Have your feet got tired after standing all day long at your job and wonder what is the point behind all of this? Well, your shoes might be the culprit in that particular situation. 

Therefore, we have gathered a piece of handsome information about the best On Cloud shoes for walking all day that will provide your feet the comfiest ride without making them fatigued. And why not?

Your feet are one of the most precious assets of your body and taking care of them is your duty in every condition whether you are a tour guide, a dog walker, a healthcare professional, an industrialist, a constructionist, or work as a hairdresser where you have to stand for all day long giving your best in serving other people for their well-being.  

Therefore, picking up a pair for your all-day walking jobs can be a tricky task to do because too much walking can have disastrous outcomes such as muscle soreness, joint pain, and stiffness around the feet, knees, and hips. 

For that reason, you deserve the best pair of shoes that can furnish your feet with a comfy ride for the safety and well-being of your feet. 

Well, a query pops up here: How can you find such footwear? 

Top Pick:

No need to worry because On cloud has introduced the five top best On Cloud shoes for walking all day. Among all, our top priority goes with ON Women’s Cloudswift Sneakers as they are specially designed for walking as well as they are highly durable and easy to maintain.

In a hurry? Let’s get into a quick overview of the best On Cloud shoes for walking all day:

Best On Cloud Shoes For Walking All Day
Best On Cloud Shoes For Walking All Day

1ON Women's Cloudswift Sneakers● Manufactured for walking
● Firm grip
● Slip resistance
● Lightweight & breathable
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2ON Men's Cloud Terry Sneakers● Designed for walking
● Cushioned collar & footbed
● Water resistance
● Smooth sides
● Seamless synthetic overlays
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3ON Running Mens Cloudstratus● Withstand high pressure
● Synthetic sole & overlays
● Breathable textile lining
● Dual-density insole
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4ON Running Mens Cloudace● Designed for prolonged walking
● Slip resistance
● Breathable textile lining
● EVA insole
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5ON Running Mens Cloudflyer● Great cloud tec sole
● Complete walking shoes
● Breathable fabric
● Well-fitted & Lightweight
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Top On Cloud Shoes For Walking All day

A detailed description of the amazing features the brand has inserted in the above-mentioned pairs of sneakers will be helpful for your understanding and making a better decision in choosing the best pair from On Cloud for your that could help out your poor feet that stand all day in serving other people. 

Let’s dig a bit deep without wasting any more time:

1.) ON Women’s Cloudswift Sneakers:

The number one choice for the best shoes for walking all day long is On Cloud shoes which provide amazing protection to your feet as they are highly durable in furnishing your feet with the comfiest walk.

This footwear offers super cool features as they are inserted with a super Helion foam with side panels for great support for your feet throughout the whole tiring day. The amazing thing about Helion foam is that it works great in holding on to the temperature as well as returns a greater amount of energy to your feet by folding and releasing the foam.

The brand offers a true-to-size and warm hug-like fitting along with an easy break-in process within this pair of sneakers. The perfect sizing of this footwear brings perfection and higher comfort levels for those who love medium to short runs as well as for those who have to stand for prolonged hours in their work settings.

Moreover, the outsole of these kicks makes them so delicate and airy because of their CloudTec rubber along with Swiss-engineered technologies which work wonders in providing a cushy feeling along with traction, stability, and great grip on slippery, wet, and oily surfaces by avoiding impact and shocks. This feature works so amazingly on construction sites where there is always a risk of getting tripped and falling.

This footwear also brushes up your daily walk or run rate by allowing your feet to get a comfy ride and also reduces the pressure and stress over your knees by setting out a healthy bounce within your sneakers.  

So the bottom line is you can trust a pair of On Cloud Swift sneakers if you have to walk for miles during the day as these kicks are made with extreme Rocker soles which makes them a bit thicker than usual soles along with rounded heels that furnish your feet with a smooth vibe and a cozy ride.

  • Structured for long walks
  • CloudTec sole with extra cushion
  • Breathable upper mesh
  • Signature speed-lacing system
  • Available in many colors
  • Some consumers found them tight on their feet
  • Hard to get on for wide feet (Always check size guide)

2.) ON Men’s Cloud Terry Sneakers:

A pair of On Men’s Cloud Terry shoes is for you if you are a fitness freak and have to walk for prolonged hours during your day shift at work sites as this pair is one of the very few sneakers that offer two types of the vegan leather upper which is made up of polyurethane which make them environmental-friendly. 

This footwear also offers the great characteristic of having a Terry tongue which is a comfortable terry cloth lining that can also be explained as soft woven fabrics used mainly in the making of towels. This feature makes Terry sneakers so comfortable, unique, and cotton-like soft.

Moreover, the perforation or the cutting of holes into the surface of sneakers at regular intervals makes them more attractive, breathable, and free from stinky smells that could raise from sweaty feet which further can cause fungal or bacterial infection to your poor feet during the hectic work routine. 

This pair of shoes furnish your feet with extreme support as it has a removable insole along with an impressive amount of cushioning as well as high-quality textiles and seamless synthetic overlays that provide shape and structure to the shoe. So that, it would not be able to hurt your feet during the day when you have to walk all day long.

