Other than cutting shoelaces and lacing them, you can replace them.

Some people may find replacing shoelaces more convenient because cutting them can cause a mess, especially the loose ends start fraying or unraveling, which becomes harder to handle.

So to replace your hey dude laces, make sure that your hey dudes have removable shoelaces which can be replaced because sometimes you may not get laces of other brands for your shoes, but mostly, you can get a replacement.

How to Replace Hey Dude Laces?

How to Replace Hey Dude Laces

Let’s now discuss how to replace Hey Dude Laces.

The arrangement seems to be the first option, but what if I say that you cannot get a replacement of shoelaces from Hey Dudes as they do not provide extra shoelaces and you are pretty much left with third-party vendors? So let me share some alternatives for you to buy the shoelaces for your hey dudes.

Best Replacement Laces For Hey Dudes

Best Replacement Laces For Hey Dudes:

  • Bungee laces
  • Anan520 no-tie laces
  • Diffway Shoelaces
  • Spins elastic Shoelaces
  • Amberley Laces

You can choose your favorite design and colour for shoelaces, and they will arrive perfectly fine and adjust with hey dudes perfectly because they are designed especially for hey dudes.

So now that you have figured out where to get your replacement laces to, let’s see how you will replace them.

Replacing shoelaces is pretty simple as, hey dudes hardly have four eyelets in which you have to pass the lace, so it won’t be difficult or important to remember the pattern.

Just make sure you insert it so you can see both ends at both eyelets. Get old knot covers and put them on the new ones.

What are Bungee Laces?

The highly recommended shoelace for your hey dudes is bungee lace made of flexible material like your hey dude. It has a perfect locking mechanism, giving you the ultimate convenience of tying them.

Bungee laces come bigger, but you can effortlessly cut extra shoelaces and put clips on the ends to prevent them from fraying or unraveling. These are also known by names like lock laces or no-tie elastic shoelaces.

Compared with other shoelaces brands, these are the perfect ones and are easy to adjust according to your needs.

How to Tight Hey Dudes?

If your shoes have gone slightly more prominent and you want to tight them, try to wear double socks, double insoles or tighten the laces, which might help you better than other options.

Sometimes shrinking to reduce the shoe size won’t be in your favour so you can try these techniques.

Tightening may have consequences, so you should always choose shoes with the proper size selection. You can get half-size or full-size. It depends on you, like snug, slender, or lose shoes, and it also depends if you have narrow feet or wide feet, but that’s a different discussion.

Some hey dudes like Canvas and Sox are highly stretchable thanks to the elasticated fabric they are made of, and the best part is that they can adapt to your shape. Hence, you always have the option to even stretch out your shoes with a stretcher or by stuffing something inside them for expansion but tightening or shrinking is something different.

Rather than trying consequential tightening hacks, you could play with the laces, but some people don’t even like to tie laces every day. But the most convenient option is to tie a bow or wrap the lace in and out of the eyelets to tighten the shoe.

How to Handle Laces of Hey Dudes?

You can wear Hey dudes having to tier laces, but that is possible only for stretchable Hey dudes. If your hey dudes are not stretchable, like leather or Wool, you may pay attention to tying laces. Otherwise, you won’t get the required arch support to move comfortably, especially if you are a diabetes patient.

There had been a large number of complaints about the laces of hey dudes because extra hey dudes dangling on sides not only look sloppy but can impact health and safety like tripping or stumbling. Proper length will reduce the risk of someone stepping on your shoelaces, but with an excessive length of shoelaces, you will also be worried about accumulating dirt. For some people, extra long laces can be hard to make shoes tighter, and threading loss will also affect arch support.

If you have wide feet, then extra shoelaces can be helpful for you to tighten them according to your need without falling short on the length of the laces; still, if you have narrow feet, you may try different techniques to make laces quick, like trimming, cutting, and lacing methods, or even replacing laces with new ones.

Removing Laces:

Don’t forget to remove the shoelaces before shortening or cleaning them. Just untie your laces, remove knot covers, remove knots or untie or cut them, and lift your laces from the holes.

Shortening Laces:

Let’s discuss how you can shorten shoe laces with or without cutting them.

Cutting your shoelaces is the quickest and most obvious solution to reduce their length, but you will also lose plastic caps called aglets which keep the ends of laces sealed. Without the caps, laces will be impossible to prevent from fraying or unraveling, which will get more annoying.

You can seal the lace ends by heating them but keeping the flame away. Just use the heat, or you will end up burning them. You can make your cap by wrapping the ends in tape, using glue, and then heating to seal the loose ends perfectly, and no one will notice the shoestring anymore.

You can also try techniques like double lacing, diamond lacing, lattice lacing, or tucking the excessive lace under the shoe tongue or inside the shoes. There are plenty of knot types you can try to make laces smaller without cutting them.

Knots are helpful as you can easily tug and pull if you think extra length can be beneficial someday. But for some people, laces are super important, like runners or climbers who cannot stop to re-tie or tight shoelaces. That’s why wrong shoelaces can damage ankles and toes.

Most shoelaces are made of leather, cotton, hemp, and synthetic materials like nylon or polyester. So tightening is not always the case for all shoe laces; some must be cut short.

What Are Hey Dudes?

Hey, dude knows the formula of comfort and versatility, which has helped them produce a user-friendly lineup of fashionable footwear to stand face-to-face with the latest fashion trends.

You cannot deny the attractive and lightweight construction followed by top-notch materials quality and unique western-like designs giving your outfits a new touch and taking no extra space in your wardrobes.

Everyone loves Hey Dudes because they are affordable, washable, stylish, reliable, washable, and even stretchable what else are you expecting from Alessandro Romano, who built this brand in 2008? Since then, hey dudes are taking over the shoe industry with both hands?

Versatility speaks in hey dudes, and on top of that, you get options like leather, Sox, Suede, and Cotton, for all genders like men, women, and kids.

The Hey Dudes are custom-made shoes for wearing barefoot and are durable enough that they don’t disappear after wearing them for a few weeks.

The Hey Dudes are environment friendly (No animals are harmed for making these shoes, Even fur is made from recycled materials) because they are made from recycled materials that kids, men, and women can wear with or without socks.

Hey dudes, offer comfortable and soft rides, thanks to the ventilated canvas upper, memory foam padded insoles with soft-touch leather lining, and EVA ( Ethyl Vinyl Acetate ) bottom.

On top of that, shoes are washable and breathable, so you can make them fresh like a brand new pair anytime you want, and they don’t smell at all.

The Hey Dude is a fashionable footwear lineup that suits you, standing up, sports people, running errands, walking, or running the dog; stretchable material makes them easily fit on your foot, and durable laces are there to tighten according to your need.

Last but not least, hey dudes can be worn with socks, jeans, leggings, shorts, dresses, sweatshirts, and all types of stains ( grease, blood, dirt, ink, water, ketchup) are washable.

I would give hey dudes 10 out of 10 as they are the most comfortable and stylish shoes made with recycled fiber and cork ( for insoles ) that can be used for casual business outfits, running, or everyday use, and they don’t stretch, loose, or go small or large.

Hey, dudes are versatile enough to wear them with socks, without socks, and for all types of outfits like jeans, t-shirts, and other apparel types. Not wearing socks will cause moisture in your foot, leading to problems like fungal infections or bunions. The elastic and breathable material of hey dudes enables you to wash them without damaging them.

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