? – Got your hey dudes stained? Be careful….

Not because cleaning hey dudes is a complex process,

But choosing the correct cleaning method for the right hey dudes is essential.

There are a few things that you must know before cleaning a vegan-friendly pair of kicks like

  • Should you wash hey dudes by hand or in a washing machine?
  • Are they dudes waterproof?
  • Do Hey dudes stretch out?
  • Can you dry hey dudes in the dryer?
  • So, how do you clean hey dudes in the right way?

The correct answer for cleaning, hey dudes, is to remove insoles and laces, get a wiping cloth and soapy water for

To clean hey dudes you have to first remove the laces and insoles and then put hey dudes inside the washer or the sink or a bucket full of water and dilute some detergent and soak shoes in it for a while and then rinse shoes in clean water and then dry in cold air.

How to Clean Hey Dudes?

How To Clean Hey Dude Shoes

Cleaning, hey dudes, is not about just removing dirt & stains and making them look new again. Protecting shoes’ integrity is the other thing because some people can unintentionally ruin their shoes by cleaning them. Cleaning hey dudes depends on the type of stains, and there are different techniques and ways to clean your hey dudes.

Note: I made my shoes waterproof with Scotchgarding and it worked 🙂

From removing clumps of dirt, and big patches of mud, to disinfecting your white or grey, you are liable to choose the proper cleaning methods because not all materials can be cleaned in one or several ways.

Hey, dudes are built from vegan-friendly materials ( Without using animal by-products ), and you should always follow the manufacturer’s washing or cleaning instructions to sell the long lifespan of your shoes.

We have discussed different methods below to help you clean your hey dudes of other materials so that you can efficiently clean the nooks and crannies of your hey dudes without damaging the delicate bristles of the shoes.

Machine Washing Hey Dudes:

Machine washing may be the most effective or most straightforward method to clean hey dudes and to eliminate stains and odor, but it doesn’t mean one can throw shoes in a running washing machine, and after some time, the device will turn the shoes into bright white and stain-free shoes. Not paying attention can make this the risky method of cleaning hey dudes, and you will end up damaging them.

Remove insoles and rinse:

First, remove laces and insoles from your hey dudes and wash them separately, either with spray wash or other methods explained below. Once you have removed the laces and insoles, get this detergent, spray it on the shoes, and rinse the dudes in warm water. Using a toothbrush for scrubbing can help as well.

Toss your hey dudes in the washer:

Toss stain-free hey dudes in the washing machine and must run the machine on a delicate cycle. It would be great if you can put shoes in a mesh bag that can protect shoes from damage and select soil level for washing them on a cold cycle without shrinking and wrapping hey dudes.

Magic Cleaning solution:

Now get this laundry whitener to bring back the glossy look of your white hey dudes, and insert it into a bucket or bowl of water and mix it well. Then, insert hey dudes in it, and after 2-3 hours, remove hey dudes from the detergent solution.

Soak your Hey dudes:

Soak your hey dudes in clean water to remove all the chemicals from the shoes and the dirt and debris that could have remained.

Machine cleaning effectively removes dirt from the crevices of shoes and makes them fresh and ready for occasions like weddings, speeches, or job interviews. You won’t need to restore shoes with the help of a washing machine if you take proper care of your hey dudes and keep them in tip-top condition. But washing will surely make hey dudes freshened up as new pair.

Machine Washing Tips:

  • For washing, multiple shoes put them in a pillowcase and tie the end with a knot to prevent shoes from twisting and scuffing inside the washer.
  • Always run the machine on a slow spin cycle because a fast spin cycle can cause the rumpling of shoes
  • Used a controlled amount of detergent and water to remove gathered dirt from shoes efficiently
  • Never wash shoes and clothes together; instead, put some towels in the washer to balance the load
  • After washing, do sun-drying for a while to prevent microbial growth

Cleaning Techniques of Different Types of Hey Dudes:

Cleaning Canvas Hey Dudes:

Canvas shoes are machine washable as well. You can dab both shoes together to remove caked-on dirt if it’s dirt. For more severe cleaning, you may have to remove insole sand laces and put shoes in the washing machine in the non-spin cycle in the washer. Once cleaned, stuff newspaper or dry microfiber cloth inside the shoes or crumpled brown paper bag to retain shape and dry them quickly. Using sneaky techniques like a hairdryer, heater, or fireplace for drying shoes can make them brittle, and stitching can get damaged.

