Packing the basic essentialities is a crucial part of any recreational activity and when it comes to a vocational trip where cruising is included in your plan then you will be required to have one of the best skate shoes for cruising.

Wondering why? 

Simply because among all the necessary things, a well-fitted pair of shoes stand on the top of the list as an important element as they will have a high impact on your cursing experience. 

And why not?

Choosing the right pair of footwear can actually make a big difference during your cruising ride because you will be in need of supreme comfort and support to enjoy your adventurous yet relaxing trip. 

If you offer your feet a perfect pair of shoes then they will be your steadfast companions during strolling alongside the ship’s deck, exploring charming coastal towns, or partaking in adventurous shore excursions. 

Furthermore, whenever you visualize a cruise trip, the initial thing that comes up in almost everybody’s mind is the image of relaxing on deck chairs while enjoying your delicious cuisine.

Whereas, what if you envision skating along the open ocean while wearing your favorite and comfiest skate boots during your cruise vacation? Sounds fun, right?

So, if you want to turn this imagination into reality then you have to invest your hard-earned money to must-pack the best skate shoes for cruising. 

Top Pick:

Among all, the top best pair of footwear for cruising are Taos Star Sneakers as they are presented with all of those features that are the need for cruising including Canvas uppers, flexible outsoles, durable material, and a classic lacing system.

Let’s explore further to have a quick glance at all of the remaining best skate shoes for cruising along with their amazing features, attributes, and price ranges.

Best Skate Shoes For CruisingBest Skate Shoes For Cruising

Taos Star Sneakers● Rubber sole for durability
● Canvas uppers for breathability 
● Removable footbed for added support
● Lace-up closure for extra security
● Amazingly flexible 
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Teva Tirra Sandals ● Rubber sole for traction & high durability 
● Amazing cushioning for shock absorption
● EVA midsole for excellent arch support
● Nylon shanks for maintaining balance 
● Quick-dry webbing material
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Reef Water Wista Sandals● Resistant to water & sand
● Adjustable strapping system for a customizable fit
● EVA sole for amazing arch support
● Sturdy & rigid outsole for inspiring traction
● Highly comfortable and supportive
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Chaco ZX2 Classic Sandals● Top-notch strapping system
● Webbing upper for added protection
● Toe loop for a personalized fit
● LUVSEAT PU midsole with amazing cushioning 
● Amazing Chaco grip
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Ecco Flowt Sandals● Very lightweight & comfy
● Hardwearing  & flexible sole
● Microfibre footbed for added comfort
● The luxurious leather outer appearance
● Available in trendy color options
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As we have a quick overview of all of the 5 best skating shoes for cruising, now we can turn our heads toward the very next step. 

So, let’s dive a little bit deeper to have an in-depth knowledge of these aforementioned shoes so that you can have a better idea about which one of them can benefit your feet the most for your cruising experience. 

Significant Features of The Top 5 Best Skating Shoes For Cruising: A Comprehensive Vocational Guide

1.) Taos Women’s Moc Star Sneaker:

The number 1 and best-selling shoes for cruising award goes to Taos Moc Star sneakers as they are presented with two main features including a comfortable fit and supportiveness throughout your journey. 

These shoes are a blend of both classy look and cuteness as you can have them in your shoe wardrobe according to your style and requirement as they are available in a huge range of different color options.

One of the most amazing things about this footwear is that you can wear it all day long without tiring your feet or any discomfort as it is manufactured with a combo of ample arch support and a dreamy footbed that will add a soft and smoother effect to your ride. 

These super awesome kicks are a perfect choice for those individuals who have a bit wide-sized feet and have a deep likeness for long-distance walking. 

The upper body of this footwear is constructed with canvas material which is very lightweight and breathable. The great thing about this material is that it would create a roomy space for your feet to move freely.

Furthermore, Canvas also allows a proper ventilation system to stop stinky sweat build-up so that you can enjoy your journey with fresh, cool, and dry feet all-day long without any irritation inside the shoes.

