Nike are the most favorite and extremely worn brand of footwear for ages. However, sometimes customers face issues regarding wrong foot size, incomplete manufacturing or even receiving the wrong order. So in these cases, it is important to have a complete understanding of the replacement process for valuable experiences. Well, fear not! As we are here to provide you step to step guide on the replacement process for the Nike shoes

How To Return Nike Shoes For Replacement?

To go for the replacement of Nike shoes, here are the major step to follow. 

  1. Check the Return Policy of the Nike
  2. Get necessary information 
  3. Contact Nike Customer service 
  4. Pack the wrong, defective footwear properly. 
  5. Ship the package.
  6. Wait for the replacement. 

How To Return Nike Shoes For Replacement

These are the appropriate ways to accompany the replacement. However, if you still feel that you won’t be able to work with it properly. Then there is a detailed description of it as well. So, stay connected.  

Step To Step Instructions: How To Return Nike Shoes For Replacement?

Here is a deep look at the necessary steps and requirements you can opt for in the replacement process. 

Assessment of the Issue:

Before you return the product to Nike it is advisable to carefully inspect it. This includes looking for the size, finding any defect or even getting a wrong order. Make certain to note down the nature of an issue properly that you are going to communicate with customer service. 

Recapitulate the Policy:  

Before you call Nike customer service. It is important to familiarise yourself with Nike’s return policy properly. For this go to the official site of Nike or check for the label you got during buying the product. It is worthwhile to note that Nike provides a 30-day open window for returning the shoe. But only if it matches its criteria that is, it must be in a new condition with original packing and purchase proof. 

Collect the Information You are Going to Provide To Nike Customer Service:

Before contacting the Customer Service Department it is necessary to collect all the information and the items you will provide to the customer service as proof.

  • Get a purchase slip you get while buying the footwear.
  • Note the information about returning the product which includes the name of the shoe, model, size, and color along with the issue you are facing.
  • Make sure that the shoe box is in good condition. As they demand appropriate shoe boxes during shipping as well.
  • Provide appropriate personal information which includes phone number and address. So that they can contact you back easily with your preferred product. 

Contacting To Customer Service Department Of Nike:

Nike provides a lot of ways to get in touch with a customer Service Department such as

  • Visiting the official website of Nike. Look for the section where they provide an option to contact us on the page and avail the benefit of doing a live chat with them.
  • You are also provided with the mobile phone number on the product you purchase or even on the official website. So, contact them directly through a phone call.
  • One of the most preferred ways to contact the Nike Customer Service Department is to have a face-to-face interaction by going to the nearest retail store.

Appropriate Information Regarding The Issue:

So, once you get in touch with the Nike Customer Service Department provide them with appropriate information regarding your concern including your selected product and the received product. If you find any defect in the craftsmanship then inform them properly so that they can review it appropriately. 

Prepare For Shipping: 

Now, prepare your shoe for shipping back to Nike. Carefully, pack the shoe in the original box with the documentation to get during a purchase. Make sure, to attach the return slip properly to the product. Also, it is recommended to go for reputable shipping that delivers your shoe securely and safely to the provided address

Wait For The Replacement: 

After shipping the shoe keeps the tracking number and a proper check on it. Once Nike receives the product.  They will review it based on the information you provided to them. Make sure to stay connected with Nike customer service to know the progress. 

Review The Replace Product: 

Once you receive your replacement based on the formation you provided to Nike, review it properly and make sure that you get the appropriate shoe that you desire. Other than this, pursuing the Nike retail shops is more convenient for you where you find that Desire appropriate footwear without any fear of getting the wrong product again. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is Nike’s return policy applied to the shoes, if bought from a third party? 

No, Nike does not provide a return policy on shoes that are bought from a third-party, department of the store, or another retail store. However, you can contact them to know whether they provide any customer service or not. 

Is it possible to exchange the Nike shoes at the retail shop instead of shipping them?

Well, Nike does provide an option to go for an exchange at the retail shop. However, it is advisable to contact customer service online to gather information on whether the retail shop nearest to you provides you with the option of a direct replacement or not. 

Final Words: 

In a nutshell, the replacement process of Nike involves a series of steps. So, accomplish each step properly and provide authentic detail to the customer service department of Nike. It will help them to review the product properly and provide you with a preferred product you order.

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