Cleaning Leather Hey Dudes:

Cleaning leather hey dudes is slightly different than cleaning another type of hey dudes because leather is a specialized material that requires good care. The absence of care can easily make the leather crack. So cleaning and maintenance become important for leather to extend its shoe life and keep them in top condition.

When removing dirt and stains, all you need is either saddle soap or leather shoe cleaner, and once done cleaning or polishing, use a soft cotton cloth to remove the excess polish, which can also be harmful to leather.

Conditioning leather can make it soft and moist so that cracks won’t appear on the leather. However, those wearing leather hey dudes in winter need to be more conscious about moisturizing the shoe than those living in humid environments.

Instead of simple water, the Leather polish can do a better job for your leather shoes and once you have applied the polish, rub it gently with a brush or a soft cloth to get the desired shine as a brand-new pair has.

Another approach you have is weather-proofing the leather with beeswax, which adds a layer of protection leather that can impact the shape of the shoe; still, this way, you will be able to take your shoes in wet conditions without being afraid of damaging the boots.

Cleaning Sox, hey dudes:

Sox Hey Dudes are made up of a dual-layer elasticated fabric made up of recycled plastic mesh upper that is machine wash friendly, and you can effortlessly clean it without damaging the color or quality of the shoe.

Cleaning Wool Hey, Dudes:

Wool hey dudes are the most delicate hey dudes who cannot handle a machine wash because the fibers are too soft for machine wash. The preferable method for cleaning wool, hey dudes, is hand washing.

Similarly, you cannot use different types of chemicalized detergents except wool-safe soap or detergent. Put detergent in tepid water in a bucket or sink, soak shoes thoroughly, and rub stains with a soft brush.

Washing can expand wool, so be gentle to avoid stretching the shoes. Once appropriately cleaned, hang them for air drying and stuff something inside the boots to retain their shape but be decisive about it, as overfilling can result in stretching, leading to sizing issues.

Cleaning stretchable hey dudes:

Stretched hey dudes are the most comfortable option to wear as you can easily adjust your food. Over time, they can increase their size without giving you discomfort but cleaning hey dudes can affect stretchability, and machine washing will make shoes weathered or washed out, which you may not like. You can only rely on hand washing to maintain the stretchiness of the shoe.

Cleaning suede Hey Dudes:

Suedes are one of the highly used materials in hey dudes, and this sensitive material requires a special brush or suede cleaning kit to clean the soft grains of suede. Dipping the entire shoe is also not a recommended approach for the cleanliness of this shoe.

If not, then you can use steam on the shoe as heat will open the pores of the shoe to make cleaning much more accessible. But, humidity is not suitable for suede as it increases the risk of discoloration, mold, or permanent damage.

Gently brushing the suedes back and forth is the only option to remove the accumulated dirt and debris inside the shoes.

For heavily scuffed shoes, you may need something sharp like a toothpick or a knife to remove the matted dirt, or you can use a pencil eraser, crepe rubber, crinkled rubber, or suede eraser to clean the dry stains and don’t get emotional while cleaning so be careful about the pressure you apply on the shoe.

Dirt particles should first be removed by hand or dabbing both pairs together and then washed, or a suede protector sprayer can help remove stains without getting the shoe wet.

For grease or other stubborn stains badly injected in the shoe, you can use cornstarch, brush away the paint, and use some steam to draw out the oil.

If the gum is stuck on shoes, put them in a freezer, and after some time, the gum will be hardened so that you can pull it out in a single piece with no chunks remaining on the shoe.

Similarly, for other stains like blood, you can use cotton balls and peroxide; for ink stains, you can use sandpaper or a combo of alcohol and cotton balls; for dry stains, you can brush steel wool, but vigorous cleaning can make your shoe rough.

How to Clean Hey Dudes With Hand Wash? ( Without Washing Machine ):

Let’s now discuss how to clean hey dudes by hand wash.

As mentioned earlier, not all the hey dudes are machine washable. Therefore, you have to clean them with your bare hands to remove the dirt without destroying them in the washing machine.

Remove Laces and insoles: Remove laces and insoles first, so efficiently wash shoes and remove stains and marks.