As a substitute for Tao Moc Star shoes, you can also use Taos Women’s Plim Soul Lux Sneakers as they are also very supportive, crafted with a pretty thick and sturdy platform that works wonders in providing arch support as well as metatarsal support. 

Whereas, on the other hand, if you have an interest in sandals rather than sneakers, then Taos is also offering a cute pair of footwear known as Taos Trulie Cushioned Sandals that come with a durable and amazing strapping system where you can create a customizable fit as per your feet’ shape and structure with your personal preference.  

So, if you want security, comfort, and support all in one pair of shoes then you should opt for Taos Moc Star shoes for your upcoming recreational trip that includes cruising in it.

  • Sturdy rubber soles for amazing traction
  • Flexible outsoles for added support
  • Full closure lacing system for extra protection
  • Heel support for stabilizing your balance and gait
  • Resistant to shock 
  • A bit constricted for narrow-footed people (they can order a half size larger than their standard size)
  • A bit longer break-in period
  • Rigid and hard fabric

2.) Teva Women’s W Tirra Sandal:

The second-best choice in shoes for cruising is Teva Tirra sandals which can complete your outfit with grace and stylishness. 

This footwear will furnish your feet with supreme comfort and support right after you tuck your feet in them for a cruising ride. 

Moreover, they are highly resistant to water and moisture so you do not have to worry about irritating wet feet while walking or cruising in these sandals. 

Plus, the quick-drying capabilities of this footwear make it suitable for so many outdoor water-related activities like cruising, rafting, water sports, hiking near streams, or beach outings.

These shoes come up with a customizable strapping system with hooks and loops which help you create a personalized fit as per your comfort preference and feet’ shape & structure.

If you want to have a pair of arch-supportive sandals then you can invest in Teva Tirra shoes as they are inserted with a contoured EVA footbed that has the potential to conform according to the shape of your feet’ arches.

The midsole is not only supportive of the arches but also helps in reducing foot fatigue even after an extended period of wear. 

The amazing team of crafters has inserted a cushioned Shoc Pad in the heel area of this footwear along with nylon shanks which protect your feet by preventing shocks & impacts and help stabilize your balance & gait on uneven surfaces, respectively. 

So, if you want a shoe that has unmatched comfort and performance, especially in water-related activities like cruising then you can have a pair of Teva Tirra.

  • Plenty of adjustable options to create a personalized fit
  • Uncompromised grip on various terrains
  • Waterproof
  • Super comfortable even for flat feet
  • Arch supportive
  • Not very suitable for narrow-footed people
  • Some people noted early signs of wear & tear
  • A bit slippery when wet

3.) Reef Women’s Water Vista Sandal:

The third option on the ranking list of the best shoes for cruise skating is Reef Water Vista sandals which come with a very cute outlook but in reality, they are a ready-to-go option for your adventurous journey. 

One of the amazing things about this footwear is that they are not only resistant to water but also have an excellent amount of traction on slippery surfaces or uneven terrain as they are inserted with a strong and sturdy outsole. 

These shoes are amazingly comfortable as they are placed with a super awesome ankle strapping system that offers a customizable fit so that you can adjust the tightening according to the shape of your feet.

When you are on a cruise, one thing that you should not forget during packing is a pair of flip-flops. For this purpose, Reef is offering Reef Cushion Breeze flip-flops that can complete your overall cruise outlook without any extra effort. 

So, if you want to create an effortlessly cool, chic, and summery appearance during your adventurous cruising journey then offer your valuable feet a pair of cute cushion breeze sandals.

Cushion breeze shoes come with a wonderful footbed along with a balanced amount of cushioning that provides arch support as well as adds a smooth and soft touch to your walk right after you ruck your feet in this footwear.

Another plus point of this footwear is that it can withstand water-related outdoor activities like cruising, paddle boarding, rafting, fishing, beachcombing, etc.

Whereas, on the other hand, if you simply want to lounge alongside the water then you should invest in a pair of Reef Vista Slides as they are super relaxing, easy to wear, and comfortable.

