize pain in the ankle, knees, or joints. They absorb about 37% of more impact than that traditional footwear. Its limber strap gives extreme comfort and support. Also, they are odor free and can be washed in the washing machine. Oofos recovery shoes 

Oofos recovery shoes are extremely comfortable to wear; they come in varieties of colors like blue, black, navy, white, etc. You can easily wear these shoes with your casual dress as well. They may be considered quite appropriate shoes even for formal gatherings.

OOcoozie low recovery shoes:

Oocoozie low recovery shoes have been recently added to the list of causal recovery shoes as they are meant for roaming and running. Other than this its attractive and warm style makes it suitable to wear in winter as well.

OOfos OOmg low recovery shoes:

They also come under the category of low-recovery shoes. These shoes are specially designed for women. Its unique four-way mesh upper and relaxing footbed makes women fall in love with it. 

OOfos recovery clog: 

OOfos recover clogs are yet comfortable but their style is not as appealing as other shoes. However, they seem a better option to wear on a slippery surface as it is still free.

So, these are the kinds of footwear that are offered by the Oofas. Now ‘let’s have a look at the shoes designed by the Hokas 

Shoes offered by the Hokas:

As one of the popular brands,  

Hoka designs footwear according to the taste of the people. So, ‘let’s discuss some of its design  

HOKA Bondi X:

It is  one of the most expensive and popular shoes of Hoka that comes in a variety of colors such as blue black and white. They are highly recommended for running as well as spending a day while standing because of their comfortable cushioning. Its midsole is EVA molded which is a good option for people who suffer from knee and joint pain. Also, the use of meta rocker technology in its midsole helps you to run as fast as you can without pressurizing your feet and knees. Additionally, it has an extended heel which makes the heel-to-toe transition easier

Hoka Rincon 3:

Being available in a variety of colors this footwear has the feature of having a uniform footbed along with stable brand signature cushioning that promises to ensure coziness and serenity. Their midsole has EVA which ensures forward run. Most interestingly these shoes are flexible and durable and prove quite valuable for training. 

HOKA Ora Recovery Flip 2:

They come under the category of most comfortable flip flops that have Hoka signature cushioning and meta richer technique that makes each step easy. American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance has found it extremely advantageous for the good health of feet

HOKA Ora Recovery Slides:

The cushioned slides in this footwear prove to be most relaxing after having a long tiring run or spending a hectic day. They have signature active rockers in slides that ensure the support and appropriate structure needed for foot recovery. 

Bottom Line: 

Despite the huge difference in their style, design, and color. Both shoes serve the same property of providing comfort to people which means that both shoes are excellent in themselves. 

It will be hard to select only one shoe brand because both are beneficial for people in absorbing the shocks thus, making the foot muscles pain-free.  Their PVC Foot bed along with the rocker sole provides excellent comfort and support while walking. Therefore, this easiness to their feet makes them fall in love with both of these footwear brands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are Hoka and Offos recommended by Podiatrists? 

These shoes are often recommended by podiatrists as they ensure foot health as well as safety by absorbing the shocks. They make running or spending a whole day pain-free by providing support and comfort through excellent quality cushions. 

Is Oofos helpful for recovery?  

Yes, Oofos do help in recovery as it absorbs all the foot muscles”’ stress. It provides proper support through its Oofoam which absorbs tension from the knee, foot, and ankle, letting it rejuvenate its energy. 

Do Hoka’s ensure good arch support? 

Yes, Hoka does ensure good arch support but it depends upon the design and category of the shoe you choose. It gives 3 options for stability.

  • Neutral
  • Moderate
  • Stable

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