The Jordans are by far one of the best shoe brands of all time. They are amongst the heavily counterfeit footwear. The release of a documentary has made the Nike Air Jordan most popular. These days it is essential to buy a pair that is not fake and is highly original. Users must also gauge how much the problem with Counterfeit sneakers has impacted the market. According to findings, the fake sneaker market is around  450 billion, and Nike alone is found to lose 10 percent of their annual revenue. Sneaker replica copies are almost everywhere. No one can ever know if the kicks are original ones.

Many people were charged with trafficking taking 70 million of shoe revenue from China to the US. Today are dealing with 20-year imprisonment. Nike is known to execute extraordinary excellence, and as a result,t the identifiers have spotted the original footwear from the fake ones.

Users can easily avail of Jordan sneakers. Some collaborations are also available. These collabs have their tells. Here is a detailed manual to assist you in spotting the original footwear from the fake ones. I aim to give you the right manual to spot the real Jordan sneakers yourself.

How To Tell If Jordans Are Fake By The Tag?How To Tell If Jordans Are Fake By The Tag

It completely depends on the skills of the user to spot the right pick for themselves. Usually, the price is too good to be true. At times the logo is in a way that shows the embossment of the Air Jordan logo.

There may be inconsistencies present on the inside of the label. The quality of the heel strap stitching may vary from the original article. The hourglass profile may not exist if the article is fake. The footwear must not seem bulky and hence must be pointed. The swoosh must also be pointed. The toe perforations must be checked through to see that there is perfect alignment. The embossment of the stars must also be checked. 

Here I have discussed certain instructions that can ensure certain steps you can take how to tell if jordans are fake by the tag. Jordans have different price tags and possess various factors that lead to price varying. Some articles may be stocked from resellers, whereas others may be stocked from a resale.   

A great way to determine if the sneaker is fake is by stressing the going rate for any sneaker. You can cross-check the asking price with the price. This can determine if the article is genuine. StockX is the world’s best bidding marketplace. It is known to give value back for the money invested along with the Kicks. Here is a certain easy step you can follow to spot fake Jordans tactfully.

Ensure the Air Jordan wings logo is on the article:

You, as a user, can easily gauge how to tell if jordans are fake by the tag. Suppose there is a stamp on the Jordan sneakers on the left side. In case the pair is fake. It may have an indent or debossing on the shoe as well.l However, this symbol may not be as prominent and may require you to dig for detail in footwear. Also, pay attention to the logo of wings present in the article. It is usually present on the back of cocktail napkins. This clearly shows the article is a legit one, with the logo being an evident indicator.

Check the Jordan’s Tounge Label front: 

There are issues with the Jordan Tounge label. It is usually twofold. The outer tag has issues with the swoosh. The inner tag has various details and wording present. By looking at the front label, you can know how to tell if jordans are fake by the tag. Users can assess if the version is a fake one. The swoosh usually has waviness, which is quite a common pattern associated with the brand. 

That has the bulk of the text, which is slimmer and less crunch., The real pair does not use space as well, which makes it compressed as well. Usually, a second common error is not displayed on the back of the tongue label; this is a surefire way to spot a  fake pair of Jordan. You may also see a french translation that should be read to ensure that the pair is not fake. The tongue label may show certain errors at the back that can ensure that the pair is a fake one.

Check heel strap  quality on the kicks:

.The heel strap stitching should be noticed. If the pair is authentic, then you can double-stitch so that it runs through the tag and on the shoe back. The replicas and fake articles have issues in execution;  These versions usually have singl a stitch. The stitching is also a common issue with fake Jordans. This can easily be spotted if the article you have chosen is genuine.

Check the classic hourglass shape of the Jordans:

The sneakers usually have a classic hourglass shape. In m most cases, it is important to see if the shape shown on the sneaker back is swoosh. Mostly this shape has become problematic to gauge.

Check to ensure that the profile Is not bulky:

When it comes to the front of the sneakers, notice if the pair is authentic and in shape. The design can also give a snug feel to the entire foot that creates performance well. There are various things in a fake shoe that depict if it is fake, phony pair. A  corner stresses a lack of excellence.

Check if Jordans are correctly Pointed:

You, as a user, can check out if the pair is  Unauthentic. The tip must be seen and noticed; if the tip is not pointed, then you can evaluate that the shoe is not a genuine article. Also, notice where the swoosh and the white leather usually join at the heel area. These can flush with one another. If the shoes are not at a  level, then they may be fake.

The irregular stitching jumps and bumps also show if the pair is a genuine one. A defect can also be highlighted that shows whether the pair is genuine or not. The fake articles are usually seen with defects and cut corners etc.

Check the perforations of your shoes:

.Another major red flag that shows the originality of the shoe is the toe perforations. There are two significant errors with the toe perforations that highlight if your Jordans are fake or not. The first is the perforations do not go all the way through to the leather. They also have a  clean circular puncture, also the perforations are not aligned correctly is also an indicator. Having either of these errors usually suggest that the articles are fake.

Check The Embossment on the shoe sole:

Finally,y when it comes to the sole of the sneakers, you should stress the Jordan star pattern of the Jordan pair. If it is genuine pair, the cuts may be far deeper than the bootlegs. In a similar fashion to the Jordan wings logo, it looks like the factory is reluctant to create that stronger stamp on the shoe base. The stamps are determinant of the article and if it creates a fashionable outlook. If the corners are cut, then there may be a lack of resources.


Most users know how to tell if jordans are fake by the tag. Simply you can point out that the logo does not have a shine or is debossed. Another authentic approach is to see if the logo is appropriately stamped on the leather shoe. If the shoe is fake, it may appear glossier and should not have unusual spacing in the product.

Usually, the fake ones will not have the perfect hourglass shape. The heavy silhouette may not be present on the back of footwear. The shoe perforation may be punctured. Ensure the tongue label text must not include a common error. You can also see if the product is being bought from an authorized Nike dealer to ensure it is original.

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