Lastly, the Cloud Tec materials along with a zero gravity foam inserted in the sole unit of this pair offer maximum comfort and stability whenever you stride through the road.

Therefore, you can invest in this amazing pair of kicks if you want impressive support along with extra comfort throughout the day.

  • Best for walking all-day
  • Lightweight yet firm
  • Higher breathability/odor-free
  • Water resistance
  • Lace-up closure
  •  Some consumers reported issues of discoloration
  • A bit expensive

3.) ON Running Mens Cloudstratus:

The second best pair of shoes for walking all day is the On Running Cloud Stratus Sneaker as these kicks can win the hearts of its consumers. And why not? These kicks come up with super comfy features including double-layered Helion together with double Clouds. 

These sneakers have been manufactured with super awesome technologies to put ease in running and walking for those individuals who have prolonged hours of walking throughout the day.

Moreover, these kicks work surprisingly by enhancing not just vertical but also horizontal cushioning to increase the comfort level for the feet on every step you take against the ground whether it is a slippery floor or a rocky land as they can withstand high pressure.  

Some other stunning characteristics of this item cover a padded tongue together with a well-fitted heel collar and Speedboard technology that works great against impacts on rocky, sketchy floors as well as on both dry and wet, oily, and greasy lands.

The astounding feature of these shoes is that they have double On Cloud cushioning. So, if one cloud layer can work amazingly by giving a lightweight ride to your feet then you can imagine what a double On Cloud Cushioning layer with redefined inner construction and re-engineered placed below the upper of the modernized version of the midsole can do.

Yes, it works wonderfully in furnishing your precious feet with supper support and higher comfort levels during tiring work routines.

Furthermore, these kicks are the best choice in providing a sense of calmness and smoothness under your feet as they can get extended and make a roomy space from the forefoot area to the heel section.

The above-mentioned features can get you to the point where you can blindly put your trust in these pairs if you have long hours of walking at construction or industrial sites, medical settings, or other places.

  • Withstand prolonged walking
  • Firm grip & high stability levels
  • Double-layered cushioning
  • Breathable textile lining
  • well-fitted
  • A bit heavy yet sturdy
  • Some consumers found difficulty breaking in
  • Laces are a bit thin but flexible

4.) ON Running Mens Cloudace:

If you want a pair of shoes that is user-friendly and can withstand long walks then you can simply trust On Cloudace Running Shoes as they are highly durable and can catch other people’s attention in just a glimpse of time.

One of the amazing features of these kicks is that they are made up of breathable textile lining along with synthetic sole material which makes them airy and roomy. So that no stinky sweaty smell will produce under your shoe that can hurt your feet’ health such as blisters or other painful infections.

These shoes have slip-resistance qualities that will help you against tripping and falling on slippery, oily, wet, icy, or greasy floors as they have firm and sturdy support throughout the feet while helping you walk speedily or run rapidly. 

Furthermore, the manufacturer has inserted an EVA sole along with polyurethane uppers that work wonders in furnishing your feet with easy sole molding along with extremely comfortable soles to take a step in as well as provide structural support to the feet on sketchy lands for a whole tiring day, simultaneously. 

Last but not least, these awesome kicks are inserted with Cloud tec cushioning technology, allowing your shoes to absorb shock and impact from the ground.

Therefore, you can invest your hard-earned money in this pair of shoes if you want to give a cozy ride to your precious feet.

  • Serve your feet with a long and pleasurable walk
  • Slip and oil resistant 
  • Durable & synthetic breathability material
  • A bit constricted and narrow on some consumers’ feet 

5.) ON Running Mens Cloudflyer:

The last but not least choice for a pair of footwear that can withstand long hours of walking is On Men’s Cloudflyer shoes by providing extreme comfort and stability as they are manufactured for running and walking purposes. 

The amazing thing about these kicks is that they are insulated with extreme traction and grip against the road along with amazing support to the arches so that a runner with high arches can fulfill his or her dream without bearing any painful consequences.

Another cool feature of this footwear is that it has wider outsoles along with a helion super foam that works impressively in returning better than ever stronger energy back to your feet by folding and releasing the foam as well as it also holding onto the temperature.

Furthermore, a modified Speedboard in them offers a rapid and propulsive vibe on the toe area of your feet along with a 3D-molded heel which offers a higher level of grip and higher stability levels. 

The 3D molded heel quality of these shoes does not allow for adding extra weight through the footwear so you do not have to put effort into taking steps while walking. Moreover, this footwear includes plushest tongues that enhance the comfort zone of your feet and increase the walking experience.

There are two extraordinary technologies including Zero-Gravity Foam and Cloud Tec in the both outsole and midsole of the shoes work impressively in providing a lightweight ride as well as absorbing shock and impact from the ground because the foam weighs less than 200 grams which makes it perfect for a lightweight walk without any stress over feet. 

Originally, these shoes have features inserted for those who have interests in heavy running on sketchy lands, tempo running, and marathon short running which makes this pair extremely comfortable for walking all day.

