Wet shoes can become unbearably smelly if you do not get them dry as soon as they get soggy either from falling into a puddle or slipping into the stream or in any other case in which they get wet while you are wearing them on.

The situation can get so frustrating and worse not only for your shoes but also for your feet if you wear those wet shoes for so long as it can cause various fungal infections to the foot such as Trench foot or immersion foot syndrome. And why not? Bacteria love warm, dark, and moist environments which is why they thrive towards sweaty or wet shoes.

Therefore, make sure to dry those wet pairs of shoes as soon as possible. Otherwise, the bacteria caused by the wetness will make a stinky smell inside your shoe and that smell can put you in an embarrassing situation if you are surrounded by other people. How To Dry Wet Shoes Without Them Smelling

How To Dry Wet Shoes Without Them Smelling?

That is why make your that your shoes are dry before going out or you can also make them unsaturated after getting back from a sweaty or rainy walk. For this purpose, there are some extremely useful, effective, and easy-to-do home remedies.

Ways To Dry Your Wet Shoes Without Them Smelling:

For an instance, if you do not have anything to make your moist or soggy footwear dry, try these homely hacks written below before getting your footwear into the standard ways of drying wet shoes:

Use Dry Newspaper or Paper Towel:

You can trust this hack if you just came home from heavy rain and your shoes become wet.

  •  First, stuff your wet footwear with dry newspaper or paper towels as it will help in absorbing water from your shoes. 
  • The shoe will get dry after sometime

Use Baking Soda to Deodorise the Shoe:

You can use baking soda not only to dry your shoes but also to deodorize them from unpleasant odors. Baking soda has the power of absorbing stinky smells.

  • You need to take a tiny non-metal bowl and pour 1 or 2 tablespoons of baking soda (The above-mentioned amount is for one shoe. You can increase or decrease the quantity of baking soda as per your shoe size)
  • Secondly, pour the baking soda into the toe box of your shoes and give it a gentle shake as long as the powder is spread evenly in the shoe (Do not get worried if there are lumps and clumps)
  • Give your footwear a rest for preferably a whole night or at least for a few hours. As a result, you will see that baking soda works great in killing odor-causing bacteria.

Note: You might need to leave those shoes with baking soda in them for about 24 hours if they are extra stinky. Plus, if your shoes are made of leather, do this activity only once a month because baking soda can also absorb oils from leather that can damage your leather shoe.

Freeze Your Wet Shoe Overnight:

Freezer for shoes? Sounds funny right? But, indeed, the freezer is not just for your ice cubes or frozen chicken. It also works great in removing gross odors from your wet shoes because freezing air in the freezer has a meditative shock in it which helps in killing those bacteria responsible for stinky smells.

  • Take a resealable plastic bag and put your wet or sweaty pair of shoes into it
  • Sealed the bag tightly and put it into the freezer for one night
  • Here you have your odorless and scent-free pair of shoes in the morning

Use Soap For A Good Scent:

Here comes another effective home remedy to kill odor-causing bacteria from your wet shoes by using a bar or two of soap as it removes those smell-causing bacteria. Plus, soap works great in absorbing the stinky smell as it has a porous nature.

  • Take two bars of soap and put each one into each pair of stinky shoe
  • Leave it overnight
  • Here you got your soapy and scentful shoes

Sprinkle Some Vinegar:

Vinegar has 5% of acetic acid in it which fights against bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it can be used in killing bacteria from your wet and stinky footwear in just two steps:

  • Take a spray bottle and add an equal amount of white vinegar and water to it
  • Sprinkle the solution into the targeted shoe
  • Leave it to dry
  • Now, you have shoes with a fresh smell that last longer

Use Sunshine:

Sunshine works very effectively in eliminating the moist and damp environment in which bacteria and fungi love to thrive. Therefore, it can be a great option for your wet footwear to get dry in the sunlight as it helps to vanish lingering odors.

  • All you need to do is take the insole and laces out of the shoe
  • Place these three things separately in the sunlight 
  • Let them dry and soon you will have your odorless shoes

Note: Do not put your footwear in direct sunlight for too long because excessive exposure to sunlight can damage the shoe fabric especially if they are made of leather or other synthetic material. Furthermore, beware that if you have white sneakers then direct sunlight can make them yellowish.

Use A Pack of Silica Gel:

You can use packs of silica gel as they work as a lifesaver to avoid your footwear getting dry. These packs have a porous nature which means they look like they have small beads on their surfaces that work in absorbing the water molecules and keeping your sneaker dry.

  • Take one or two silica gel packs and put them in each shoe
  • Let them rest for a night
  • You will have dried shoes in the AM

Note: Make sure to put a dry bar of soap into the shoes because wet or moist soap will only encourage bacteria to increase.

Bottom Line:

However, wet shoes can be a big pain but a little care and attention can save your shoes as well as your feet from getting into worst-case scenarios such as different foot diseases including fungal and bacterial infections. 

Therefore, there are various ways of drying out your shoes without encouraging them to produce a smell at a later time such as using a dry paper towel, adding baking soda in them, freezing them overnight, using soap, putting a mixture of white vinegar and water in them, set them to sit in the sunshine, and placing some packs of silica gels in them.

A Tip To Remember: Never dry your shoes right after you wear them as this may lead your shoe to get shrink, crack, or even deform. Therefore, it is important to let them rest and dry in natural air for 24 hours before getting into the standard ways of drying the wet and soggy shoes.

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How can I dry my shoes after getting them wet in rain?

Simply, let your pair rest in natural air for 24 hours to make it dry. Furthermore, if the shoe begins to stink then you can do home remedies such as using a scentful soap or putting baking soda in them as it works great in killing odor-causing bacteria. A complete guide about using baking soda is mentioned above.

Can I use a shoe dryer on my wet shoes?

There are plenty of shoe dryers available online such as PEET, the original electric shoe & boot dryer that works great in drying your soggy shoes. This product does not make loud noises and works remarkably in blow drying your footwear in just one night or depending upon the material and saturation level of the shoe. This shoe dryer is available at Amazon for just 49.99$.

People reviewed this product as “I use it daily to dry my boots. Keep the smell down and boots last longer”, “it works so well that I can dry my shoes from my morning walk in time to take my evening walk, highly recommend”, “It’s great. Leave it on. No noise”, and “This dryer works great. It dries out my running shoes and ski boots using convection heat. No noise from the dryer. I put my shoes on overnight and in the morning they are nice and dry, even after rainy long runs that leave my running shoes soaked”. 

How can I use rocks to dry my wet shoes?

If you went on hiking or hunting and step into a puddle or get caught in the rain and find yourself in wet and soggy boots then you can use hot rocks from the wilds. Place some hot pebbles inside the shoe or you can also use a hot water bottle as an alternative that will help your shoe to get dry from the inside out.

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