Nothing hurts more than white hey dude stained.

But what’s more critical is removing stains without stretching out shoes.

This article talks about taking care of your white hey dudes along with lace and insoles.

To clean your white Suede, Canvas, or Sox, hey dudes, you have to remove the insole as well as the laces first. Then put some lukewarm or preferably cold water in a sink or a bucket, put some detergent or shampoo, dilute it properly, and then soak your shoes inside and press them with something heavier. Remove shoes afterward, rinse in clean water, and air dry for a few hours.

How to Clean White Hey Dude Shoes? 

How to Clean White Hey Dude Shoes 

All these techniques are discussed with all the nitty gritty details to help you not only clean your white hey dudes but also protect them from damage and get rid of all this mess; you can waterproof your hey dudes and would never have to worry about wearing in the rain, on a wet track, or wash them without the fear of breaking them.

If you don’t want to go the waterproofing route, keep reading how to clean your white hey dudes and make them brand new.

There are different washing options:

Which one should you use and why?

Keep in mind that cleaning methods for different hey dude materials will be other; similarly, different types of stains require you to make the right decision to remove those stains. For instance, ink or grease stains cannot be wiped, and the shoe must be soaked in water and scrubbed to get rid of such stains; otherwise, you will end up spreading them all over the shoe.

Let’s discuss how to clean, deodorize and disinfect your white hey dudes without further ado.

How to Clean White Suede Hey Dudes?

White suede is an elastic and ventilated fabric that is exceptionally comfortable, and the foot adjusts perfectly inside the shoe. Washing it in a washing machine, by hand, or by spray won’t damage or shrink or stretch it, but drying it in a dryer will ruin the shoe permanently.

To clean your white suedes, remove the insoles and laces and put some cold water and a regular detergent in the washer and put your one or multiple pairs in a mesh bag to avoid shoes from twisting and scuffing and run the washer on a low-cycle so that higher pressure doesn’t affect the fabric bristles as well as stitches.

After that, put the shoes in clean water and rinse them to ensure all the chemical has gone out of the shoe. Hang your boots for drying in the air under any shade and avoid them from sunlight, although sunlight will help eliminate odor-causing bacteria and stop bacterial growth.

What you don’t have to do is put your hey dudes in the dryer or front of a heater or fireplace or dry them with a hair dryer as heat is not suitable for hey dudes, and molecules will shrink with warmth, and your shoes will also shrink leading to size problems.

How to Clean White Sox Hey Dudes?

To clean your white Sox Hey dudes, arrange a bucket of water or fill water in a sink, add some detergent and shampoo, and mix it well. 

Remove shoe insoles and lace, soak them in the solution, and get a toothbrush to scrub off grease, ink, or grass stains. But if the colors are of blood or dirt, don’t even bother to wet your shoes when you can remove them by just wiping them off.

Although shoes are water-resistant but not waterproof, you should make sure to keep the water exposure as low as possible you can use waterproof spray and put a protective coating layer on the shoes by spraying. Then you can clean your shoes with water all the time.

How to Clean White Wool Hey Dudes?

Wool hey dudes are not that elastic, and water can damage these shoes quicker than others; therefore, you should carefully decide if your shoes need to be soaked inside or if you can get the job done by wiping them or with spray wash.

For example, if your wool hey dudes dipped in mud and dirt have gone all over and inside the shoes, then you don’t have any other choice except to put them inside a bucket of water to remove all the embedded or accumulated dirt in the nooks and crannies. You can try a soft brush to scrub it to remove all the mud from the crevices and grooves of the shoe, and then rinse it in clean water and let it dry.

A helpful cleaning approach will be to remove all the clumps and patches of dirt with a toothpick, knife, or any sharp thing, so less land is there when soaking the shoe in the bucket.

For more minor stains of grease or ink, you can use toothpaste, scrub the stain with a toothbrush, and wipe it later with a clean cloth. Similarly, you can use nail pain ink remover to remove stains and wipe them off.

Similarly, if you are just worried about the coming from your shoes because you were not wearing socks and now the moisture has reached and settled in the insoles and even on the inner sides of the boots, you still don’t have to wash the shoe thoroughly.

You can try using baking soda, vinegar, or dryer sheets to remove bad smells from the shoes, as they can absorb all the moisture, and your boots will smell fresh without washing. But if the gum is stuck on the shoe,  put the shoe in a bag and put the bag in a freezer as the gum will be hardened and easy to remove once hard enough.

How to Clean White Canvas Hey Dudes?

Canvas is the most stretchable material used in hey dudes’ construction and is ventilated enough that you feel comfortable wearing your shoe in summer. But ventilation can also open doors for dirt and stains to penetrate the shoe; therefore, you may have to wash your boots to remove the gathered-up dirt that might be irritating your feet.

Cleaning white canvas hey dudes is the same as other shoes, and you can put them either in a washer, wash with your hands, or spray wash; it’s totally up to you and just keep in mind that exposing hey dudes to water always causes damage on a small scale if not on large.

No hydrophobic layers like Gore-tex or Polyvinyl Chloride ( PVC ) for waterproofing or weatherproofing of the shoe done hey dudes, unless you have a waterproof Paul Sox H2O. Hey dude, water will damage the recycled materials of shoes. A sneaky approach can be to use water-repellant sprays or silicon-based sprays used for waterproofing shoes; this way, you can make your boots waterproof.

How to Clean White Leather Hey Dudes?

Leather is the most delicate material, and it is supposed to be not cleaned with water to clean your white hey dudes of leather; you can use a polisher or conditioner to keep them humid as well as clean, as water will make the leather dry and brittle and that will cause cracks same that happens in dry winters.

So either spray your leather hey dudes with a waterproof material and then you will be able to wash them with water without any worries. If not, wipe them with a cloth or use a polisher; these are the only two options you have.

What Are Hey Dudes?

The Hey Dudes are extraordinary and unique shoes ( slip-on, boots, sandals, sneakers ) designed in Italy by Alessandro Romano in 2008; since then, these versatile, affordable, stretchable, reliable, and stylish shoes have rapidly gained popularity worldwide.

There isn’t one particular selling point of hey dudes because there are several that you should know like

The Hey Dudes are custom-made shoes for wearing barefoot and are durable enough that they don’t disappear after wearing them for a few weeks.

The Hey Dudes are environment friendly (No animals are harmed for making these shoes, Even fur is made from recycled materials) because they are made from recycled materials that kids, men, and women can wear with or without socks.

Hey dudes, offer comfortable and soft rides, thanks to the ventilated canvas upper, memory foam padded insoles with soft-touch leather lining, and EVA ( Ethyl Vinyl Acetate ) bottom.

On top of that, shoes are washable and breathable, so you can make them fresh like a brand new pair anytime you want, and they don’t smell at all.

The Hey Dude is a fashionable footwear lineup that suits you, standing up, sports people, running errands, walking, or running the dog; stretchable material makes them easily fit on your foot, and durable laces are there to tighten according to your need.

Last but not least, hey dudes can be worn with socks, jeans, leggings, shorts, dresses, sweatshirts, and all types of stains ( grease, blood, dirt, ink, water, ketchup) are washable.

I would give hey dudes 10 out of 10 as they are the most comfortable and stylish shoes made with recycled fiber and cork ( for insoles ) that can be used for casual business outfits, running, or everyday use, and they don’t stretch, loose, or go small or large.


In the end, I want to say that if you are involved in activities where chances are that your hey dudes will be stained or get wet, then you should try Scotchgarding your shoes so you can easily clean them or wash them and don’t have to worry about getting your boots wet again.

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