A common query asked by many shoe heads states: Are Hey Dudes food for walking or not? Well, regardless of the nature of travel, wearing supportive footwear is essential to provide supreme comfort during any journey. 

Luckily, Hey Dudes are being praised by more than 40,000 consumers due to their incredible comfort and flexibility. 

These shoes are easy-to-pack in an overstuffed travel bag due to their pliable nature as well as they weigh only 10 ounces which makes them so lightweight as you would not feel any extra weight in your luggage. 

By all means, you can trust this footwear as your go-to choice because of the comfort they provide to your precious feet but there are several things you need to keep in mind before investing in any of Hey Dude’s footwear for your daily walks. 

Let’s explore them all to find better comfort and for the well-being of your feet:

Are Hey Dudes Good For Walking?

Undoubtedly, shoes designed by Hey Dudes are a great choice for casual wear and short walk but it also depends on three other things that will decide whether they are a comfy option to wear or not. The things include:

  • The weather in which you are going out in your Hey Dudes
  • The intention of the walk whether it’s a long-distance or long-distance walk
  • Lastly, the type of road or ground you are going to step in

Are Hey Dudes Good For Walking

So, depending on the prior mentioned things we won’t give you false hopes by saying that these shoes are a good option for long-distance walks or walking on sketchy and uneven surfaces. Wonder why?

Simply because these shoes are constructed with a very soft fabric and flexible material that might not withstand such conditions. 

So, if you want to take them for a long walk on uneven rocky terrains or hike in bad weather like when it’s raining, we are afraid that they would not be friendly enough in such situations as they can not stand prolonged encounters with watery surfaces.

However, Hey Dude shoes are a very comfy choice if you want to go on a short-distance walk, or taking your dog out for a walk, shop in the mall, do errands, etc. 

The Advantages of Hey Dudes For Walking:

While they are not very suitable for long walks, it does not mean they are not friendly for walking at all. 

Let’s discuss the amazing features of this fantastic footwear which is loved by more than 40,000 wearers due to its supreme comfort. 

  • Shoes from Hey Dude are manufactured with very lightweight material that helps in lessening the stress and strain on your feet and legs during a walk. Whereas, the pliability of this footwear offers supreme comfort along with natural foot movement and reduced foot fatigue.
  • Moreover, these shoes are crafted with memory foam insoles for extra cushy vibes because the mindset behind this making aims of providing comfort and support to the consumers. Meanwhile, the cushion helps in absorbing the shock & impact from the ground that protects your joints from extreme stress and discomfort.
  • Hey, Dudes are made with breathable material that offers air circulation as well as restricts excessive sweating and stinky odor to keep your feet dry & fresh even in warm weather. 
  • This footwear comes in slip-on styles that save time for tying the laces as well as provide convenience whenever you are in a hurry. 
  • One of the amazing attributes of these shoes is that they are very easy to clean and maintain. So, if you are a person who likes hassle-free footwear then you can surely trust these kicks.
  • This footwear is so versatile and comes in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns that you adopt to showcase your style and taste your fashion sense. So, no matter which looks you want to embrace either casual, sporty, or trendy, Hey Dudes will cater to you with their diverse shoe collection.

By all means, a good pair of shoes for prolonged walks or hiking should have a few additional features like reinforced heels, extra cushioned midsoles, sportive to the ball of your feet as well as should protect your feet on sketchy terrains. 

Meanwhile, even though this footwear is so durable and long-lasting, these prior mentioned features are lacking in Hey Dudes. 

Therefore, you can surely take them for short walks but they are not suitable for long walks on rocky surfaces in rainy weather. 

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Are Hey Dude Shoes Good For Standing All Day?

The purpose of crafting this footwear is to provide incredible comfort to its valuable consumers. 

For this reason, they are made with super soft, flexible, and breathable material which is one of the main requirements of those people who have to be on their feet all day long. 

The material of these kicks makes them an ideal choice for those who have to work while standing for prolonged hours.

For a more detailed review, you can check “Are hey dude good for standing all day long?”.

Are Hey Dude Good For Plantar Fasciitis (PF)?

Well, the precise answer to this query is that this footwear can be a good option for a milder form of Plantar Fasciitis (PF)

However, it is not recommended to wear Hey Dudes if your feet are exposed to moderate or severe PF pain.

Are Hey Dudes Eco-Friendly?

Shoes designed by the Hey Dude brand emphasize the use of eco-friendly materials in their shoe production. Therefore, you can choose Hey Dudes as they impressively support sustainable practices along with reduced environmental impact.

Final Takeaways: 

The crux of the whole guide states that shoes from Hey Dude are very comfy to ride in because of their soft and pliable construction which makes them an ideal choice for short walks in both summer and winter seasons. 

However, taking them to sketchy terrain in rainy weather for a long walk can damage the fabric of the outsoles of this footwear.

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