Whenever we get a chance to buy a pair of athletic footwear, there is a brand known as Nike that needs no introduction as this famous shoe brand has consistently produced a wide range of top-notch sports shoes. 

Furthermore, these high-quality shoes work really well for various activities such as weight-lifting, short-distance walking, skating, etc. But, are Nike Blazers good for working out?

Well, Nike Blazers are originally designed for the purpose of playing basketball in them somewhere in the midst of the 1970s. In just a short period of time, this footwear gained so much fame.

The reason behind its success was Nike Blazers’ sleek high-top design that has excellent traction, amazing ankle support, and timeless style that has earned a place in the hearts of so many sneaker enthusiasts around the globe.

While they are undeniably fashionable for casual wear, the question remains: Are Nike Blazers good for working out? 

Now, all we have to do is to find out whether these prior mentioned qualities will add comfort while working out or not.

So, let’s move ahead without further ado:

Are Nike Blazers Good For Working Out?

There is no doubt in saying that Nike Blazers stand out among so many popular footwear from well-known brands, thanks to their Schick style that can blend with plenty of different outfits no matter if it is casual wear or sportswear. 

However, as far as the concern goes to their limit to handle wear and tear then no doubt they work pretty well for lifting weights but not so good for heavy-weight or high-intensity interval gym activities such as cardio. Are Nike Blazers Good For Working Out

Wondering why?

Well, first of all, we have to acknowledge the fact that cushioning plays an important role during intense training workouts by protecting your feet from shocks and impacts generated by the ground.

Whereas, if we talk about Nike Blazers, they have flattened outsoles along with little to no amount of cushioning in the midsole which made this footwear unsuitable during explosive workouts like heavy jumping or intense landing.

Therefore, if you tuck your feet in a pair of Nike Blazers for some energetic & heated exercises then you will definitely end up hurting your feet and damaging your sneakers as well.

Now, let’s get an idea of which exercises you can and you cannot do in Nike Blazers:

Types Of Convenient Workouts To Do In Nike Blazers:

As we know the fact that you can play several sports games in Nike Blazers mainly including basketball and skating. So, it’s time to get to know which types of workouts these classic sneakers can handle. 

Continue reading to get an idea:

Lifting Weight in Nike Blazers: 

In a general sense, Nike Blazers are known as lifestyle sneakers that are crafted initially for casual wear. However, you can utilize this footwear for gym-related workouts such as lifting weights for building muscle strength. 

However, you have to be extra cautious while lifting heavy weights to safeguard your feet from future hazardous consequences because of their flat outsoles that do not provide the needed amount of support to your ankles during lifting.

Furthermore, there are some factors that can interrupt maintaining a solid base to prevent tripping & falling as well as they can disturb your high performance during lifting heavy weights.

The factors include Nike Blazers’ non-compressible soles that are rigid & sturdy, little to no amount of cushioning in the midsole, less ankle support during intense workouts, and lastly less foot control.

On the other hand, you can opt for a shoe that has thick heels to furnish your feet with smooth ankle mobility during heavy-weight exercises because Nike Blazers lacks this feature by having flat heels which do not allow deep lifting position.

Deadlifting in Nike Blazers: 

The precise answer to this query is “Yes, Nike Blazers are good enough for deadlifting”. Now, all we have to find out those features which make this footwear a ver well choice for deadlifting. 

During a deadlift, your whole body’s muscles are involved especially your feet have to take a proper position before starting the deadlift.

Placing your heels in the right position plays an essential role as they are the ones that grasp the proper amount of power produced by the ground.

As for the Nike Blazers, they are designed with a flat outsole that works flawlessly in generating powers to aid your heel drive as well as distribute your body weight equally upon your feet to avoid foot strain. Wondering how?

Simply because these shoes come with an amazing combo of lace-up closure and a padded collar which not only distribute the body mass evenly but also adds supreme comfort and greater stability levels during movement, thanks to their vulcanized outsoles.

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Squats in Nike Blazers:

During squats, there are three main foot parts involved including your heels, mid-foot, and toes. 

For this purpose, Nike Blazers play a significant role by having flat soles that help in distributing the body weight on the aforementioned foot parts equally to produce force and support your feet throughout your squat training.

Moreover, the sturdy & rigid nature of these soles also adds an exceptional amount of stability, traction, and strong grip against the ground.

By all means, this footwear is highly durable and can easily hold out against abrasion and wear & tear because they are constructed with some high-quality materials mainly including strong canvas, durable leather, and suede. 

Other than that, if your workout routine involves light to moderate activities, such as short-distance walking, light aerobics, or casual gym workouts, then you can trust your valuable pair of Nike Blazers as it can be a decent option for such exercises. 

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People Are Also Interested In (FAQs):

Are Nike Blazers Suitable For Weightlifting Or Strength Training?

Well, Nike Blazers might not be the best option for weight-lifting or strength training in comparison to other footwear brands. 

However, these shoes can still work for such activities that demand higher levels of stability, and supportive outsoles with great traction & sturdiness as Nike Blazers are manufactured with all of these features to furnish your feet with a strong grip against the ground, which is crucial for lifting heavy weights safely.

Can I Use Nike Blazers For Running Or High-Impact Workouts?

The basic requirement of a shoe for running or high-impact workouts is a balanced amount of cushioning in the midsole that can protect your feet from shocks produced by uneven, sketchy, or rocky surfaces.

Therefore, it is highly suggested to go for running footwear that is inserted with a cushioned footbed and shock-absorbing attributes. 

How Can I Extend The Lifespan Of My Nike Blazers If I Use Them For Workouts Occasionally?

To maintain the durability and life expectancy rate of Nike Blazers, it is important to take proper care of them by avoiding frequent intense workout activities. 

You can utilize this footwear for light exercises to expand the lifespan of this footwear. However, you have to follow a few precautions to maintain the durability of Nike Blazers including cleaning them on a daily basis, placing them in a dry and well-ventilated area in your house, and last but not least, you have to avoid exposing them to harsh conditions or excessive wear to ensure they last longer.

Final Takeaways:

By considering all the factors and most relatable features of Nike Blazers, we can say that this footwear is a good choice for lifting weight as they have a flat sole for stabilizing your feet firmly on the ground.

However, these kicks are not supportive enough for highly intense interval exercises at the gym because they lack the basic features for such activities including specialized support and adequate cushioning. 

Therefore, the decision to use Nike Blazers for working out surely depends on the nature and intensity of your exercise routine.

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