Have you ever thought of wearing your Nike Blazers while playing a volleyball match but do not have any idea about “Are Nike Blazers good for Volleyball?”. Or, do they provide enough support to your feet to avoid foot-related injuries?

Well, Volleyball is a very fun sports game that can be played on the beach as well as in an indoor space with a bunch of friends but there is always a risk of getting slipped and falling during this entertaining sport.

In this regard, you need a pair of shoes that are specially designed for volleyball because the manufacturing of volleyball sneakers is a bit different from other sporty activities like basketball, weight-lifting, and skating.

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Anyways, Let’s dig a bit deep to find out whether Nike Blazer shoes are good for volleyball or not:

Are Nike Blazers Good For Volleyball?

If you are planning to choose a pair of shoes for your summer volleyball camp then get ready because it can be a difficult task to do. 

Whereas, if you want to consider Nike Blazers to play this game then you might need to think again as this footwear was initially crafted in 1972 for the purpose of playing Basketball game.

For that reason, it might not be the best option for playing volleyball in them because volleyball shoes are built differently from typical running shoes, and other basketball sneakers like Nike Blazers. Are Nike Blazers Good For Volleyball

The mindset behind manufacturing a volleyball shoe involves a few yet specific body movements mainly including sudden lateral and vertical movements which require three main things to be present in a specialized volleyball shoe:

  • The rubber sole 
  • The midsole support
  • The upper body

These prior mentioned sections of a volleyball shoe surely need a bit more exploration to find out the perfection of the shoe as well as to see whether those features are present in a pair of Nike Blazers or not:

Three Main Sections of A Volleyball Shoe vs Nike Blazers:

The Soles of a Volleyball Shoe:

Typically, the soles of a shoe that are designed for a volleyball game are made with rubber or gum material to add an exceptional amount of traction and a firm & sturdy grip on various types of surfaces like wooden courts, muddy courts (beaches), or indoor courts. 

This type of shoe will protect your feet and ankles from getting indulged in a potential injury during lateral and vertical movements while playing volleyball. 

Comparison With Nike Blazers:

As far as the concern goes Nike Blazers then they can be a winner in this regard of having a sole because they are manufactured with a vulcanized rubber outsole that provides impressive traction along with a strong grip on so many grounds. 

A Supportive Midsole of a Volleyball Shoe:

The actual meaning of a supportive midsole is when a shoe works as a shield and supports the ball of your feet, thoroughly. But the question is, how is that possible?

Well, it is only possible when the footwear is constructed with a proper amount of cushioning that can add a bouncy vibe while jumping or taking twisted & sudden turns during a volleyball game. 

This will safeguard the ball of the feet from any kind of shocks and impacts generated by the ground during a game or training. 

For this reason, your volleyball sneakers must have a midsole that is inserted with foam material, gel, or air cushion that can not only support your feet but also adds pliability to the shoes. 

Comparison With Nike Blazers:

Regarding the midsole of Nike Blazers, you may have to face disappointment if you choose them for a volleyball match because their midsoles are made up of rubber and have a minimal amount of cushioning. 

Reduced levels of cushioning in Nike Blazers are not enough to provide bounciness and squishiness while jumping around the net of a volleyball game and you might experience shocks and impacts from the surface whenever you land after a jump. 

Additionally, Nike blazers have a flat sole along with little cushioning with no flexibility which makes this footwear a good option for skating or basketball but not a handsome choice for a volleyball match.

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The Upper Body of a Volleyball Shoe:

The upper section of a pair of Volleyball shoes is usually crafted with mesh material that maintains the breathability levels and allows proper ventilation so that any kind of moisture like water or sweat can not stay inside the shoe. 

Comparison With Nike Blazers:

The upper body of Nike Blazers is typically made with canvas, heavy suede, or durable leather which do not allow a proper amount of airflow that can evaporate the stinky sweat from the inside of the shoes. 

In this case, your feet remain wet or sweaty inside your Nike Blazers. And the situation where your feet encounter watery fluids or sweat inside the shoes can take them toward harmful consequences. 

For instance, if your feet experience a constant rub or friction in a sweaty pair of shoes, it can cause oozing & itchy blisters, heat rash, swollen feet, foot fatigue, etc. 

Whereas, the situation can get even more dangerous when you do not take those sweaty or wet shoes out for prolonged periods of time because a long way to bump into wet shoes can cause fungal and bacterial infections. 

So, now you have another reason for not wearing Nike Blazers for a volleyball match for the well-being of your valuable feet. 

BY ALL MEANS, don’t worry about not wearing Nike Blazers as there are many other great options in shoes introduced by Nike that you can put all your trust in for your Volleyball game.

Let’s have a quick look at them:

A List of The Best Nike Volleyball Shoes:

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Nike Lebron 20

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Nike KD 15

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Nike Kyrie Infinity

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Nike React Hyperset

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Nike Giannis Immortality

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Nike Hyperace 2

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People Are Also Interested In (FAQs):

What Features Should Volleyball Shoes Have?

There are three main features that a volleyball shoe should have including the rubber soles for traction, cushioned midsoles for absorbing shocks, and mesh upper body for a breathable ride.

Other than that, lightweight construction as well as additional support around the ankles and midfoot can also be considered as perks in a volleyball shoe as they can aid in quick movements and lateral changes.

What Are The Risks Of Using Nike Blazers For Volleyball?

Wearing a pair of Nike Blazers can take you toward some serious and harmful outcomes because these shoes lack the support, airflow, and cushioning that are the initial requirements of a volleyball shoe.

So, this footwear may not provide an adequate amount of comfort and could result in discomfort during the game.

Which Brands Offer Volleyball-Specific Shoes?

There are so many reputable brands that offer volleyball-specific shoes, including Asics, Mizuno, Adidas, and Nike. Anyways, it is always recommended to try on different models and find the one that suits your foot shape and playing style the best. 

The Bottom Line:

The crux of the whole guide suggests that if you’re serious about playing volleyball then you have to invest your hard-earned money in a reputable footwear company to get a shoe that is properly designed for this game and has features like better performance, comfort, and protection. 

Nike Blazers lack a few essential features that are required in a volleyball match including proper ventilation and cushioning which can lead your foot toward miserable consequences.

Therefore, choose wisely because your decision will be your destiny to either make you a winner or a loser. 


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