Hey folks…! Have you ever got confused in a particular situation where you are going out to a formal event and got puzzled in choosing between Allen Edmonds Vs Red Wing shoes by wondering which one will go better to finish a perfect attire? 

Beyond a doubt, both brands are best in terms of their high-end shoes manufactured with long-lasting material which makes them unique from other famous and well-known shoe companies.

Therefore, picking either one of them can be a hard decision to make because both brands are well-respected and deserve the utmost praise as they produce high-quality, durable, and comfortable footwear with great craftsmanship.

However, there are still some distinguishing factors that you should consider before tucking your feet in either Allen Edmonds or Red Wings to complete the dress code such as handcrafted upper, quality of leather, manufacturing process of the shoes, and their price ranges.

Stick with me to find out the major differences between Allen Edmonds and Red Wings. So, it would be easy to choose for you to understand which pair of shoes you should opt for for your formal events.

In a hurry? Let’s get into this comparative guide without wasting any more time.

Allen Edmonds Vs Red Wing ShoesAllen Edmonds Vs Red Wing

There is nothing wrong in saying that both brands stand out in a reputable manner in the shoe industry rooted in The United States of America. They cover a wide range of different styles of footwear that can be worn on casual and formal occasions. 

Moreover, this duo of Allen Edmonds and Red Wings provides their best services in crafting higher quality levels of footwear with amazing materials, colors, texture, and other awesome features that ensure the durability of these shoes.  

However, there are still so many distinguishable actors to look at that can take hold of your buying decision in the end.

Let’s review all the features of both brands according to their material, quality, prices, styles, and many other super amazing features to make an easy decision between Allen Edmonds vs Red Wings.

Allen Edmonds Vs Red Wing Shoes: Considerable Features

There are plenty of different features that discriminate between Allen Edmonds Vs Red Wings shoes. Let’s explore them together:

Significant Attributes Of Red Wing Shoes:

Most of the footwear from Red Wings is handcrafted which takes a lot of dedication and hard work to get to the point where you can make an iconic item that can hit the shoe market in less time. Let’s dive into the features of this iconic footwear:

Construction of Red Wings:

  • The makers of Red Wings shoes almost use eight different LASTS to create a customized and comfortable shape for the shoe according to the structure of your feet.
  • Most of the red wings are manufactured with Goodyear-welt construction.
  • The most distinguishable shape of Red Wings is known as the Moc Toe which is named after the moccasin style and structure in which leather seams are attached to the top of the toe.
  • For a balanced amount of cushioning, the brand has used Traction Tred soles that give protection against slippery or oily lands.

Sole Material of Red Wings:

  • Moreover, if we talk about the outsole of the shoes then most of the outsoles of Red Wings are made up of either a combo of leather and rubber or only a thick rubber lug outsole that provides great traction and grip against slippery surfaces.
  • Another amazing attribute of the red wings’ outsole is that it is made with Vibram which is a special mixture of both rubber and foam that furnish your feet with a soft & plush vibe along with firm traction.
  • The makers fix the midsole by using two attachment styles. So, either they use 360 degrees welting where the midsole is stitched throughout the shoes, or 270 degrees welting where the heel is closed. 

Note: You may wonder what welt is. So, it is the piece of hand sewed strip of leather encircling the shoe attached to the upper body of the shoe that makes the footwear more durable and comfortable. It also increases the lifespan of your precious pair of boots.

Quality Of Red Wings:

  • This footwear is made with exceptional craftsmanship and can protect you against tripping and falling on slippery lands as it has extraordinary slip, heat, chemical, and oil resistance features.
  • The layers of innovative materials throughout the shoe will give you highly durable footwear that will provide a comfortable and soft ride on every step. 
  • You can wear a pair of shoes from the Red Wing all day long without any hazardous consequences such as blisters, inflammation, foot fatigue, or foot sores.

Leather Material of Red Wings:

The brand has used one of the softest and smooth premium Nubuck leather which is the finest, most durable, and long-lasting top-grain leather along with a water-resistant velvety surface.

Price Range: 

The prices of Red Wings are on the affordable side.

Significant Attributes Of Allen Edmonds:

This brand is providing its best services for more than 100 years in the United States for making top-rated leather footwear in an extremely good manner. Let’s explore their features:

Leather Material of Allen Edmonds:

Allen Edmonds are made with multiple hand-selected types of leather including full-grain European calfskin, Shell Cordovan came from Chicago, and lastly, Supple suede from England.

  • Shell cordovan leather has made these shoes more gleamy and shiny along with increased longevity.
  • The supple suede is a permit to furnish your feet with flexibility and resilience
  • The manufacturers used vegetable-tanned leather along with Reidenbach oak-bark tanned leather outsoles that cannot be easily damaged as well as need rare renewals. 
  • The leather and other exotic materials used in Allen Edmonds do not compromise in making these shoes highly durable and the reason behind this is it’s super awesome European leather that increases the shoe’s longevity.

Construction of Allen Edmonds:

  • Allen Edmond shoes are constructed with a non-comparable 30 Goodyear welt which is a hand sewed strip of leather encircling the shoe attached to the upper body of the shoe making it more durable and comfortable. It also increases the lifespan of your precious pair of boots.
  • Another amazing feature of these boots is their LASTS forms which can help you to get a customized shape as per your feet’s shape and size.

Note:  The brand uses three distinguishing LASTS in the making of Allen Edmonds including Cemented Last, Welted construction, and lastly, the Handsewn Last means these boots are sewn by hand and not with a machine.

Sole Material of Allen Edmonds:

  • The outsole is also furnished with Dainite rubber which is also known as day & night rubber outsole is famous because of its rigidity as it is waterproof and does not become fragile easily like other leather.
  • The Itshide commando rubber in the outsole works excellently in keeping your feet firm on the ground as they have a higher slip resistance capacity.

Quality of Allen Edmonds:

Allen Edmonds is for you if you want leather shoes, rubber shoes, or a combo of both, waterproof shoes, a wide range from casual to formal shoes to complete your classy look as well as keep you up to date in the fashion industry.

Allen Edmonds’ Shoe Prices:

The brand has divided its huge collection of footwear into two categories as mentioned below:

  • Men’s Dress Shoes range from $139 to $695
  • Men’s Dress Boots start from $249 to $725

Comparison Between Allen Edmonds Vs Red Wing:

Now that we know all the distinguishing and similar features, we can make an easy comparison between both brands: 

  • The lead factor that discriminates between both brands is that Allen Edmonds dress shoes are designed as fashion shoes for formal events. Whereas, on the other hand, red wings are manufactured as work boots.
  • The second major difference is that Allen Edmonds is a bit heavier on the pockets in comparison to Red Wings shoes.
  • The third difference is about the soles as Red Wings are inserted with Vibrum tiny lug soles whereas Allen Edmonds has a bit thicker Itshide Commando rubber outsoles.
  • Most Red Wings come with 270 degrees Goodyear welt without water-resistant leather. In contrast, Allen Edmonds has come with a 360-degree Goodyear welt along with water-resistant Horween leather.

Similarities Between Allen Edmonds and Red Wings:

  • Both footwear is the same in terms of their craftsmanship and construction process.
  • They both somewhat look alike.
  • Both boots can stand over one another.


So, after considering all the features, distinguishing factors, and similarities between Allen Edmonds vs Red Wings we have the final verdict which is pretty simple. If you want to remain Schick in the fashion industry or want an eye-catching & attractive look in a crowded place such as a formal gathering then you can blindly trust a pair from Allen Edmonds. In contrast, if you want a pair of stylish yet rough & tough work boots at fewer prices then you can go for Red Wings.

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