Fill the bucket with water: Either fill the sink or fill the bucket with water and use soap or regular detergent that will loosen the debris and grime. Plus, scrubbing with a soft bristle brush can quickly unstick dirt.

Soak the shoes: For 15 minutes, soak the shoes in the solution to loosen the dirt and stains properly.

Scrub the shoes: Use a soft brush to scrub the dirt and stains, and you must clean all areas of the boots.

Rinse the shoes: After that, get a bucket of clean water and rinse the hey dudes in clean water.

Air Dry the shoes: Best practice to dry hey dudes is to air dry them rather than a hair dryer. Just find some shady place, and remember that direct sunlight is prohibited for hey dudes.

Let’s now discuss which, hey dudes, you can wash with your hands to remove nasty stains without using harsh chemicals and make them a brand new pair without spoiling the shape or color.

Cleaning Canvas Shoes with hands:

For different types of stains, you have to use a different approach, sometimes traditional methods help, and they don’t. So, let’s see how you can clean other stains from canvas shoes.

Mud stains: Removing mud from canvas shoes doesn’t require soaking the entire shoe in the water. All you need is a shampoo or light detergent, put some on the dirty part, and use a toothbrush or suede brush to scrub the dirt. Make sure to remove dry mud with a toothpick before and then try to unstick the embedded dirt and later remove the residue with a wet sponge. If the entire shoe is spoiled in the ground, get a bucket of water, soak the shoe in it, and apply the same method discussed.

Grass stains: To remove grass stains from canvas shoes, you only need a light detergent, a toothbrush, or any ordinary solution. You can also use nail polish remover if stains are persistent or old.

Tar or grease stains: To remove tar or grease stains, you can use nail polish remover, put it on a cotton swab, and then rub over the colors. Use only clear nail polish remover, or you will face discoloration if you use a colored solution. You can also use dish detergent to remove grease stains.

General stains: For removing available stains, you can use any of the above methods, but you must avoid using vinegar and oxygen bleach because they can damage the shoe.

Blood stains: To remove blood stains, clean water, and a soft brush to rub or scrub the colors and then wipe them.

Magic eraser for Canvas shoes: Alternatively, you can use a magic eraser that works like a charm for cleaning canvas shoes if you are afraid of using harsh chemicals or any traditional method like baking soda or vinegar.

Removing stains from Leather Hey Dude Shoes by Hands:

Let me show you some techniques for removing stains from leather; Hey, dudes.

Grease stains: You can use baking soda on the shoe, rub stains with a damp cloth, and then wait for a few hours because soda absorbs oil, which you can later wipe powder with a dry cloth.

Remove scuffs: To remove scuffs, you need toothpaste, apply it on the stain, and rub it off with a soft cloth.

Ink Stains: To remove ink stains, you can use nail polish remover and a cotton swap to gently mop the color. Remember that rubbing will spread the ink, so gently wipe the shoe later.

General stains: Removing available stains from leather requires lemon juice and cream of tartar or baking soda as an alternative. Apply anything on the color, apply the mixture for two h,  and use a wet cloth to wipe it.

Removing stains from Suede Hey Dudes by Hands

Let’s discuss removing stains from hey dudes with the hand-washing method.

Mud stains: Mud stains can be easily removed with a steamer that will help you lose the dirt, and then blot the dirt residue with a dry cloth.

Oil or Grease stains: To remove grease stains, use baking soda or cornstarch and put it on the shoe for at least 2 hours so that the colors can detach from the shoe and the powder will absorb oil, so no there is ed to make the entire shoe wet.

Salt Stains: Salt stains are not that hard to remove, and you can brush away salt, but for a thorough cleaning, put some dish soap in cold water, dilute it properly, and mop the stain without rubbing the shoe.

Water stains: It may sound weird, but water stains exist, and all you need is more water to remove water stains that you can handle by just spraying water over stains. If required,d you can also use a toothbrush.

Are Hey Dudes waterproof?

Hey, dudes are not waterproof but are water-resistant, and exposure to water for a long time, like wearing shoes in rainy weather, running in the mud, or even the moisture created from the sweat glands of shoes, can ruin the shoes. Unfortunately, hey dudes have no hydrophobic layers like Gore-tex or Polyvinyl Chloride ( PVC ) for waterproofing the shoe; still, if you need to wear hey dudes in wet conditions, you can get a waterproof-ish option like Paul Sox H2O, which is also not a waterproof hey dude but can handle a full-on soak.

