Every Jordan lover knows the standard of having Jordan 1 footwear in their shoe wardrobe but do they know whether their beyond-price pair of Jordan 1 is retro or OG?

Well, the clear-cut answer to this query is that there would not be a big discrepancy between Retro Vs OG Jordans but still, there are some tiny yet important things to keep in mind before investing your valuable money in this footwear.

Let’s find out the small but momentum differences between Jordan 1 retro vs Jordan 1 OG.

Jordan 1 Retro VS OG

Every person who has a deep love for Jordans will look at two main alphabets in his pair of sneakers including OG. These two small but meaningful letters can be explained as “Original Launch”. 

Whereas, a chain of uncountable retro Jordans with other variations and colorways came thirty years later after the Air Jordan 1 became as well-known and popular as ever.

Therefore,  the importance of  “OGs” and the uniqueness and rarity of these shoes is the thing that makes them uncommon in the same article of retro series that was released after the OG ones.

These sneakers are launched based on the date when OGs first ever launched or released originally in the shoe industry and open the gateways for the other retro footwear models of the same series to come in line.Jordan 1 Retro Vs OG

Let’s have a closer look to find out the deeper meaning and differences between Air Jordan OG vs Retro.

Air Jordan 1 & Retro Series: A Little EyeCatchy Background:

Air Jordans are the ones who built up the sneaker world as this brand has the most well-liked and demanding series of sneakers around the globe. 

OG Air Jordan 1:

OG, in general terms, stands for original and means those articles of Air Jordan sneakers that have not been retried till now.

Moreover, this terminology of Air Jordan 1 OG indicates the early themes and styles of pairs in those sneakers that were released in the beginning. Air Jordan 1 OG is a major and very well-known example of OGs as it was the first-ever article that launched a long drawn-out chain of shoes. 

The first-ever Jordan shoe was introduced for Hall of Fame former basketball player known as Micheal Jordan. This athletic apparel footwear was then come for the first time in the shoe industry by the American corporation Nike on April 1, 1985.

The brand has once again won the hearts of its old consumers by introducing the “remastered” series of silhouettes that featured a return to full “Nike Air” branding with advanced materials and shapes inserted in Air Jordan 1.

The next generation got impressed by the change as the latest edition of Air Jordan 101 is a glimpse of the older times of Air Jordan 1 when everything makes these sneakers the most significant of all time.

Air Jordan 1: Retro Edition in 1994:

Retro means a release of any new material, colorway, design, or other features of the original footwear, especially in the world of sneakers designed by Air Jordan. 

However, the brand took a huge gap of 8 years for releasing sneakers then again hit the shoe market with a newly introduced series of first-ever retros together with Air Jordan 2 and 3 inserted with minor changes in material and some other features to recreate earlier models of OGs in 1994. 

Furthermore, there are a few pairs of Air Jordans shoes that have been launched so many times and do not get retired and lost their importance to many consumers as they still love those pairs in their original forms. Those particular pairs of sneakers are still titled as originals or OG.

One important yet funny fact about retro jordans is that these sneakers are worn by Micheal Jordan (MJ) during his playing days. Later, classic air jordans were launched to the shoe market with a few slight modifications in retros to attract the consumers of this footwear.

Afterward, the brand did not stop releasing new articles of footwear year after year to keep the legacy of the great basketball player, MJ.  

As far as the concern goes to the present time then there have been a total of 28 models of Air Jordans released from I to XVII. Relaunching of these specific articles is commonly known as Retro Jordans nowadays with enhanced popularity and craze among MJ fans. 

Whether the designs of these retro jordans remained the same but the brand still installed a few technical changes in the material of these sneakers to make them highly capable of being demanded among those customers that have started to keep them as collectible footwear. 

A List Of The Best Of Air Jordan Footwear:

The list of these kicks is huge but there are some of the top best Air Jordans that you can add to your shoe wardrobe and would not be regretful afterward. 

Let’s have a quick look before they sell out:

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How To Identify If Your Jordans Are OG?

To find out the OG Air Jordans, you should always check the log and letters on the shoe box along with the style and sizing number of your sneakers on the factory’s label. Later, all you need to do is to compare these things with Nike’s official website to ensure that the tags tucked inside the shoes are genuine or not. 

Do We Consider Retro Jordans As Fake?

The precise answer to this question is “NO” as almost none of the retro footwear is dissimilar from its first launched version. This is a myth stigmatized by some sellers that retros are fake shoes just to make their sneakers appear more legit than Jordans. But, the reality is the opposite as retros are just a new version of their original articles.

Is It True That OGs Jordan Have More Value Than New Pairs of Jordan?

Yes, it is true as the Jordan prices only increase with time so some marketers buy those shoes at older rates so that they can sell them later with an exceptional profit. 

What Is The Number Of Original Jordan So Far?

The number of OG Jordan is thirty-six that has entered the shoe market with more attractive drawings on them along with more publicity than the last series of this brand.

What Does OG Mean In the Fashion Industry?

In the fashion industry, OG refers to the “First” person who is a trendsetter including those artists who popularized a musical trend or a fashion style.


With that being said, we have come to the point that if the sneakers are from Air Jordan then it would not matter whether they are retros or OGs because it would not make them any less of each other. But yeah, OGs are always in demand because of their uniqueness and rarity which makes them uncommon and people love to have those things that are famous yet rare.

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