Are you going to order Hey Dudes or do you own a pair already?

And, they are stained, and you are not sure if you can wash them.

Knowing the fact that your shoes are not waterproof ( Try Scotchgarding to make them waterproof ).

It could be any other reason, like fear of stretching them or getting them wet as well, but I must tell you this:

Hey, Dudes of any material ( Canvas, Sox, Suede, Wool, Leather ) are just water-resistant, not waterproof, and exposing them to water is going to put them at risk, Still, it depends on how much water can damage shoes, like running in the mud, catching rain on your way home, or it could be your feet moisture.

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof?

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof

It just doesn’t end here, hey dudes can get stained like dirt, ketchup, ink, blood, grease, and anything can be on your shoes as stains, and you have to figure out how to remove that, making sure you don’t end up breaking your shoe because water can damage footwear especially hey dudes.

So, I am going to discuss in detail what you should do if you catch rain on the road while walking, end up getting mud on your shoes while jogging, or some other stains and you have to remove them and you are left with only one option, to wash them.

Note: I made my shoes waterproof with scotch guarding and it worked 🙂

Let’s discuss this in detail.

Unlike other shoes, Hey dudes are not coated with any hydrophobic layers like Gore-Tex or Polyvinyl Chloride ( PVC ), and therefore the waterproofing element is not in these shoes unless you get special hey, dudes like Paul Sox H2O which are much more water-repellant than other shoes.

But what matters is your, hey dudes, are they made of leather or any other material like Sox, Suede, Wool, or Canvas?

You should know that all of these materials have their pros and cons, and each can handle water differently. I am going to explain which one can handle moisture better and which one cannot even handle a drop of water.

Are Leather Hey Dudes Waterproof:

I love leather shoes, but leather, hey dudes, man, needs extra care, or you will see them falling apart in front of your eyes.

Leather is a sensitive material, and water makes it dry leather is brittle and prone to be cracked and that’s why in winter, we are obliged to keep them humid with polishing and conditioners, and in summer don’t even care if they exist because of the humid temperature around.

So, leather, hey dudes is far from waterproof; they are not ever water-resistant unless you get them coated with weather-proofing Beeswax that will maintain an external layer on your leather. Hey, dudes let the water get in touch with the leather, and stains will be wiped clean.

But what if you don’t have that coating ( Try Waterproof Spray )? Then you have to take care of the stains by polishing them, as you just cannot use water on your leather. Hey, dudes. Excessive use of polish is also not good for your hey dudes, so always wipe it and rub it with a soft cloth to get the desired shine from the shoes.

Another thing you should know is that you wear socks with leather, hey dudes, so your feet’ moisture won’t cause odor in the shoe because moisture-like feet moisture caused by sweat glands can internally damage them. The smell will be another big issue that you can take care of by putting the shoe in a freezer for some time for killing the odor-causing bacteria, it’s better than washing them trust me.

Are Sox, Hey Dudes Waterproof:

Sox Hey Dudes are not waterproof, but a few of their shoes are mainly designed for those involved in activities where there is water around them, so you can say they are much better water-resistant hey dudes if not completely waterproof.

Sox is a breathable and stretchable material, and you can either hand wash them or machine washes them to remove simple to embedded dirt from the grooves and crevices of your shoes.

Use of harsh chemicals and detergents is prohibited, so always use Sox-friendly soap or detergents and mix them in cold water and either soak a cloth in it to wipe the shoe if stains are of mud or ketchup or blood then simply wipe but if ink or grease stains; they do can spread all over the shoe and. chances are shoe color might be at risk as well.

After 2-3 hours, remove the shoes from the solution and rinse them in clean water to remove all the chemicals,s and hang them for drying. For drying shoes fast, you can use a fan but do not put them under direct sunlight, and forget about using a hair dryer, dryer, fireplace, or heater to dry them with heat.

Are Wool Hey Dudes Waterproof?

Wool is a delicate material that is slightly water-resistant but not waterproof like Suede hey dude shoes.

Like leather hey dudes, the wool hey dudes are slightly annoying when it comes to maintenance because wearing them without socks can cause odor or bacteria that can cause foot problems like bunions. But odor is the biggest problem as you won’t be able to wash the shoes, so you maybe try different techniques like baking soda to absorb all the odor, vinegar to kill the bacteria and eliminate the odor, or dryer sheets to suck all the foul smell from shoes leaving a scent behind.

Similarly, cleaning them from the outside can be a headache if you get them stained with mud. 

So, you can start with wiping or removing the dirt, then use a detergent-soaked cloth to wipe the stains and if nothing helps, then you may have to put the shoes in a bucket of water mixed with wool-friendly soap and later you can rinse them in fresh water to remove all the soap from the shoe and hang them for drying.

Do not forget to remove laces and insoles as they are also delicate and require proper cleaning, so put them in a different friendly solution mixed in water and scrub them with either hand or brush to make sure all the gathered up, or accumulated dirt is removed and then dry them in a traditional method, without using sunlight or heat from appliances.

Sometimes, your wool hey dude can get stuck with bubble gum which could be the most annoying thing to remove so p, ut the shoe in a freezer, and the gum will be hardened and easier to pull off without any chunks remaining inside the shoe. This idea may sound disgusting, but it helps.

For those too afraid of putting the shoe in the washing machine with the fear of voiding the warranty, they can also use spray wash to see if that solves the problem. One thing that you don’t have to do with your wool, hey dudes, is to use bleach or vinegar to remove stains.

Is Suede Hey Dudes Waterproof?

Suede hey dudes are much more water-friendly than leather or wool, and you can machine wash them or hand wash them but still, they are not waterproof but resistant to water.

Water is just an alarm for a hey dude owner, but there are different techniques available to remove stains without dipping your hey dude in a sink filled with water.

For example, if there are blood or bud stains, you can use a water-soaked smooth cloth to wipe off those stains. But, for dirt, try to remove the bit patches or clumps of mud with a toothpick or a knife to make the wiping process smoother.

Similarly, for grease, tar, or ink stains, wiping will just spread the stain more that you should try spraying the shoe with a detergent when there is no choice left, then arrange lukewarm water, a bucket, and a detergent, and soak your shoe inside the solution for a couple of hours until the detergent loosens the stains, which by the way can also be reduced by scrubbing with a toothbrush or bare hands.

Once the stains are brushed off, rinse the shoes in clean water so that all the stuck chemicals and dirt hidden in grooves or crevices of the shoes are cleared off, and then hang them under a shade of something to dry in the air. You cannot put them in a dryer, under direct sunlight, or in front of a fireplace to dry the shoes.

Are Canvas Hey Dudes Waterproof?

Canvas hey dudes are the most water-resistant shoes nearly waterproof but still not complete and that’s why people who stand all day, walk all day, teachers, sports players, or even cooks wear them occasionally because these shoes are the most resilient to water than any other hey dudes.

Canvas, hey dudes, is made of elasticated and stretchable material, so washing them in a washer or with your hands will not shrink or stretch them out. People use different techniques to stretch them, like a shoe stretcher, stuffing a newspaper cloth inside the shoe to upsize it.

Enough of the praise, canvas hey dudes are the most comfortable and easiest to clean, and you can use any regular detergent, put it in the washer, and run the machine on a slow cycle. Put shoes in a pillow case to avoid twisting and scuffing, and do not put clothes beside shoes; instead, put some towels to maintain balance.

Before cleaning them, the insoles and laces and wash them separately in detergent-mixed water. You can also dilute shampoo in the water and do some scrubbing to remove all the embedded or accumulated dirt in the shoes.

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