Removing stains sometimes requires wetting hey dudes but try to remove stains first either by wiping them off with a dry cloth, dab shoes, or using a toothpick to remove embedded dirt or debris or using the above-suggested cleaning methods to clean your hey dudes without getting them dipped in water completely because this precautionary measure can let your hey dudes last longer and save them from harsh chemicals.

Hey, dudes, do not come with a wax coating, a water-repellant feature; similarly, there are silicone-based sprays for waterproofing shoes. But, you can wear socks if moisture is tearing your shoe or causing odor because socks can absorb the water but may negatively impact your attire.

Do Hey Dudes Stretch Out?

As you know, hey dudes come in various materials like canvas, suede, Sox, Leather, Flexwood, and a few more. Each material has its properties, but the highly stretchable hey dudes are Sox.

Yes, Hey, dudes can stretch out and use a shoe stretcher device, which is a shoe-like shape that you insert into the shoe, or she stretches out if you wear it all the time. Woven cotton, hey dudes, is less elastic but wearing it several times can stretch out these shoes for sure, and sometimes this stretching can cause sizing issues.

Elasticity helps hey dudes adjust on your feet, especially toes, and if they have stretched out a lot, then you can wash them to shrink them, but downsizing can make fitting uncomfortable, and you may have to face washing consequences as well.

Either wear socks with loose hey dudes or double the insole for stretched shoes, or you can remove the insole if the shoe is a tight fit.

How to Clean Laces and Insoles?

Cleaning shoes only is an insult to the laces; therefore, you should also clean the shoe laces. The process is super simple. Add some cold water detergent and soak laces for a couple of hours in the water. Scrubbing can help you remove dirt quickly and rinse clean water. Like shoes, don’t put laces in direct sunlight; just air dry them.

Cleaning insoles are super important because most of your foot moisture goes into them. Therefore, you can take your insole and put it into the same solution you used for laces and use a soft brush to scrub the insoles gently to remove embedded moisture or odor rinse in clean water and hang them in a cold or shady place to dry.

How to Take Care Hey Dudes?

Never dry with dryers: Drying hey dudes in dryers can damage them permanently.

Machine wash: Machine washing can void the warranty, so always use a mesh bag and run a delicate washing cycle.

Hand washes: Hand washing can keep hey dudes protected and can also avoid damage.

Stuff shoes with Microfiber cloth: Once you have hand-washed wet shoes, Insert a microfiber cloth inside that will absorb excess water. The best part is that with this practice, shoes never lose shape.

Protect from sunlight: After washing, don’t put shoes under sunlight; it will surely discolor the hey dudes and may cause material defects.

Shoe horn: A shoe horn helps you avoid creases and wrinkles on shoes.

Shoe trees: Insert shoes on a shoe tree that maintains its shape and will absorb moisture from shoes and help you dry them quicker.

Materials used by Hey Dude Shoes:

Flexiwood: Flexiwood is made from natural wood, repurposed from hand-selected veneer, has a one-of-a-kind texture, and anis an environment-friendly option.

Cocosoul: Cocosoul is an insole material made of natural cork and sealed with coconut oil to maintain freshness and never cause a foul odor.

Eco Knit: Eco Knit is made from repurposed “environmental waste,” made of 100% recycled fiber, and helps reverse the plastic epidemic. It’s not entirely soft but durable and works for hey dudes.

How to Deodorize Hey Dudes Without Washing?

Construction of hey dudes keeps them away from odor or smell even if worn all day, but sometimes smelly socks can cause shoes to emit a smell, and there are different ways that you can use to deodorize the hey dudes without washing them.

Baking Soda: Put baking soda powder on the shoe and let it sit for a few hours. Then dump the p. If the powder is dirty, put it inside a plastic bag and then place it on the shoe.

Vinegar: Using vinegar for deodorizing hey dudes is the best method but make sure not to use apple cider vinegar as it can damage the shoe severely. Use a cotton swap and put vinegar on it rather than pouring vinegar directly on the shoe.

