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Do you want to buy a pair of original Adidas but are afraid of scammers and fake retailers who are always lying in wait to copy the shoe models of the original brand just for the sake of some extra bucks? 

You surely do not want to spend a big amount of your hard-earned money on the cheap and fake footwear article of Adidas so don’t worry as we will guide you on how to find an Adidas shoe model. 

Well, Adidas has been praised all around the world because nothing can beat the top-notch quality, comfort, and classic outlook of this footwear.

However, there is one alarming situation that always sticks with almost every famous brand, thousands of knock-off shoe companies are lurking to create fake shoes with a fake logo of the original logo.

The same goes with Adidas as well but no worries as there are many ways to catch and identify the distinctive design elements in fake shoes.

Let’s dig in to find out:

How To Find an Adidas Shoe Model?

Looking for a real pair of Adidas is not a very big deal as the focus should be on the shoe material, the logo, and the model number. 

For a quick way to figure out the original (OG) Adidas, the first thing you have to look for is the fabric or material of the shoe because Adidas usually utilizes three main combinations of materials including leather, synthetic leather, or mesh material in the making of their footwear.How To Find an Adidas Shoe Model

Secondly, check the side logo of Adidas as this brand typically places its logo on the sides of its footwear collection.

Lastly, have a glance at the model number which is a six-digit alphanumeric code typically placed right above the barcode on the label. 

All you have to do is to input this number to Adidas.co.in to see if the model is presented there or not. 

Once you have examined all the prior mentioned things and found nothing fishy in them then head toward the sizing option to buy the product. 

Let’s have a bit more detailed view of finding original Adidas shoes: 

Distinctive Elements To Differentiate Between OG vs Fake Adidas:

There are seven main things to look at before purchasing a pair of Adidas. Let’s have a look at all of those things to protect yourself and your valuable money to go to waste for cheap and fake footwear. 

Serial Number of Adidas:

Every model of Adidas has a different and unique serial code that is written in alphanumeric digits placed either inside of the shoe or on the tag hanging alongside the laces. 

For this purpose, all you have to do is to go on the original website of Adidas or Adidas customer service to get to know whether the particular shoes you want to buy have existed there or not. 

So, If you find out the product it means it’s real but in case of not finding that particular footwear then save your precious money and run away from the scammers. 

Trademark Symbols of Adidas:

The trademark symbol of Adidas is their very well-known three-stripes logo which is typically patched on the sides of their shoes. 

This logo is a shred of evidence that shows the clarification about the originality of the Adidas shoe.

Lacing System of Adidas:

Not every time but sometimes this method is useful to recognize the OG Adidas because some of the models have presented with a specific lacing system along with distinguishing patterns. 

For instance, the Adidas Superstar is manufactured with a unique shell toe style together with a distinctive lace pattern design.

Lacing Holes of Adidas:

This hack of identifying OG Adidas will be useful if you want to buy a pair of either Adidas NMD or Adidas Stan Smith that have four and six lace holes, respectively, which make them different from other shoe models. 

Color Combination of Adidas:

This tip will help you if you want to purchase a pair of Adidas Ultra Boost because this footwear comes in a range of bright and bold color options.

Price Range of Adidas:

Always look for the price range from the original website of Adidas for any shoe model you want to buy from the retail store or the local footwear market because a lot of scammers will fraud just for the love of a few more bucks. 

OG Makers of Adidas:

Last but not least, always examine the tag before purchasing the shoe to check the clear-cut indication of the brand’s logo denoted by three strips placed on the sides of the shoe. 

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Does Adidas Have Different Logos?

Even though this famous footwear shoe brand has expanded from a small family business to the second biggest sports shoe crafters, they never think of changing their OG version of the logo.

However, for every distinctive footwear collection, they use a different logo. For instance, if you want to buy footwear from their professional athletic collection then look for a sign of a mountain emblem. 

Whereas, they use three striped trefoils for most of the footwear collection placed on the sides of their shoes.

What Information Do I Need To Identify An Adidas Shoe Model?

You need to look at three main things to identify an OG Adidas shoe including product number, style name, and color code that are written on a tag placed on the tongue of the shoes.

So, you can use this information to find out whether the shoe is OG or fake by inputting the aforementioned codes to Adidas.co.in as they will give you all the essential details of the product you want to buy.

How Can I Find Out What Model Of Adidas Shoes I Have?

For this purpose, you need to look after the label placed on the tongue of the shoe that contains all the essential information about the shoe model including the product name, style number, as well as color code of that particular footwear. 

How Can I Quickly Identify Fake Adidas Shoes?

You can identify whether the footwear you are going to buy is OG or fake by checking the price, any imperfection in the design, logo, soles, tags & labels, checking weight & material, inspecting the packaging, and do not forget to verify the serial number.

Final Takeaways:

The bottom line suggests that a real, comfy, and supportive pair of shoes is important for the well-being of your feet because of the amount of comfort it will give, no copied article or alternative can provide. 

So, it is recommended to deeply analyze all of those distinctive elements that we have mentioned above to save yourself from scammers or fake retailers.

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