These slides are manufactured with polished vegan leather which is surprisingly durable and long-lasting if handled with care. 

Furthermore, Reef Vista shoes showcase so many impressive characteristics such as a cushioned footbed for extreme support and smooth effect, arch support, and amazing traction as well.

Anyways, if you want a totally adventure-ready sandal for your sunrise yoga or sunset drinks then you should surely offer your feet with Reef Vista sandals as they are an on-point option for everywhere.

  • Water-friendly sandals
  • Highly durable and sturdy outsole
  • Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) midsole for added comfort
  • Hold out perfectly against all types of terrains and uneven surfaces
  • Velcro backstrap for a personalized fit
  • The study straps might give your feet skin rash or blisters
  • Catch dirt & debris too quickly
  • Feet get sweaty often in them

4.) Chaco Women’s Zx2 Classic Sandal:

The fourth shoe on our top best shoes for cruising is the Chaco ZX2 Classic sandals as they are not just stylish but also an ideal choice for cruising on a skateboard or other water slides. 

They are highly durable and long-lasting as they are very potent to hold out against rough & tough use or extreme wear & tear. 

This footwear is made with a rubber sole that adds an exceptional amount of traction and a solid & firm grip so that you can have a safe and sound ride without slipping and falling.

Furthermore, these super awesome sandals are placed with a double-layered strapping system that is manufactured with polyester jacquard webbing that wraps around the feet to give them a hug-like fit. 

For a more secure fit, the amazing team of manufacturers at Chaco has added a toe loop in this footwear that will also support your ankle mobility. 

You can easily customize the fitting of this footwear with this prior mentioned adjustable strapping system. 

The story does not end here as these sandals also come with durable high-tensile webbing heel risers for added protection and support.

The LUVSEAT PU midsole works great in adding a smoother and softer effect to your ride as well as protecting your feet from shocks and impacts generated by the ground so that you can enjoy your ride easily and comfortably.

So, overall if you want a simple yet timeless design from the classic series of Chaco then you should blindly trust this footwear for your cruising adventurous ride.

  • Double-layer straps for an extra secure fit
  • Toe-loop for exceptional forefoot control
  • Podiatrist-certified LUVSEAT PU footbed
  • Chaco Grip rubber sole for amazing traction and strong grip
  • Very comfy & supportive for cruising
  • Take a bit to get along according to your feet’ shape & structure
  • Narrow-footed people will have a bear a hanging strap alongside the toe
  • Some consumers found them a bit constricted around the big toe

5.) ECCO Women’s Flowt Strap Sandal:

Last but not least, Ecco Flowt Strap sandals. Well, you do not have to worry about their fifth number in the ranking because they are supremely comfortable walking sandals for your cruising ride. Wonder how this is going to work.

Well, these super awesome sandals have a cushy & microfibre footbed that will furnish your feet with a super soft ride by adding a squishy and bouncy effect.

The 100% synthetic sole along with direct-injected PU outsoles protect your feet from any kind of irritation or discomfort as well as they will also support your arches so that you can have a comfy ride in these shoes.

Furthermore, these sandals are presented with an adjustable strapping system that will not just help you create a snug fit as per your feet’ requirements or personal preferences but also supports and helps your ankles to move easily.

Moreover, the amazing thing about the soles of these chic sandals is that they are super lightweight, comfortable yet hard-wearing, and flexible so that you can move your feet with comfort easily. 

These shoes are available in so many cool and pretty colors which can go with almost every outfit to complete your outlook. Plus, they have a rich outer appearance and feel because of their shiny leather lining.

By all means, if you want 100 percent leather footwear along with super comfy features for your cruising ride then you can invest in a pair of ECCO Flowt Strap sandals.

  • Light and flexible
  • Made with rich, top-notch, and highly durable material
  • Available in so many different color options
  • Add a smoother effect in your walk due to superior cushioning
  • Takes a little time to adjust according to your feet
  • Some consumers with flat feet have experienced discomfort
  • The sole is a bit harder to break in

Tips to Consider Before Investing In The Shoe For Cruising: Best Buying Guide:

A right and perfectly fitted pair of shoes is one of the basic and most important essentialities whenever it comes to cruising on a skateboard to explore your surroundings. 