Dryer Sheets: Another helpful technique to deodorize or clean hey dudes without a washing machine is to stuff scented sheets inside the shoe and leave it overnight. In the morning, the sheets will absorb all the smell leaving your shoes smelling fresh like a brand new pair.

Freezing: may sound disgusting or weird, but a cold temperature can help you eliminate foul odor from shoes as it can kill odor-causing bacteria and stop bacterial growth. You can put the shoe in a plastic bag to maintain your freezer’s hygiene.

Wear socks with hey dudes; the moisture won’t even reach shoes to cause foul odors.

How to Fix Broken Hey Dudes?

Machine washing can be a lot for delicate materials of hey dudes; if during the cleaning procedure, the hey dudes are damaged from heel or toe, then you can use glue to fix the broken hey dude.

How to Dry Hey Dudes Fast?

If your hey dudes are stained to the degree that you have to put them in the washer or soak them in a sink or in a tub to remove embedded debris from grooves of insoles, then drying the shoes can take a little longer than usual. You can try different techniques like putting dry cloth inside the shoe or a newspaper that will absorb water quickly or hanging shoes near a fan but avoid drying in direct sunlight, near a heater, or a dryer if you want to protect your hey dudes from destroying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Can You Spray Wash the Hey Dudes?

Another way to make your shoe bright and brand new is to spray and wash it. Hey, dudes. Get a regular detergent for everyday stains, dish detergent for grease stains, and spread it on the shoe. Later, soak the shoe in clean cold water or lukewarm water and rinse it a couple of times or scrub to lose the fixed dirt and shake off the remaining water.

Can Hey Dudes Get Wet?

Hey, dudes are water-resistant and can get wet. Still, exposure to water for a long time, like wearing them in the rain, jogging in muddy areas, or walking in puddles, can increase the risk of breaking the shoes. It will also hurt your feet because breathable material lets the water come inside.

Can You Bleach hey dudes?

Bleaching hey dudes, mainly the white or grey hey dudes, will surely discolor the kicks and will not only change their color but may also tear the shoes.

How Long Can Hey Dude Last?

The Hey Dudes are excellent footwear that must be protected from direct sunlight or humid environment and stored in a cool or dry place. Plus, taking good care, like cleaning once or twice a week, can increase the shoes’ lifespan, and you may enjoy your kicks for years but wear and tear depends on the usage and care.

How to Clean White or Grey Hey Dudes?

Whether you have white hey dudes or grey hey dudes, we have discussed the tips and techniques for cleaning both of them in this article.

What Are Hey Dudes?

The Hey Dudes are extraordinary and unique shoes ( slip-on, boots, sandals, sneakers ) designed in Italy by Alessandro Romano in 2008; since then, these versatile, affordable, stretchable, reliable, and stylish shoes have rapidly gained popularity worldwide.

There isn’t one particular selling point of hey dudes because there are several that you should know like

The Hey Dudes are custom-made shoes for wearing barefoot and are durable enough that they don’t disappear after wearing them for a few weeks.

The Hey Dudes are environment friendly (No animals are harmed for making these shoes, Even fur is made from recycled materials) because they are made from recycled materials that kids, men, and women can wear with or without socks.

Hey dudes, offer comfortable and soft rides, thanks to the ventilated canvas upper, memory foam padded insoles with soft-touch leather lining, and EVA ( Ethyl Vinyl Acetate ) bottom.

On top of that, shoes are washable and breathable, so you can make them fresh like a brand new pair anytime you want, and they don’t smell at all.

The Hey Dude is a fashionable footwear lineup that suits you, standing up, sports people, running errands, walking, or running the dog; stretchable material makes them easily fit on your foot, and durable laces are there to tighten according to your need.

Last but not least, hey dudes can be worn with socks, jeans, leggings, shorts, dresses, sweatshirts, and all types of stains ( grease, blood, dirt, ink, water, ketchup) are washable.

I would give hey dudes 10 out of 10 as they are the most comfortable and stylish shoes made with recycled fiber and cork ( for insoles ) that can be used for casual business outfits, running, or everyday use, and they don’t stretch, loose, or go small or large.


That’s a wrap and I am sure you must have learned a lot from this detailed guide on how to clean hey dudes and any of the above-discussed methods can be helpful for you. Just make sure to use the right method for the right type of hey dude for long-lasting results.

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