  • Manufactured for long walks
  • Firm grip and higher stability levels
  • Resistance to shock
  • The laces are a bit thin
  • Some consumers found them expensive

Tips For Buyers To Keep In Mind Before Investing In Shoes For prolonged hours of walking:

So, there you have it the top best running and walking On Cloud shoes that are made for the safety of your feet especially, for those individuals that have to work by walking all day long at different sites such as construction, transportation, warehouses, tour guide, woodshop or other hardcore jobs.

Therefore, it would be good to know the qualities of a perfect pair of footwear for your harsh work routine before investing to hard earned money:


A decent amount of cushioning in the midsole plays an essential role in your feet’ well-being by relieving the pressure and strain on the body. It works by lessening the tension, stress, and force that is generated by the impact whenever your feet touch the ground.

It also provides maximum comfort, cushy, and a plush vibe around the feet by using the least amount of your energy. Therefore, you must offer your feet with those well-fitted shoes that have proper cushioning.

This feature is also important as it is designed to absorb and damp shock impulses that will provide resistance to shock and you will barely feel any impact of the land on your feet as well as it will help you walk all day long.

However, be aware of those shoes with extra cushion because the more your shoes provide cushion to your feet, the more likely you will get injured or susceptible to various pains.


This shoe feature is very important because it marks the equality of cushioning in each shoe to ensure a perfect amount of balance between heel and toe. So, this quality in footwear helps your feet with a comfy walk for a whole day by improving the running stride or your walking tempo.

Shoe’s Heel Cups:

Heel cups that are placed under the heel can be explained as orthotic devices that offer your feet amazing support by improving heel pad thickness as well as helping in reducing heel peak pressure. These pads will give relief by offering your feet comfortable support during your daily hectic routine along with a cozy ride throughout the day.

Shoe Stability Levels:

If you want a handsome amount of lateral support throughout the feet then make sure that your shoe has higher stability levels as it makes the pair of footwear more durable, ideal to be active on the road, and provides excellence while walking.

Grip & Traction:

The most comfortable shoes for walking all day long are the ones that have a lot of grip and traction which will help in athletic performance during work as well as prevent your feet from getting injuries in medical settings, construction areas, or other sites where you need to have so many walking hours.

Slip and Oil Resistance Outsoles:

Slip and oil resistance are linked with the grip and traction of the shoe because there is always a risk of tripping and falling while walking on slippery lands. Therefore, always check your shoes that have good traction and grip before buying them. So that you may get secured from getting tripped and injured.

Safety Toes:

Always rely on those shoes that have safety toe features such as shoes presented with metatarsal guards that can only be your foot savior while walking for prolonged hours as they protect your feet by containing a sponge pad along with a strap that holds them in one place firmly along with safeguarding against the impact of 75 foot-pounds.

Feet Assessment:

There are three main and most important factors when buying a new pair of shoes for your high-arched feet.

Length: For a firm and steady platform.

Width: For extra room and space for your feet to breathe and wriggle in within the shoes. 

Arch support: For an equally distributed amount of balance and good posture.

Antimicrobial Odor Control Mesh Lining:

A combination of antimicrobial odor control technology and synthetic mesh lining will allow the feet’ sweat to escape from both the top and bottom which will help your feet to prevent blisters and other fungal or bacterial infections caused by sweaty feet.

People Are Also Interested In:

Are On Cloud Shoes Good For Walking All Day?

The precise answer to this query is “Yes” as they are very airy, feather-like, lightweight, breathable, and flexible, along with high-quality insoles and they are also not heavy on the pocket. On cloud shoes also protect you from feet, knee, and back pain as they are manufactured with the best workmanship, engineering, and great quality material. 

Which Pair of Footwear From On Cloud Is The Best For Walking?

Well, the 5 above-mentioned shoes can be your go-to choice if you want footwear that will go friendly to your feet for so many hours. Other than that, you can also trust Cloud 5 shoes as they have enough cushioning to furnish your feet with a cozy ride around the town by giving you an essence of warmth throughout the feet.

Are On Cloud Shoes Best For High Arches?

There are a few On Cloud articles that are specially designed for high arches as they are insulated with a balanced amount of cushioning submerged in the footbed that furnishes your feet with a great grip and maximum support to the high arches. 

When To Use Orthotics In Your Shoes?

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that you can always rely on orthotics if your feet are diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. Plus, orthotics are also helpful in other foot conditions such as heel pain, arch pain, and general foot discomfort.

What Are The Possible Factors That Can Cause Foot Deformities?

There is not a single reason that can cause foot deformities as there are various contributing factors such as ill-fitted shoes, flat shoes that do not provide proper arch support, and high heels. However, the main culprit is a combination of weak foot muscles, an excessive amount of foot or leg exercise along with excessive body mass, or obesity. Whereas, the wrong choice of shoes can make the situation even worse than ever.


With being said, we have come to the bottom line that we can rely on a few pairs of shoes introduced by On Cloud for our prolonged hours of walking during work as they provide a fair volume of cushioning along with steady grip and traction, implanted with protective measures to support your feet against impact from the ground. However, our top priority goes with On Cloud Swift because they are specially designed for walking with a firm grip, breathable fabric, and extra cushioning to support the arch as well as they are lightweight and slip resistant.

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