No matter if you are a professional or seasoned skater or a beginner to this activity you will always have to go through a buying guide before choosing one of the best shoes among all other crazy options.

So, let us walk you through this buying guide so that you can opt for a shoe that has an equal amount of comfort, style, and supportiveness to embark on a thrilling and adventurous journey of cruising.

Board Feel and Control:

An important factor that you should keep in your mind while cruising on a skateboard is that you need to feel the board and have control over it. Otherwise, you may get slipped, fall, and hurt yourself.

Therefore, you have to be extremely cautious whenever you select a skating shoe for cruising. Always make sure that the soles of your shoes are flattened and have just the right amount of cushioning that can allow direct contact of your feet with the board.

Wondering why?

Simply because this feet-board connection will increase your potential to feel the movements of the skating board which further allow you to have better control for effortless cruising with high performance. 

Durable Construction:

If you have ever been into cruising on a skateboard then you must have an idea of how many repetitive motions it includes. These twisted motions and rough & tough movements can put your skateboard to the test. 

For that reason, while selecting shoes for cruising you need to make sure that they are manufactured with top-notch and highly durable materials like suede or leather along with reinforced stitching as it will increase the life expectancy rate of the shoes even during intense cruising sessions.

A Combo of Grip and Traction:

Maintaining a stable balance along with a solid grip on the board while performing tricks is a crucial thing to do on a cruising ride. 

For that reason, you have to check if your shoes are manufactured with a vulcanized rubber outsole or not. Wondering why?

Simply because this rubber sole works amazingly by adding a superior amount of traction and a solid grip to the deck of your skateboard.

Herewith, you should also check the herringbone or waffle pattern on the bottom of the skating shoes you are going to buy for cruising as this kind of sole will protect you from tripping, falling, and indulging in potential injury by controlling over extra slips. 

A Blend of Comfort and Support:

Cruising is a tiring ride in which you can experience foot fatigue or swollen feet, or this journey can take a toll on your poor feet.

Therefore, you have to look for a pair of footwear that adds a supreme amount of comfort together with exceptional support throughout the feet to your cruising ride, especially to your ankles as it will help prevent injuries during sudden twisted turns. 

Plus, always make sure that your feet have a balanced amount of cushioning in the insoles as well as adequate padding in the collar of your shoes that can help you create a snug fit without compromising comfort. 


Cruising on a skateboard is an activity that demands physical exertion and the intensity of this ride can cause stinky sweat inside the shoe.

For that reason, you need to ensure that your shoes are inserted with a breathable upper that can allow a proper ventilation system for evaporation purposes. 

These uppers will keep your feet dry, fresh, and cool as well as safeguards them from discomfort, oozing & itchy blisters, swollen feet, heat rash, or fungal & bacterial infection that can be caused by constant friction, rub, or prolonged encounter with moisture or swear built-up inside the shoes.

Ankle Mobility:

Cruising is a blend of skating and walking and this combo will need the right balance for perfect ankle mobility. 

Therefore, you will be required to have a pair of high-top designed shoes as they will add an exceptional amount of ankle support during your cruising session on a skateboard. 

Whereas, on the other hand, if you opt for a low-top design then it will come with the benefit of providing more freedom of movement when walking around the town.

By considering these aforementioned factors you will be able to enjoy the thrills of cruising on your skateboard while ensuring your feet are both protected and stylishly outfitted. 

Final Crux:

The bottom line suggests that you should always look for functional, durable, and comfortable shoes when it comes to cruising on a skateboard as such shoes will provide optimal support while taking intense and twisted turns. 

Our top choice among all the best skating shoes for cruising is Taos Star Sneaker but you can also trust the rest of the sandals as well to add comfort and support to your adventurous cruising ride.

So, skate on and keep the streets alive with your cruising style!

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