Returning the online product is a big hassle, that makes one person struggle a lot. But when highlighting the return process of Nike, you will find it a piece of cake. 

Making it clear to you that there are two ways of returning the process. Either You can go for it through their website or visit any Nike retail shop in person. 

All you need to do is to have a proper understanding of Nike’s return policy to find out whether the product you choose to return comes under the criteria of policy or not. 

So, To have a complete undertaking of retuning online orders back to Nike stay connected with us and learn about it deeply. 

How Do I Return An Online Order From Nike?

If you purchase an online order from Nike and for some reason want to return it. Then there are the quick steps to follow:

  • Review the policy and understand its criteria. 
  • Prepare your shoes for return. 
  • Go on the Nike Online Website and provide appropriate detail for return.  
  • Once Nike receives your complaint, ship the product to it. 
  • Attach the shipping label properly. 
  • Lets Nike receive the product. 
  • After receiving it will review the product. 
  • If the item matches the returning policing, then refunding will be entertained.

How Do I Return An Online Order From NikeWell, if you still do not get through these steps. Do not fret! As we have provided you with detailed step to step on it as well. So, what are you waiting for? Have a glance over the below steps and get rid of the wrong order. 

Steps To Know How I Return An Online Order From Nike?

If you want to save yourself from the hassle of returning an online order to Nike. Then super easy steps are at your service. 

Step 1:  Reviewing the Nike policy 

Before starting with the return process, it is essential to familiarize yourself with its return policy. This will help you to know the criteria including time limit, product conductions, and required documentation. To find this information go to the Nike online website and click on the return and exchange section. 

Step 2: Preparation of Returning item 

Get hold of the item that you do not like and want to send it back to Nike. Also, look for its payment slip or any other receipt provided by Nike as proof. It will make the returning process super easy. 

Review the site Nike proper to Know whether the product you want to return is fulfilling the Criteria of Nike’s Return Policy or not. 

Step 3: Look for the online return portal

Go to the Nike website and find the link where they provide you the option for a return and exchange. Click on that specific section and start the process. 

Step 4: Information regarding the product

Once you reach the return and exchange section, provide specific information regarding the product you want to replace. It is important to give every piece of information appropriate to let the return process work smoothly. It includes your personal information such as your phone number or email address as well. 

Step 5: Select the item you want to replace

After putting or providing all the valuable information regarding your product. Select the item you want to replace that appears on the page of Nike. Make sure to choose carefully and provide an appropriate reason. Whether there is a productive effect, size issue or you want to replace it in terms of color change provide relevant detail for a smooth process.  

Step 6: Return methodS

To provide convenience to its customer. Nike provides different return methods.  You can visit the nearest Nike retail shop or you can go online return method. Go for the method that is effortless or trouble-free for you. 

Step 7: Attachment Of Shipping Label 

After putting your complaint into Consideration. Nike will provide you with the shipping label that you need to attach to the product, before returning or shipping it back to Nike. 

Step 8: Monitor the Return Package 

It is recommended to monitor the tracking of the package once it is shipped. To keep a check on your product, use the tracking number that is assigned to you during the process of Shipping This monitoring assures you that Nike received the product safely

Step 9: Refunding

After receiving the product, Nike will review it properly to make sure whether it fulfills the criteria of return or not. After assuring Nike will refund you, which make take a time of day or two. 

People May Also Ask: 

Can I return Customized products to Nike?

Generally, custom-made Nike products do not come under the criteria of replacement. But if there is any manufacturing defect then these shoes have an open window of Return. 

How can I deal with the situation, if I receive a damaged product from Nike?

Unfortunately, if you receive a damaged product from Nike, then instantly contact the Nike customer service department. They will provide you with guidance on returning the product and if you want to go for the replacement then they will provide you with an alternative otherwise, refunding will be entertained. 

How long does Nike take to refund?

Generally, refunding Nike takes two or three days after the review of the product. However, banks play a major role in this case. So, sometimes it depends upon the bank as well.   

Final Crux: 

In a nutshell, returning Nike Online products is a super easy product. All you need to ensure is the use of appropriate techniques. Well, follow each step mentioned in our guide with confidence and go for a replacement or refund.

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